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Hello, my darling !!

It is such a big pleasure to get your letter!! Really!! Thank you so
very much for your interest! Your efforts are very appreciated:) I
like your photo.. Thank you my dear but I dont have a smartphone... I
am so sorry(((

I guess I have to tell you more about me now:)) It will be rather
difficult as they say never judge yourself let people judge you and I
am agree with it completely. But nevertheless I will try:)At first i
wish to tell you that i am proud of my english , i didnt use any
agencies. i had been studding english since last 4 years , and right
now i feel myself free in communication with you , only one sad thing
is that i didnt have my own computer at home, but i use the computer
in our local internet cafe , it situated not far from my work.

So my name is Svetlana in the passport and Svetik for friends, I am 28
years old, I was born on the 12-th of July 1988 so I am a Cancer!
sometimes my behavior also looks like cat ) i am independent , but
caring .like to lay on the sun , but not lazy. i prefer getting tired
from work, instead of doing nothing.Besides of cats who have 9
lives)we have only one, so must get it along well-spent.its my
opinion!I hope my age is ok for you?:)))I am from Ukraine! I live in
Lytygino village Lugansk region,it is a small village and one year ago
it had dive in the blood war (( I am more than sure that you if this
didnt happens you have never heard about it at all:))

I don't have any bad habits. i like youga and healthy way of living.

I work as a nurse at the veterinary clinic. I adore animals!!! It is
the biggest passion in my life (just after cooking:) It brings me the
greatest pleasure to take care of sick animals and help them to
recover of course with the help of our doctors:) I am not a doctor yet
but I have a dream to continue my education and become a veterinary
doctor some day. I graduated from the medical university in past but
to become a doctor I need to study two more years. So if I will have
time and money I will try to continue my studying. But on the first
place for me now is my future family, I hope I will find a man soon to
create a happy family with! And the question of my education and
career I will decide with my husband together.

Something about my family. I have a mother Tatyana and a younger
sister Oksana you may see them on the photos I sent you. Hope you like
my family, they are very sweet! My sister is only a year younger than
me and we are like twins! They say we resemble each other a lot:) It
is just I am blond like our mommy and she is brunette like our
daddy:)) As for my father we lost him 15 years ago because of sickness
and my mom didn't remarry since that time:( It was such a big loss for
us:( But life has to go on... So my mom is single and my sister has a
boyfriend here and they are going to get married soon. She was lucky
to find a serious man in our town as there are not a lot such a men
here unfortunately. Saying the truth I lost hope to create a nice
family here. I was told that men abroad are very serious and can treat
women in a proper way. I guess it is the main qualities I am looking
for in a man:)) Unfortunately my experience in Internet wasn't very
good:((( Most men are not serious here too, but I hope you are
different!!! Also I want my partner to have a nice sense of humor, it
is very important for me too. I like to have a lot of fun and I like
to joke with other people:)) And of corse I want him to be hot and
passionate! Is it you?:)

Darling, I guess I will finish my letter for today. Hope I gave enough
information to you about myself and that you will write me soon!!!

Kisses! Svetik
from Lytygino :-))