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Hallo! Wie geht es dir?? Wie schlafen Sie heute Abend?
Ich bin glücklich, jetzt sitze ich und diesen Brief zu schreiben. Heute, wie immer, ging ich früh zu arbeiten. Ich muss alle Dokumente am Morgen vorzubereiten. Ich arbeite als Gerichtsvollzieher. Ich komme sehr früh zur Arbeit, aber meine Arbeit Zeitplan ist nicht sehr stabil. Ich kann sogar Arbeit in der Nacht verlassen oder nur spät in der Nacht. Aber Ich mag meinen Job wirklich. Ich malte den ganzen Tag, jede Minute. Aber ich werde die Zeit finden Sie in dem Brief zu beantworten.
Wie gesagt, ich lebe in Russland. Meine Heimatstadt Yeisk, im Süden Russlands, in der Nähe des Schwarzen Meeres. Ich habe eine jüngere Schwester, ihr Name ist Elena. Ich schicke Ihnen ein Bild von ihr. Wir sind sehr gute Freunde mit ihr. Sie lebt jetzt in Krasnodar, er wurde zu einer medizinischen in diesem Jahr zugelassen und zog in einem Studentenwohnheim. Aber wir sprechen jeden Tag am Telefon. Ich bin daran interessiert, wie sie ihren Tag verbracht. Wir teilen alles. Unsere Eltern starben bei einem Autounfall im vergangenen Jahr waren wir allein. Ich weiß nicht, warum ich nicht gehen für sie in Krasnodar. Wegen der Arbeit ....
Ich möchte wirklich über Ihre Familie zu wissen ...
Bitte verzeihen Sie mir. Aber ich habe nicht im Internet zu Hause. Da mein Haus ist ein altes Gebäude. Aber ich habe einen Computer bei der Arbeit. Ich werde versuchen, Sie öfter auf die Briefe zu beantworten. Mein Chef ist in dieser Hinsicht sehr streng. Und es nicht erlaubt, das Internet für private Zwecke zu nutzen. Ich weiß, dass es eine Menge Programme für die Kommunikation sind. Aber ich habe keine keine. Neben E-Mail. Wenn Sie nicht schwierig sind, so werden wir kommunizieren.
Ich liebe sich selbst zu versorgen. Ich gehe auf die Ausbildung in einem Sportzentrum. Ich versuche, richtig zu essen. Sehr bald wird Winter sein, ich werde Eislaufen und Skifahren. Dies ist das beste Wochenende Zeitvertreib. Manchmal fahren meine Freunde und ich zum Sotschi Skigebiet. Als Kind war ich in Tanz beteiligt, Gymnastik. Ich mag kochen. Meine Mutter hat mich gelehrt, zu kochen. Meine Schwester ist verrückt wie, wie ich koche. Kochst Du gerne? Was sind Ihre Lieblingsspeisen?
Ich habe noch nie keine Kinder verheiratet und haben. Ich rauche nicht und trinke nicht. Ich bin nicht gegen das Rauchen, aber sie nicht raucht, jede Person macht eine Wahl in ihren Gewohnheiten und Vorlieben, niemand das Recht hat, einen Mann für seine Schwäche zu verurteilen.
Sie haben ein Hobby? Wie gefällt Ihnen Ihre Freizeit verbringen? Meine Religion ist das Christentum, und dir? Ich habe sehr wenig Zeit, es tut mir leid, aber ich habe jetzt zu arbeiten. Ich möchte Sie mehr mit jedem Buchstaben zu kennen.
Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag!
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She is now using the address Same email as yours and same photos.


Was active on Zoosk. Added me and send message to get my email address. Deleted her Zoosk profile after one day. Started emailing. She stated that it will be winter soon- currently it is May and it is beginnig of summer in Russia. Talks about het sister who is a medical student in Krasnodar. Her parents died in a accident. She works as a bailiff and has no internet at home. Can only email from work and her director is very strict about personal usage. Many fotos

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Hi !
Thank you for writing me. I was very worried if you would answer me. I wrote to you, because I really liked you. Only my modesty prevents me from being happy. I decided to try to find an interlocutor, a friend, a young man. I heard a lot stories that people met their love on the Internet. I would really like to be happy. I'm sure that I will succeed. With you?)
I want to tell you about myself. My name is Tata. I was born on March 17th, 1983. I'm modest, but sociable. I graduated from high school. I have a higher legal education. I have been independent all my life. I do not smoke. I do not drink. I'm not married. I do not have children.
Please, tell me about yourself. I'm very interested in your life.
I'm not at all baffled by your age. Not how old you are, but how much you feel. I mean, I never thought the difference in ages is an excuse for discussion. In my opinion, this absolutely means nothing. Each person looks at life differently. How many people have so many opinions. I also want to be young soul and body. The most important thing in a man, so that he could interest the interlocutor, was interesting and with a sense of humor.
Why such a nice man like you was on this site ?? I recently started using the Internet. I never met through dating sites. I feel some inconvenience. I do not have confidence in the Internet. I've heard several stories of dating through the Internet. People fell in love, met and built a family. They are happy and live together. My dream!
I want to find a man, and live with him for the rest of my life. My halfy maybe lives very far from me. I can not find a man, I can not find love. I'm sorry, but I do not know how to communicate on the site, that's why it's easier for me to write you letters. In addition, I constantly receive offers about marriage from Arab men, sometimes they even forget to say hello.))) It's real luck to find a real person who I liked.
Have you seen my picture?? I'll send you some of my photos. I have long hair. I have a very small weight of 53 kg. My height is 164 cm. I'm not tall at all. I like to walk on heels. I like to dress nicely. I do not speak English well, I apologize if there are any errors in my grammar in my letter. I will use an interpreter. But this should not prevent us. This will help me in writing the letter and in reading your answer. I have a good job. The work should completely suit the person, both spiritually and physically, to have harmony! I do not have a big income. But I love my work. I think every person likes to learn always a lot of new things, to travel, I adore it. I love the history of different countries. I like art. I've never been married. I do not have children. But this is something everyone wants very much. Still, it is important for a person to have a family. This is the support. I have many good friends. I also have a very good team. But most of them already have a family. And they can not spend much time with me. They have other obligations. I also want to run home, and know that my family is waiting for me there.
I did not tire you?? I wanted to write more about myself. I want to know you. I feel that you are very good, we will be interested in communicating with each other. I'm looking for love. Who said that love has limitations in distance, it can be in any part of the globe, I hope you think the same way as I do. I want to know more about you, so I look forward to your reply with impatience.
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Hey! How are you?? How did you sleep today?
I'm happy to be sitting here and writing this letter. Today, as always, I came to work early. I have to prepare all the documents in the morning. I work as a bailiff. I come very early to work, but my work schedule is very unstable. I can even leave work at night or just late at night. But I really like my work. I have painted all day every minute. But I will find time to answer you with a letter.
As I already told you, I live in Russia. My hometown of Yeisk, in the South of Russia, near the Black Sea. I have a younger sister, her name is Nina. I'll send her a photograph. We are very friendly with her. She now lives in Krasnodar, entered medical school this year, and moved to a student hostel. But we call each other every day. I'm wondering how she spent her day. We share everything in the world. Our parents were killed in a car accident last year, we were left alone. I do not know why I'm not following her to Krasnodar. Because of the work ....
I really want to know about your family ...
Forgive me, please. But I do not have an Internet home. Because my house is old. But I have a computer at work. I will try to answer you more often in letters. My boss is very strict in this respect. And does not allow to use the Internet for personal purposes. I know that there are many programs for communication. But I do not have any. In addition to e-mail. If it's not difficult for you, we'll communicate like that.
I like watching myself. I go to workout in a sports center. I'm trying to eat right. Very soon it will be winter, I will skate and ski. This is the best forwarding of the weekend. Sometimes, my friends and I go to Sochi for a ski resort. In my childhood I was engaged in dancing, gymnastics. I like to cook. My mother taught me how to cook. My sister really likes how I cook. She says that it is very similar to the taste of the dishes, as her mother cooked. Do you like cooking? What are your favorite dishes?
I've never been married, I have no children. I do not smoke or drink. I'm not against smoking, but I do not smoke myself, every person makes a choice in their habits and preferences, no one has the right to condemn a person for his weaknesses.
do you have a hobby? How do you like to spend your free time? My religion is Christianity, and yours? I have very little time, I'm sorry, but I need to work now. With each letter I would like to know you more.
I wish you a good day!
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Hi dear.
How is your day? What do you do? How are you? Yesterday I came home very late. I immediately went to bed. I got a headache in the evening and I feel bad. This morning I cooked myself a light breakfast and ran to work. I try to eat correctly. Do not eat harmful and quickly prepared food. But it is difficult, when there is so much work. I have a hard job,as people are unhappy and spoil the mood for us. Sometimes you have to take apartments from non-payers of the mortgage. And it's always so hard for me when there's a family with children on the street. I feel so helpless at this moment that I can not help them..
I told you that I have a higher education. I would like to get a second higher education while I have no family and children. Nothing hinders me from going to school again.
I have a sister, I sent her a picture to you. She has been dating a boy for several years, living together in Krasnodar now. Today she said she was expecting a baby. I like children very much. I immediately forgot about the headache !!! I'm happy for her. It's time for me to start a family, I would also like to have a baby. I myself do not understand, because I was so passionate about the work that all around married long ago, except me. Yes, and we will be honest, we have a very small city, young people basically leave it after school.
I love cooking, I thank my mother for the basics of cooking. She taught me how to cook from childhood. I follow my diet, try to eat less harmful foods, and eat only healthy food. I like to cook foods for a couple, it takes a little time, it is useful and tasty. I'd really like to show you how delicious I can cook. This must be done always with love. And then everything will turn out.
when I write you a letter, I want to tell you a lot. It is a pity that there is a distance between us. If we lived next door, we could meet in a cafe and talk endlessly. I sincerely hope that you support my dreams. I hope that someday our dreams will come true.
I do not have much time, I would like to tell more about myself and my life, but I have to work. The letters do not replace the real communication with the person. But at the moment, I'm waiting for your letters every day. I worry when you do not answer me for a long time.
I Kiss you.