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Hello ! I was happy to receive your letter and to get this
information about you. Thanks a lot for being so kind and for
introducing yourself in such a good way. Also thanks a lot for your
amazing photo and you look great. I like you so much and of course I
would be happy and proud to become your beloved woman, but it's a bit
early to talk about this, right?:) Ok, as I told you before I'm a
family-oriented lady and I'm looking for my life partner, so I'm glad
to start our communication and to get to know you a little better. I
hope you have the same feelings and I think it's time to tell you more
about myself, so, here we go:)

Well, as you already know my name is Oksana. Some of my friends call
me Ksusha, so, it's up to you which name you prefer to use:) I was
born on the 15 of March, 1983 in Lugansk, Ukraine, but now I live in
Roven'ki that is also in Lugansk region. So, I am already 34 and I am
sure it is the right age for me to build a family. I do not have
children (even I like kids so much and would be glad to become a
loving mother in the future!), but I was married for 7 years. I was
married to a successful businessman, who was trying to be loyal and
kind for me for all the years of our life together. But unfortunately,
we didn't have any understanding, so I wanted to break it up. You may
think I'm crazy, but I'm not, really, and to my mind when people can't
understand each other at all - there can be no future for them. Don't
you agree? Please, share your thoughts with me about it:)

To continue my story - well, I left him and he left me... without any
scandals or quarrels, I wished him the best of luck and happiness for
the future life and the same did he. So, as you know, I moved to
another town, here I've found a job and I work as a seller. I sell
much stuff for women like bags, shoes and etc. You can see it on one
of my photos:) Your profession also seems to be good, do you like it?
In my free time I'm watching movies, listening to music, cooking and
sometimes signing karaoke with my friends. Also I went to the gym when
the situation was better in my country ( I'm sure you know what I'm
talking about!), but now it became very expensive, so, I'm trying to
keep myself in a good shape at home:) I hope I'm doing it well, what
do you think? Do you like my photos??) So, as you can see - my life is
pretty simple, but I'm trying to enjoy its every minute.

I will end my letter for today, hope to hear from you soon. Please,
tell me about yourself: what do you like most of all and what are your
goals and ambitions? What kind of books (music) do you like? And so
on... I would like to know about you better. I'll try to tell you more
about myself in my next mails. I'm waiting for your reply so much.

Hugs, Oksana

P.S. I'm truly sorry, but I don't have that application as I don't
have the Internet at home and I'm writing to you from the Internet
cafe. It's forbidden here to use any type of chat, social nets or
etc., because the connection is very slow after the War. So, I hope we
can communicate by letters.
Comment #134420
Hello, my precious Peter! What a great pleasure to get your answer
again, because for me it's not just some lines, it's another chance to
get to know you better. Thanks a lot for your sweet words, for me it
means a lot and I do appreciate your feelings. Peter, I'm so happy
that you are in my life now and I hope I can rely on you, because
something bad has happened to me I cried a lot, because I'm such a
silly, naive girl and I even do not know how to tell you about
everything... But, dear, as I promised to be always honest with you -
I will tell you about everything and I count on your understanding,
because now you are the only person with whom I can share it...

It was a beautiful day and as usual I was going to my work place. I
was looking at passing people, cars and I was dreaming how it could be
great if you were here and I could look into your beautiful eyes, see
your charming smile and touch your strong shoulders... Some unknown
voice had interrupted my thoughts and I saw a gypsy woman with a small
boy in front of me... She told me something - now I even don't
remember what, but I remember for sure that she suggested me to tell
fortunes and I refused, because I have never believed such people and
I have the reason for it... So, I even didn't stop, but then she
started to cry and to explain me that they have nothing to eat with
her small son and she can't ask for free money as we are living in a
country where almost everyone now needs such a support and etc. So,
she suggested her such a "work" instead of some money for a bread and
etc. Peter, I agreed, because I really wanted to help that small boy
even a little and I was even ready to give them some money for free,
but she told me this is not fair and she started to tell me...

Sweetie, she told me many things from my childhood, she remind me some
of my big mistakes as my marriage from the past, but the most
important phrase was - "You are on the right way, you'll be the
happiest one very soon, because that man you are writing for is the
one you were looking for!". To be honest, Peter, I've never believed
such women, I've never gone to the fortune - tellers as I mentioned
you before and I've always been a realist. But today her words made me
really confused. It was unbelievable and I did believe her, because
everything she said was true. She told about my my job, some of my
friends and of course the most important thing was that she told me
about YOU. She ensured me that very soon we will be together and after
such words I was the happiest one. I said her a big thanks, take some
money from my pocket - NOTICE!!! I even didn't open my purse as it was
in a bag - and I continued my way.

You know, usually, I prefer walking, because the shop, where I work is
not so far from my home, but today I decided to go by bus, because I
couldn't be late and we were waiting for new goods. Being in the bus I
noticed that I have a strong head-ache and I couldn't understand why,
just thought it was because the weather is changing. I was thinking
about that lady's words and when it was time to leave the bus and make
a fare - I opened my back and I'd got a shock, because I understood
that there was no purse!!! Peter, dear, you couldn't even imagine my
feelings and I started to sob violently. All the people, who were in
the bus, had paid their attention to me and of course they started to
ask what's happened. But I couldn't say even a word and I just cried.
I simply couldn't make even a fare, because all the money were in my
purse... Peter, that stupid gypsy or her son who seemed to be so small
and cute, has stolen my purse, with all the money that I had. I don't
know how, how it's possible! I still can't believe! You know, many
years ago the similar situation happened with my mum when she was
still alive and as we guessed later it was a hypnosis... I think it
happened to me too and because of it I had that head-ache...

Dear, I tried to calm down and I tried to check my bag once again, but
there was no result, the purse was stolen. I continue crying even I
understood that it couldn't help me and thanks to God the driver was
so polite, so, he has understood my situation and I left the bus
without any scandals... Peter, dear, I had all my money in that purse
and the most worse thing is that today I had to pay for my rented
flat. I really didn't know what to do, because at home I don't have
such a sum and I just left some funds for the products...I'll get my
salary only next month, but even it won't help me, because I have to
pay for my flat much more and I always save. I met with the owner of
my flat and tried to explain the situation, but she could only say
that she regrets and gives me only one week to find the money. Only
one week, Peter! What could I do during this short period of time?! I
have no idea... Even I find an additional job - I won't be able to get
the salary in one week! Oh, dear.. Why it's going on with me? What

I have to find about 75 dollars and of course it's a big sum for me...
Peter, darling, I'm really ashamed and I would never write such words
to you if I didn't have such a problem, but maybe you could help me?
Even a little? You know, I'm all alone here and I really don't know
what to do...Please, dear, understand me and try to take my
place...Yes, I know, this is my big fault and I'm stupid and naive,
but I can't back the time and now I just have to solve this problem as
soon as possible... Peter, my letter is already huge and I think I
should stop here. I say you good bye for now and send you many kisses
and hugs. Yours Oksana