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You are a charming man, a pretty smile, an expressive face!
Although the physical is a not insignificant parameter, I focus especially on the qualities of heart because they are the barometers of good understanding and complicity.

The men who approach me are not up to my hopes of seduction or gallantry. I have been brought up in the principles in which man holds his role while courteous, attentive, understanding, gentle and in return finds the same thing. Vulgarity and hypocrisy make me flee. Neglect and lack of care too. I like things to be 100% done. I like elegance.

Speak to me! That's not obvious ... !! I am gentle, considerate, the well-being of people who are dear to me is paramount because I am empathetic and sensitive. I also tic tac impulsive. I need to feel love more than anything because I missed it ... I feel the desire for protection because although I have gone through many trials that have forged my character, I remain a little fragile!

Lately I took a little cat that came from the street and I give him the happiness that every breathing deserves and it makes me feel good. He keeps me company and makes me laugh out loud: I must say that I do not need much because I am cheerful nature although melancholy sometimes ...

My mother is a French national and my Canadian father, I lost my parents in 2003, I lived 4 years in Quebec and I moved to Grenoble, The real values ​​of life interest me more than the sun , Because against winds and tides I have the sun in my heart and my little pussy on my side. I made the choice to look at life with colors even when everything looks gray ...

I live alone for 2 years following the betrayal the lie and the infidelity that my Ex my to undergo, I had barricaded my heart and threw the key !! I had other priorities. I do not want to talk about my past, it is what it may be one day ... but for now I prefer to leave it aside (Too much harm).

I love reading, knitting, crosswords, poetry, writing, nature: walks in the forest and the peculiar smell, thriller movies, adventures, humor (must not be heavy !)
I like to receive, to cook so that the friends feel at home and keep a good memory even if everything is done in simplicity.

As for the future and my projects ... I have a hard time projecting myself I live day to day for the moment with Lilou, but I still decided to continue my life to 2 because the human being Is not made to live alone and I have so much heat to give!

What kind of woman do you expect?
What do you do with your weekend?
How do you see your future? With a companion of my kind?
Do you play sports ? If yes which ?
How do you see our first meeting?

Good, impenitent chatty I am !! I will close my valve a little because a lot is impossible !! I'm not a woman for nothing!

Good day, to the pleasure of reading to you.