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Hi my love !!!!
I received your letter. Everything is great. So no wonder this woman !!!!
What do you understand me. That you love me. I know that you have only one woman. This women Anastasiya !!!!!
I have to work very well. MY friends ask about you.
They said that they would like to see us together. That we are standing and looking at each other.
You wanted to be so ??? It's fine. When your and my dream came true. All these days I keep thinking about you.
I have to work keep asking. Why am I in a good mood. Because you my dear TIGER WITH ME !!

Nastya came with her husband. Came Irina c children. I also wish that I had a man. I want to get married. I want to move into your house.

I'm ready to go from Kirov.

I am at home now. I watch a TV show, "Let him speak." Leading known in Russia Andrey Malakhov.

The program "Let him speak," the woman from Russia married a man from Norway. Now they are happy. their child was born.

Now the child outgrowth. he is 7. His name is Egor.

Egor said, my parents met when I was not born yet.
My father lived in another country. He lived in Norway. And my mother was living in Russia.
And Dad could not come. He worked and earned money. IT WAS a difficult time.
THEN mother came to the Pope. And he was so happy. That the Pope could not believe my eyes.
His heart stopped for several minutes. And then Mama touched him.
And she whispered in his ear. I LOVE YOU!!!

I saw this love story. My heart was beating very strongly. Can you imagine this child told the real truth.
I do not think that children are small age already thinking of an adult.

I decided that our meeting This is like a fairy tale.
IT MUST BE OR NOT implement this tale. Or is it just a dream.
YOU WANT ME ??? meet YOU WANT TO TOUCH palm to my face ???
YOU WANT hugged me and whispered in his ear: I love you ??? I YESSSSSSS !!!!
Tell me: How much do you want me ??????
What did you do when meeting ????? What words would have told me ????
You invited me to your home or WE WERE IN THE HOTEL ????
To me it is so important. Answer me these questions !!!!!

I love you and I miss you. My heart is always crying when you're not next to me.
I want you and I will be hurt. IF YOU ME deny our meetings !!!!!!!!!

I'm waiting for your answer. I'm waiting for your decision. your love Anastasiya