Scammer tatyana Tatyana

Russia or Denmark (I.P. address)
Kostroma Russia and meetic

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This Scammer contacted me via (sent a mesag with her email in it). I responded and we chatted for about 5 weeks. 1 email most days. She said she was 34 and wanted to meet a UK guy. she was in Russia and wanted to come and visit me. She told me she worked in logistics for a supermarket. She sent loads of photos - all quite posy with different clothes on and also looked like they had been taken over a number of years. She always emailed me about 1-3pm uk time. Eentually she asked me to help her pay for visa and travel. I always new she was a scammer and played along for my amusement, but when the request for cash came I just stopped responding. Probably not even a woman. This happened from December 2016 to Feb 2017. I reverse image searched th images but didn't find anything. Tried again today and saw here picture on a couple of scammers websites. So she must be upping her game.
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Also operates using alias, "Paige_Parkes", includes email(a), reverse search of email and username led to personal account for Zay Malia, fake facebook account with photo from suicide girls.

Instant suspicion.

Language of email is that of English as 2nd language, Russian/Slavic as first.

Circumvention of the system warrants investigation. Either perfect match or scam. Unfortunately, scam 100% of the time (one day...).

Message received via MatchAffinity.

If they had read the ad, they'd've realised that this person is the wrong person to scam, due to interest and professional skill.

Profile now removed.