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I was favorites by this person on a dating site. She used the yahoo address in her user name, wlis579yahoo, said to think hard about the user name and contact her . I sent one email then received a second on the Gmail addy said that one was her personal. Sent me a long text, looked nice but generic like it might be mass sent to different people. I decided to Google search the name and came across this site having her name already listed. Email I received was exactly same as others had posted here. I'm glad I saw this first and now knowing it's a scam I think I'm going to have some fun with this ;-) and amuse myself for awhile. Good luck prying a penny from my pocket . I live close enough to Bloomfield, NJ to visit if needed. Like bugs bunny said.... ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun. I work with retired detective from NY 45min from there.
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Sent this email....look familiar guys...

Hello Dear,

I'm glad to hear back from you. How are you doing? Your profile was nice and interesting, I would like to know you more better if that is fine with you. Thanks for the short email. I would like to know you more better. This letter certainly does not tell everything about me, but hopefully will let you know some of the more important things! I hope that what you read, will be what you are truly looking for in a woman! If not, just be honest and let me know OK? You can just reply to this letter and write the words "Thank you", and that is all I will need to know that you are no longer interested. I hope that this can be the opening of possibilities between us, and maybe the beginning of a possible relationship!

Now let me formally introduce myself by telling you that I am a true Christian woman and I have very high moral values. I did not sit down to write you this letter to exaggerate myself in any way or tell you things that are untrue to make myself look better and fool you about me! I am writing this letter to you in all honesty to let you know who I am in the hopes that you will like who I am and just maybe a little spark may ignite in your heart for me!

I am a one-man woman and I am looking for a serious relationship that will lead to everlasting happiness . I don't believe in playing games and I don't like men who play them and who cheats! I like being totally up front and honest with a man from the start. I believe in being so because when two people are honest about who they are and what things they like and dislike then they can know if they are compatible in a very short period thus not wasting each others time if they are not. I am serious in my efforts to find a good man and grow old together.

My name is Milla Lisa Wilson . I stand 5 foot 8 inches tall and I weigh 115 lbs. I look younger and I act young for my age and I am considered attractive to some and hopefully you, and I also have a very good physique. Am a mixed race,my Dad was from Australia while my Mom was an american. I was born in Florida, but lately i moved down to Bloomfield, New Jersey but raised in Australia all my life. I graduated from the Queensland University and i studied Business Management. I'm a business woman and i deal with the sales of an office equipment, i love my job so much because it makes me travel around the globe. I'm a Widower,I lost my late husband in a vital car accident years back. I live in my own house with my two lovely pets. I have a daughter who just turned 18 yrs and her name is Julia. My plan is to relocate down to the right man if i found him and start a new life together, I'm 42 years of Age, but to me age is just like a counting number but true love and maturity matter most to me.

I am a very good woman and have many qualities that any serious men looking for a good woman would want......I am very romantic…. If you were mine, I would bring you flowers sometimes with a little poem or note letting you know that I am thinking about you. I might surprise you at times with dinners by candlelight with some soft romantic music playing. Or surprise you with breakfast in bed on a weekend (only in marriage would this happen). I would love to take walks with you in the park or along the beach or down city streets shopping together. These kind of romantic things I do because I love romance and I guess you could say that I am a hopeless romantic! And for the rest of my life, I would never let a day pass that I did not say "I love you" to you.

I am sensual… I would love to do things like make you a hot bubble bath, bathing together with you (not all the time of course), washing and brushing your hair and many other things that I will leave to your imagination! I believe that when a woman loves a man with a true love she will do anything that will bring him pleasure and make his life more enjoyable and exciting! That would certainly be my goal with you!

I am respectful…. I believe that a man should be treated with the utmost respect! God blessed man with a woman to be his helper, his companion, his lover… not to walk behind him or in front of him but beside him equally. I believe with all my heart that behind every great man there is a great woman by his side who helped get him there!

I am very affectionate…I love the physical part of a relationship…. Like holding hands , hugging and kissing. I would always be putting my arms around you and hugging you so as to never let a doubt enter you mind, nor forget just how much you mean to me! I would love to cuddle together on the couch with some nice warm popcorn and maybe some ice cream and enjoy TV together or a movie… maybe a funny movie so that we could laugh together or maybe a romantic movie or even a scary movie so that I could feel he hug me tight when i got a little frightened!

I have a great sense of humor….I love to laugh and joke and be playful and sometimes just get silly.. Have you ever just gotten silly and couldn't stop laughing? There is not a better feeling on earth! Laughter is a medicine the Bible says, so I try to find humor in every day life and hopefully bring a little laughter to people.

I am a sensitive, caring and thoughtful person…I am not ashamed to get teary eyed at sad movies or from a sad story in the newspaper, although at the movies, it is dark so no one can really see me! (lol). I try not to hurt people’ feelings. If you needed shoes and so did I, I would sacrifice and go barefoot so that you had shoes. If you wanted a new dress and I needed clothes also, I would go naked so you could have that dress. There is nothing that I would not do for you short of something sinful. It is the responsibility of a woman to take good care of her man not as some kind of duty but out of appreciation and love for him. And the good man that you are, I would fully always appreciate you!

I am very loyal and faithful…I would never think of ever cheating on you and I would never give you a reason to ever doubt that or my love for you! I have no respect for a man who cheats on his woman! Marriage is sacred in my eyes! If a woman wants more then one man then she should stay single and uncommitted! I have never wanted more then one man, only one for me, who I can love for the rest of my life.

I am very protective….I would not hesitate to jump in front of a bullet or in front of a speeding car to protect you if you were in danger of either one. I would fight a hundred women to my dying breath trying to protect you from harm! I might not succeed! But I would die trying! I would want you to always feel safe by my side at all times.

These qualities that I have mentioned to you are only a few as I have more. But the qualities I did mention I feel are the most important! These qualities I would love to share with my future husband! Is there the chance that he could be you?

I want to mention a little about sex! Not for any purposes other then to let you know how I stand about it.. I am uninhibited with sex, and I believe that any sex act not forbidden in the Bible is blessed by God in a marriage and should be explored and enjoyed by a man and woman. I love sex and oral sex especially and I hope that you are open to it. Two people must be compatible sexually for a marriage to be everlasting and many people have cheated in a marriage because they were not being satisfied at home with their spouse. Sex is the ultimate expression of love that two people can have for each other. Sex without love is just plain lust and has no real fulfillment. And if two people love each other enough to want to express themselves so intimately, then they will want to spend the rest of their lives with that person, and that can only mean marriage where sex is blessed by God! I don't want sex to ever be an issue in my marriage, so that is why I had to mention sex just for a little while here. I hope you understand?

Some of the things that I like to do are sports… I love to bowl, play tennis, basketball, swim , golf just about anything sports wise. I love nature… like camping, going on a weekend picnic, hiking in the mountains, water skiing, sight-seeing, roller skating, traveling, bike riding. I like to go to the gym and work out. I try to stay in good shape and eat healthy. I love animals very much. I don’t like going to night clubs but prefer to have a family and spend my time with them! I would love to dance ballroom, as it looks like a very fun dance to do!

I am looking for a man with Christian values and who is morally upright. What I find most attractive in a man is one who is most handsome on the inside, one who is kind, loving and caring and one who always would have a kind word to say about someone and with a great sense of humor who could make me laugh when I don't feel like laughing which is very rare. A man who can easily find humor in so many little things in life. A persons looks may change by age over time or in a moment by one accident, then what is left? Looks are nice but it is the inner beauty that will bring lasting happiness.

I am a woman who loves the simple things in life, like those previously mentioned. Material things are nice to have but all I need is the Lord Jesus Christ first and a good man second to be completely happy in this life. The Bible says that finding a good woman is like finding precious jewels and I could not agree more! I cannot be totally happy in this life without a good man! Not one to walk behind me or in front of me but beside me! A man who could be my companion, my best friend, my lover and my beloved husband!

Well I have said quite a bit so far, so I am going to part for now. I hope that what I have said touched your heart! I know that this letter was long, but I wanted you to know me in a much better way, and I hope that I have accomplished it?I hope that you will be able to send more photos of you! I hope that you will tell me so much more about you and also some things about your family?Until I hopefully hear from you.
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Looks familiar This is the letter I received
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The person using these photos is going under many names. The one I have is Gail Tomic saying she owns a house in Bonita Springs. Fl. She claims to be traveling now, sending me long emails (unusual in itself for as stranger) and wants to meet when she gets home. But, when I asked about owning a home or rent, "she" said she owns and sent me a picture of a luxurious home with snow all around. Obviously there's no snow in Florida. And the county real estate office has no one with that name owning property. The person is probably a male living in some other part of the world. probably north Africa.