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Hello my new friend!
I was very glad to receive your letter.
Friend, I'm very glad that you wrote to me.
I do not know the Bulgarian language, but if you continue with communication
Then I will begin to study it. In principle, I do not know any foreign
languages. I know a little English, a school program. Ideally, I
I have only in Russian and Tatar. Will mainly use
interpreter. It would be, in practice, if I write you a Bulgarian
Your picture I really liked. Now I see that I can communicate
Very real person. Your picture is very beautiful, I hope that you
So as my photo!
I'm writing you my home landline phone +78432421356. I have a mobile phone
Phone, but currently under repair. I used to sit on the Internet
My phone, but I refused and destroyed it. But this is not what's scary
They need to be healed or give them a new phone. As soon as my return
My phone, I can write to you constantly, not just by mail, we
We can talk to you on the phone. You only have to wait a little.
I am very glad that you are interested in me, and what you wrote.
I am also interested in you, I want to meet you better.
The fact that I can find one online told me my girlfriend.
I decided to try it. And after meeting you on this site
Dating. My friend was sitting on dating sites for a long time and
She has friends. I asked my profile several times
Days. Besides, it was interesting to know who I met you. currently
I want to know more.
You are the second person I met on the Internet. before I
Experience, but not quite good. Previous person I constantly ask naked
Photos I refused him, and our connection is complete.
I would be glad to talk about myself. I think that you can be
Interesting to know more about me.
I'm Oksana. I am now 27
of the year. I was born on February 18, 1989. My height is 173 cm. My
Weight 54 kg. I have hazel eyes.
I was born in Chistopoly. Have you ever heard of Chistopol?
I was born in Russia. I've never been abroad. In future
I would like to go abroad.
Between our two countries a long distance, but I think it will be
Be a problem. I hope that you are not vozrazhaeshy, that I am from Russia.
In the end, you can find someone to build
Long-term relationships, even on the Internet. I mean, I only watched
serious relationship.
I hope that you find a serious relationship.
I want to say that I'm lonely. For me now, there is a loved one.
I want to meet a man to appreciate him and fulfilled
I. And we can trust each other. Since trust
The most important factor for improving relations.
I also want to tell you that I am an adult and serious woman, and I do not
I want to play with my feelings.
If you want to play with your feelings, I ask you to tell me about it.
I do not want to be deceived.
In my opinion, a girl of my age, to be loving
Husband and children. I like kids. I dream one day to have a daughter.
It would be very interesting to know about you. Interesting
To teach your hobby? In order to find out where you work? You are dreaming?
I want me more about myself. So it's better to be
know each other. I hope that you will write to me as much as possible
More about yourself.
I work as a sales manager in a private construction firm. I'm in the office
And includes contracts with customers. I write from work on the computer.
I will be interested to read your letters and answers to your letters.
Now I want you to tell me about yourself.
In my letter, I send you photos. I hope you like my photos.
I want to wish you a good mood. You must work.
I look forward to my next letters. Your new girlfriend
Russia, Oksana!
Comment #135757
I have 10 email correspondence with that email. If someone like I'll send all. When we got to the part when I have to help her with sending money I realized that something was wrong.
Be careful