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Hello dear , so glad to get your reply! I am so excited about
this communication with you, it's like starting a new life for me! And
how are you today? ;)

Thank you for telling me a little about yourself and your life! And of
course for your photo! I hope to see more of them too! You know, it's
all interesting for me beginning with simple things, like books and
music, and something more difficult, like past relationships. I hope
you'll be honest and open for me, and I promise the same ;)

It's hard for me to describe myself. Will it mean anything if I say
that I am a nice, honest, hardworking woman? :) So, here are
some facts about me: I'm 37, like books and movies, do many kinds of
sport and cooking, spending time with my friends and my mom. She's an
amazing lady, so smart and feminine; she's definitely my best friend!
And I love my job. When I was younger I did athletics and was very
good at it. But after I got a knee injury, I could no longer be a
professional athlete, so my couch suggested I could become a physical
education teacher at school and that's what I did. I felt very sorry
for myself first, but then I realized, that it's a great chance for
me. I make my students healthier, stronger and more self-confident,
and I also keep myself in a good shape, so I guess that sets a great
example for them! And do you like what you do?

But the sad thing is that I live in a war occupied territory now, in
the East of Ukraine, and there are not many students left. My town is
Bryanka and I live alone here, but visiting my mom very often. Of’
course I wanted to leave when war started but, unfortunately, I didn’t
have any opportunity for that; I had no place to go or resources for
trip and living. Nobody expected the conflict to be so serious and
destroying, and also, so long... I went through a lot and
continue surviving here but I appreciate this experience. It shows the
real value of things. And I can tell for sure, that there is no thing
more valuable than family, loving and caring person near you.

As for viber or else, I would love to have a better way of
communication with you. I know these apps on smart phone and used them
before war, when I had smart phone and normal Internet connection.
But, war changed many things here and, i know, something is difficult
to understand for civilized society. But I hope you can imagine that,
when it is difficult time and food costs more than house, people try
to survive and if there is anything to sell, they will sell it. This
is how I sold my smart phones too when it was necessary. And right
now, even if I could afford buying, I don't suffer from not having it
because nobody have it here actually) However, may be in some time, I
hope that together we will find a way for better and closer
communication ;)

As you can see, I’m not going to play any games and looking
only for real and sincere relationship. Of’ course I had long-term
relationship in past, it ended many years ago because of his gambling
addiction. I tried my best to help him, to keep us together; I never
gave up on him even when he lost everything he owned. But when he
spent all my savings, I just couldn’t take it any more. After that, I
must say, it was hard for me to trust men, so I didn’t date anyone for
quite a long time… But something inside me wants to believe that there
is my man out there, who could become my savior, my love, my best
friend and could just enjoy the smell of my freshly baked pie ;)

I really hope to hear from you soon,