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Lettre 1

Hi, dear friend! I’m Anna!!! How are you??? Nice to meet you! :) Whatare you doing here??? I’m looking for boyfriend…even not for simpleboyfriend, but for future husband…I want find my soul mate, my secondhalf…and I’m very serious in my intentions…well, I opened for mybiggest secret! :) ok, a little bit about myself: I’m 24 years old,but soon I will become 25, my birthday is 12 of March…I’m child ofspring! :) And my essence is in it…even in cold winter and in rainyautumn I don’t lose courage!!! I’m working as a tutor of akindergarten, I love the children very, very much and it’s other“thing” what I’m dreaming about…I want to be mother! It’s reallyimportant for me…By the way, I didn’t write you yet where I’m living –I’m from town Dashev of Vinitsa region, have you ever been in Ukraine?You know I like my country, but from childhood me and my sister wedreamed to have small boat and travel on it around the world, itshould be very interesting…but she got married and now I’m dreaming tomake similar trip but together with my beloved man… what is yourtastes in music? I like pop and classic music! And also I like verymuch film “Gone with the wind” it’s something like melodrama andhistorical film in the same time…so, I like both kinds of movies! Andyou, do you like it? We, my sister and me, liked to bring a lot ofice-cream and watching the movies! What about my family in general, Ilive here with my father, our mother died…and sister got married andrelocated to other town in Ukraine, so, we are two here…I don’t knowwhat add more, if you want to know something more about me I will bewaiting for your letter and questions, and of course I hope you willwrite more about yourself…I will be waiting! Kisses from Anna

Lettre 2

Hello, it’s me again, dear Patrice!!! Thank you very much for youranswer! You sent me very nice photo, I like you! Will you send memore? what about your questions - on all of them i can answer you yes!i think woman should have good look, that is why this is necessary tomake sometimes even "small" makeup and of course the dresses! also ithink that without to be romantic the relations are notpossible...this is like food without salt...don't you agree with me???Relocating? I thought about it already…I think if I will find mybeloved man in other country I will want to live together with him ofcourse and in this case, it will be natural that I will relocate! :)))How was your day??? I hope everything is fine…I’m also ok! So, whatabout me, I spend this day at work, I think I wrote you already that Ilike what I do, what is more I’m thinking that we, every person shouldtry to don’t live our lives in vain, every day, every hour…we shouldtry to make something good…and in my case, it’s education of thechildren…I like to play with them, I like to teach them read andwrite, draw…and can you imagine which wonderful questions they ask,from usual: why the sky is blue? and till a little bit difficult: whowas the first man and woman? I’m orthodox Christian, but in our groupthe are the different children, and they parents have the differentpoints of view about the religion…some of them are atheists, there iseven one Chinese girl, and of course I haven’t any right to tell themabout Adam and Eva, or about Darwin, I have to find someunique solution for all such questions, and sometimes it’s not verysimple…they have their own childish problems also…for example love,the children also can fall in love…can you imagine, dear Patrice???And I can tell, that my duty it’s also to help them to go throughthat…it’s wonderful to feel that I take a part in lives of thechildren, they just start their lives…and it’s very important to helpthem in this beginning, and what is more not harm…I think the last iseven more important…well, almost every day I return home so exitedthat is why I all this letter wrote you about my work and thechildren…I hope you don’t mind and I didn’t scare you, dearPatrice…maybe you will write me also your opinion about it…by the way,I think in my next letter I will be ready to introduce you my family,dear Patrice…kisses from Anna

Hello, dear Patrice, you know you are really very interesting person,for me and I think in general, you really should be easy going incommunication…I’m right??? Also I think that we have with yousomething common in our characters and maybe something in ourfutures…we will see!!! Well, how was your day, dear Patrice??? Minevery nice, I wrote you that communication with the children is verypleasant for me that is why my every day is like holiday!!! :) so, inthis my letter, as I promised to you, I will write you about myfamily, I noticed already that I live together with my father, I havealso sister, but she lives enough far from us and as usual we meetonly on some holidays or during the vacations! The name of my fatheris Vasiliy, it’s old Russian name and he is working as a joiner in onelocal furniture atelier, all people talk that he has “gold hands” andhe is master of this field, but unfortunately more often and moreoften the people prefer to buy the furniture made on the factories,and his skills are not so necessary as it was before…My sister’s nameis Alla, she is older than me, she is 26 years old and she is workingas a librarian, the reading was also our common hobby…Alla is marriedand the name of her husband is Aleksey, they are together about 4years, they want very much to have the children and I think soon theywill have them! :) you know they will have so wonderful relations…fullof respect, understanding, support and of course love…you know I alsowould like to have such relations with my future husband…So, it’s myfamily, dear Patrice…maybe soon, I will have opportunity to meet youwith them…I will be waiting for your answer! Anna

Lettre 4

Hello, my dearest Patrice!!! How are you??? How is your mood??? Youknow every time when I see your letter it makes me so happy…and evenif I had some troubles…I forget about it everything…I can just thinkabout you and what did you write me about…your letter it’s like smallholiday for me…what is your favorite holiday, dear Patrice??? Mine isNew Year and Christmas…you know, I’m Orthodox Christian and we arecelebrating the Christmas 7 of January, after New Year, but it doesnot mean that we are celebrating it less solemnly…for me and for allmy family it’s real fairy tale…you know we have a tradition todecorate together the New year tree, in my childhood father even madethe fur-tree toys by himself, it was so beautiful and very fragile,that is why once I even cried when broke one of them…now we buy thefur-tree toys, but in spite of that the process of decoration didn’tbecome less interesting!!! Of course we are cooking the holiday’sdinner, and preparing the gifts for each other…Do you have the sametradition in your family or with your friends, honey Patrice??? For meit will be very interesting to know about something special…but youknow New Year’s tree, gifts and dinner it’s of course not the end ofthe holiday, because at midnight we went outside and we make thewishes, father told us that New Year time it’s very special moment,because then our Earth makes the new turn and gets a lot of energyfrom space…frankly speaking, neither the daddy, nor we don’t believein it completely, but it’s so pleasant to hope that everything whatabout we thought during fight of a chiming clock will become thereality…:))) do you make the wish on New Year??? Do you believe if youwant something very, very much, it will come true??? Are you dreamer,my sweet Patrice??? I will be waiting for your answer! Your Anna P.S. Dear, I don't have short black dress, i just have black withwhite flowers, i hope you will like such photo!

Lettre 5

Hello, my sweet Patrice!!! How are you??? Baby, you know I’m so exitednow!!! And you know why??? Today we show our performance…whichperformance??? Oh, I think I didn’t write you yet, you know sometimesme and other tutors we play the performances for our children inkindergarten…you know the childhood is just one time in life and weare trying to make it for them like real fairy tale, they is why weare organize a lot of holidays for kids, we call it “untrennik” and ofcourse sometimes we are preparing the fairy tale’s plays for them,like small surprise! Today it was the play by Arab fairy tale – “Onethousand and one nights”, did you heard about it, dear Patrice??? Ithink so, but I will remind a plot for you just in case…So, a lot oftime ago, one caliph lived in his country, he had wife, he loved hervery much, but she cheated on him, and after that caliph married everyday and in the morning of the next day he executed this wife andmarried with next one…but there was one girl who loved him with allher heart, she knew about the destiny of all wives, but of course shedidn’t want the same for herself…she wanted love him, be loved by himand live together in happiness…that is why, when he married with her,every night she told him one fairy tale, but she didn’t finish it andby this way she has avoided speed up to be executed, because her fairytales were so interesting that caliph wanted to know the end of thestory so much, that postponed and postponed it…by this wayShaherisada, this is the name of this girl, spent one thousand and onenights…and in this time caliph understood that he loves her anddoesn’t want leave her…so, as you understood it’s story about wisegirl, who by her patience and love and mind deserved trust and loveher beloved man…well, let’s return to our performance, I was this girlShaherisada and leader of all play in the same time and our othertutors has the roles of the different heroes, this time we showedthree fairy tales, I’m not sure that we will master all :))), but themost interesting for sure!!! :))) The children were so happy!!! Youknow as usual they make a lot of noise, but today they kept silencelike a mice in from of cat, but not because they were scared, butbecause they we really made everything perfectly…a lot of decorationand very beautiful dresses…by the way, I send you two photos, one it’sme with other tutors before performance and other, it’s me already inmy dress…I hope you will like it, I will be waiting for your answer,sweetheart Patrice!!! Kisses and take care!!! Your Anna

Lettre 6

Hello, my dearest Patrice!!!!!! How are you? I’m very good!!!! I readyour letter, and now my mood is wonderful!!!! I want very much to seeyou, what is your character in real life, not in letters, because Ithink we can write anything, of course, it’s truth, but the realperson, it’s his gestures, facial expression, and sometimes… his likesand dislikes in food! I read that it's possible to know more aboutperson by food which he or she prefer... Can you believe? For example,if somebody likes very much seafood it’s mean that this person is veryeasy and free in communication; who likes the meat, is very passionatein love (I don’t believe in it?); and who like only vegetables is veryreserved! I think, it’s not possible to divide people according tocuisine, which this person likes, but I think it’s very interestingopinion! How do you think, honey Patrice? I like very much Ukrainiancuisine and Japanese cuisine, but unfortunately I can’t to cook it athome! But my national dishes….!!! I like it very much!!!!! And I liketo cook it!!!! Do you know some Ukrainian dishes: “borsh”, “vareniki”?Maybe one day I can to prepare it special for you!!!! And continuingthis topic, I would like to tell you about my friend, she is fromKazakhstan. Do you know this country? So, one of the traditionaldishes of her country is “plov”, it’s rice with meat, raisins and alot of spices, but you know it’s not only food for them, it’s realtradition! When you come to them, anyway you must taste a little bit,but anyway, it’s like “bread-salt” in Ukraine or in Russia; and if yourefuse you hurt the host and the hostess!!! It’s very important!!!!!Are there some food traditions in your country, dear Patrice????? Youknow it’s very interesting to know something new about place where youlive, because in this time I feel myself the part of your world, theworld usual for you!!!! And it’s very important and pleasure for me!!!I need it and I feel that I need you in my life! And you, dearPatrice? What do you think about it? It’s very important for me, tellme please the truth! So, I wait your letter, dear and sweet! Your Anna

Lettre 7

Hello, my sweet Patrice! You know every your letter as a sweet pastryfor me…so sweet, that I’m not able to refuse run to Internet caf? andwrite you again and again! Miss you very much…even if I will get yourletters every day, anyway I will miss you…nice and strange feeling inthe same time…it’s difficult to describe, but I like it very much…Iwant ask you one thing…do you believe in eternal love? Maybe it’sstrange question, I would like that it will be like that…Do you knowthe story about swans, dear Patrice…when one finds his second half, hewill not leave her never…in spite of everything, and if even one willdie - other will get high into the sky and then he furls the wings andfalls down as a stone…so strong is his life that he is not able tolive without other…of course I don’t want the end of our love storywas like this, but I think sometimes such examples can teach us whatis to be devoted and sincere and what is love in general…I think forunderstand what we are able for, for to know something exact about it,for me and for you it’s necessary to meet….don’t you think so? I hopeyou are agree with me, dear Patrice…you know I will have my holidaysvery soon, in the second half of August, and I will be very happy tospend this days with you…Would you like to meet? I will be happy tocome to you and spend this time together…it would be very interestingfor me and “advisable” too, because if we will decide to be togetherwith you, it would be more simple to adapt for me on new place, if Iwould see the atmosphere around you and meet with your family andfriends in advance…do you agree with me??? How you imagine it? For meit’s very important to know your idea about it…. I will be waiting foryour answer with great impatience, my sweet Patrice!!! Your Anna

Lettre 8

Hello, my sweet baby Patrice!!! Nice to get your new letter…I miss youvery much….Dear, I’m so happy that you agreed to meet with me; don'tyou mind I will go to travel agency and I will find out what isnecessary for me for come to you, ok? what about photo in long boots,i found one, but this is enough old photo, i don't wear this now, andi didn't buy new one, so...i hope you will like it??? my sweetsunshine, you know I met today with one my friend, we went tocinema…as usual we spoke about everything, all topics betweengirls…but it’s me who thought like that :), because in twenty minutesshe told me smiling: “he caught you”, it turned out that almost inevery sentence I mentioned about you, my dear Patrice!! :) Franklyspeaking, she is not fist who told me something similar…my colleaguesask what I’m thinking about when I’m looking to somewhere far…and atlast this my friend….you see: you make it with me…so, we watched“Phantom”, do you like horror films, my honey Patrice? I’m not greatfan, but sometimes I can watch it, especially if it’s not stupidbloodshed…Did you hear the legend about the souls which by somereasons, they can’t leave the place or person which was important fortheir life or death…the same happened in this film, the story pass inJapan, young couple came there, he is photograph and during his work,almost every day he found the spoilt photos, with a lot of whitespots…trying to find the truth his wife, and she found out that a fewyears ago he had girl friend, it was strong feeling, but after sometime he stopped loving her…and by this his behavior he leaded her tillsuicide…of course it was crush of their marriage…but it was not finishof the “relations” between hero and his Japanese girlfriend…I’m notsure that in my interpretation it was frightfully :), but it wasreally very interesting….you know I would like to watch it with you inthe darkness…and keep your hand and hide face in your shoulder, when Iwill be scared…would you like it? Or we can go to cinema, but watchsomething romantic??? Do you like my idea? Kisses, my baby Patrice!!!Your Anna

Lettre 9

My sweet, my tender baby Patrice!!! You can’t imagine how Iwant to meet with you, I live this hope and this thought…I spoke aboutthis trip to all my family, to my friend, they are so happy that Iwill meet with such man as you are….. but baby, i think this is notenough just to think well, if i want to be your wife - but we need tomeet in real life and just after this you can ask me such question...i think it would be totally irresponsible from your and my part tomake such decision knowing each other just by letters, of course idon't hide anything from you, and i'm who i'm in reality everything islike i wrote you... but anyway, i hope you will agree with me! Youknow I went to travel agency for to know what I need for to come toyou. So, there they told me that I need international passport andvisa for to go abroad, but it wasn’t news for me, but the prices werefor me really big news, but no good!!! As for visa, it costs 128euros, and about passport: if I want to have my passport in 1-2 week,I must pay 504 euros, if I want to have it 3-4 weeks it will be about357 euros, and if I can wait 2-3 months I must pay 217 euros, my dearyou can’t imagine how I’m sad, because really I never had travel and Inever could imagine that the prices will be so high!!! DearPatrice, they told that if we will make my documents inthis travel agency, they will make for us big discount for tickets,but I didn’t ask them all the details, because I haven’t now eveninternational passport for book it! I never complained on my life, butmy salary doesn’t allow me to pay for this documents! And I nevercould to suppose that I need your help in it, but I haven’t other wayout in this situation! Please don’t think that I need your money, Ineed you and only you, and I want to see you as soon as possible!!!...You know for me it’s very difficult to ask you about it….but tell me,pleas can you help me in this problem, if not; I will wait your comingfor me!!! I love you my honey, and I want to see you so much!!! Tellme, please, what you think about it, my sweetheart Patrice!!!! Ikiss you many times!!!! Your Anna

Lettre 10

Hello, my beloved baby Patrice!! How are you doing? Miss you honey andhope to see you soon!!! Thank you very much for your support andunderstanding, this is really wonderful to feel myself supported!!!you know i went to bank, and i found out how it's possible to send themoney from abroad, they told me that we have way out - we can useWestern Union, they added that this is very reliable and comfortableway to send the money and for this you will need this my data: My full name: Kolesnikova Anna;My full address: Partizanskaya street, 12/54;town Dashev;Vinitza region;Ukraine. baby, you know you describe so tenderly and sweet our first meeting,our relationship... really i can't wait till this moment when i willhug you and kiss you in airport!!! How is the weather? Oh, in Ukrainesummer is wonderful, very warm and sunny…and you, do you like, mysweet baby Patrice?? I think all seasons are wonderful in winter wecould walk with you, play at snowballs, make snow man, skate!!! Inautumn is also very nice, I like listen to music of rain…if imaginesome melody in mind, it seams that rain play this music….if I’m alone,its nice to stay at home, drink hot chocolate or tea and look at thewindow …to get wet alone - it’s not interesting, but if I will be withyou, everything will be pleasant for me, even get wet…:)!!! Of coursenot on purpose, we will walk…hand in hand…talking about everything,make the photos, we will take a cup of tea in some nice and cozycafé…and after we will decide don’t take the taxi and go at home onfoot…the weather is warm, but suddenly started the rain, we haven’tumbrella, but it’s indifferent for us because we are together…allpeople try to hide themselves from the rain, they look at us as we arecrazy, but it does not matter…because we are together…do you like it,my honey Patrice? Do you want kiss each other, without pay attentionfor anything and anybody…we are happy…because we are together….I loveyou, my sweet Patrice…simple three words…which I want to tell you…yourAnna

Lettre 11

Good morning my love Patrice! How are you, my sweet darling??? Missyou very much…and i hope to meet with you as soon as possible!!!! youknow it’s so cold in my city today, and you are so far and you can’twarm me… by your hot hands, but your sweet words, by your heart…I gotcold because of you are not with me…I’m like this kitten which I foundtoday during my way to work, he was so sweet and poor in the sametime…you know I passed through one building, and I heard from theporch: miu, miu, miu…he was here…small, gray, dirty and unhappy…Idon’t know if the animals can cry, but I had impression that he iscrying, he had so sad eyes…my baby, I took him and tried to warm byhands, I thought about what I will doing with him when I will need goto work, who will feed him, care about him…you know I live togetherwith my father, we are working almost all day long and we return justlater evening, it would be very sad for kitten to stay at homealone…so, during this time when I tried to warm him and thought whatto do with him, I remembered that I have a sandwich with sausage, asusual I made it for myself, for eat during lunch time, I gave it toBony (I decided in my mind that it will be the name of kitten)…youcan’t imagine how he was happy, dear Patrice!!! He was purring, andeven growling like a real tiger!!! :) And after, it sunly dawned uponme: our director wants have a kitten, her children already duringalmost one year asked her to buy one for them, but because of work shehas not opportunity to go to pet market and find a small friend to herchildren…so, after this small breakfast, I took and Bony and we wentto work. Arina was so happy and thankful for me, but the mostimportant that kitten has a home now…of course it’s good that thechildren will have pet-friend, I think it will teach them how be morekind and tolerant, but the home for kitten it’s much moreimportant…for sure, this and next winters he will spend not under theporch…I’m like this kitten, I need that you warm me and care about me,and I will give you the same, my beloved Patrice…your baby Anna