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Russia, 669125, Irkutskaya oblast, Bayandaevskiy rayon, Sovetskaya street, dom 5.

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Comment #134491
Hi !!!
I have good news, I receive a letter from the embassy.
The letter says that they approved the residence permit in your country.
This is not an ordinary visa, according to which I can come and go back.
This is a document
that will allow me to work and live in your country.
The letter also says that in addition
I will be sent a receipt for payment.
It will be in a few days. After I pay the receipt and pass
an interview in Moscow, I can fly to you. I already wrote,
I have savings and will be able to pay the receipt.
I also sell my computer and few things that I no longer need.
I think I'll have money for ticket and for living.
I think this money will be enough for me until I find a job.
I can not believe that my dream will come true and I will have a new life.
The only thing that worries me is my grandfather.
I don't want to leave him alone.
But I promised that I would come to him. Or maybe he will come to me.
He is very pleased with my decision. He really wants me to leave here.
Are you glad that we will meet soon? What do you feel?
I'll write more to you when I pay the receipt.
Comment #134493
Hello, my dear !!!
I have two news: good and bad. The good news is that I will receive
visa that will allow me to not just come as a tourist to your country.
This will be another document (residence permit), which will allow me
to live, work, and then obtain citizenship and a passport of your
country. There is also bad news, I thought that the visa would
cost about $ 100- $ 200, but its cost is $ 500.
I did not expect that it would be so expensive ...
But, as I said, this visa has a big advantage: I can become a citizen of
your country, and not just a tourist. I have my savings - this is $ 200,
this money I set aside for a visa. But, my regret, I do not have full
amount. I understand that it's bad, asking your money, but I'm asking
your help me. Please help me. You can give me $ 300? I don’t ask you
to give me this money, I ask you to lend me. I will definitely return
this money to you !!! You already know that I handed over a computer,
things, and much more to the commission. This will soon be sold and
I will be able to repay your debt. I am very ashamed to ask you about this,
but I have no other choice. I have no one to ask for so much money,
because, as you know, I live in a very small village.
I'm waiting for your answer…
Comment #134576
Hi dear !!!
I'm sorry I have not written to you for a long time.
But I was seeking money. I do not want you to think that
I am only using you. IT IS NOT TRUE! I respect you and
your opinion. Unfortunately no one can't help me here.
You are my last hope. I asked all my friends, but no one
can't give me money. In Russia crisis now and the economy
is very bad. Therefore, people survive as they can.
To blame in this, our government, headed by Putin.
And this is one of the reasons why I want to leave this country.
It is impossible to live. You can only survive.
Help me to find new life. Help me to believe in miracles, and
realize me dreams.
I already wrote you that I was working as a cook in a regular
village school. And my salary is not sick.
This is just 8000 rubles. It's not much. If this is translated
into US dollars, it will be about $ 140. I put some of the money
from the salary so could save $ 200 for a visa. So, I ask you to
send me $300, not full amount $(500).
I do not want you to think that I was just using you.
I went to the bank to get a credit. But they denied me for two
reasons. First, because I do not have much of their property –
is an apartment or a car. And my salary is not much.
Another reason for refusal - they knew that I was getting a visa.
And I'm going to leave the country.
You are my last hope. You know that I live with my grandfather.
But he is old and has no savings. I do not know who has the most
money to ask.
I already told you that I gave all my things for sale.
But this takes time, and I have to pay a visa presently.
Do not worry, I'll have the money for the ticket and for life first
time in your country. And I will restore you debt of 300 usd.
I'm not going to depend on you financially. My visa will allow
me to work. And I'm not asking you to give me 300 usd.
I only ask you to give me their debt. I swear, I 'll give you this!
Trust me!!!
I checked as you can send me the money. I wanted to open an account
at the bank. But I refused. In Russia, to open a bank account you need
to put there a minimum amount of money. But I do not have it so
I refused. In Russia, the bank account has only wealthy people.
But the bank manager told me that they have a number of systems
to transfer money. Most popular in the banks is MoneyGram and
Western Union. I looked it. And yes, in Irkutsk so many branches
of these payment systems. They like and are very similar to each other.
I learned how they work. It is not difficult. You will need
to specify to whom you are sending money, my name
(Elvina Zaripova). And specify the country and city
in which you send money. you will need to send in RUSSIA,
in the city of Irkutsk. And I have no problem will be able to get
your money in any department WU or MG here in Irkutsk.
MoneyGram I think a more convenient way, because you will
pay less for the money transfer. I understand that it's hard to
believe, but I ask you to trust me.
I await your response
Comment #135383
Hello my dear !
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I couldn't write earlier. Because Internet cafe
didn't work. But I have found another and I can always write to you.
I will write more to you tomorrow. I really hope that you are not
offended by me. And we will continue our communication.
I'm ashamed to contact you again. You know, it is very difficult,
to feel poor. You know, from past letters about my problem.
And I again ask you to help me.
I understand that it's very difficult to trust people.
But I know that men abroad are more kind.
And I believe that you are like that. I really look forward
to your help. I have no one to ask. You are my last hope.
I repeat again, I don’t ask to give me money. I ask you to
give me money in debt. The problem is that the embassy will
not wait for payment forever. They will refused me a visa.
They didn’t say a specific time frame, but I don’t think it
will be long. Therefore, I ask you - help a lonely little
girl from far-away Russia to find another life. I know this
is within your power. Can I hope for your help?
When can you send money?
Can you do this? If so, on which day will it be?
Yesterday I went to the bank again, and they refused me.
They said they wouldn’t give me money, I'm want to go
to another country. They are afraid that I leave and not return
them money. But I have a good news. When I was sitting in the bank,
I saw that Western Union and Moneygram allow to send money from
a credit card. I do not have credit card, but I think...
Do you have a credit card? From the booklet I saw that it was not
difficult. You just need to visit the websites Western Union or Moneygram.
There you receive all instructions. You don’t leave the house. It can
be done online or visit any WU or MG office closest to you.
I already wrote that my visa cost 500, but I have 200. Therefore,
I again ask you to send me $ 300.
I imagine how I will come to you. I can imagine how you will acquaint
me with your relatives and friends. I think that I really like them.
We will have fun days together. Please, help.
I wait your answer. Kisses!
Comment #138052
Yep, am in communication with her right now. No request for money as of yet, but she wants to move to America as a permanent resident. She wanted my address, so I gave her a fictional one and then she gave me her address which is how I found this site. All the pictures are the same. Now that I know she is a scammer, I will play her little game and give her some grief as well...