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Good Morning , I am very glad to see your reply and your interest in our communication.
Thank you. :) I want to ask about honesty. strong relationship of trust and honesty, and I ask
nothing to hide and be sincere. I can not stand lies.
now popular social networks: facebook, twitter, instagram. I understand that this communication
of the future. But I've never been interested in it. I think social networks take up communication,
people cease to write to each other and just browsing photos. and perhaps it will seem strange,
but I do not use social networks. I ask to continue our relationship through letters. You do not
mind? I do not have a computer at home, I'm just working on the laptop. I write to you every day
except Saturday and Sunday. I do not work.
I can write and speak in English. if you can not understand my words, let me know and I'll explain
to you. ok? In everyday life, I say in Russian. but at the institute I studied English and I made
progress in this direction. But the first time I have a conversation with a man from another country.
I live in Russia, in the city of Kostroma. It is located 350 km from Moscow. Have you ever
been in Russia? Now many people are traveling and maybe you visited Russia? my town is not big but
very nice, and is located on the banks of the river Volga.
I work in a company for the production of knitted products, but I'm working as a sales manager. I do
not produce products, I only enter into contracts with shops for the supply of our products. Our
company produces both men's and women's products, and we have some women work. :) My work is very
pleasant to me, I always have to communicate with people. work brings me pleasure, and it's the most
important thing for me. I got a job immediately after graduation, by the way, I studied at the Faculty
of Economics and was able to find work in their fields. What do you do you? Where do you work? Do you
like your job?
Unfortunately now I must go back to work tomorrow, I promise to tell you more about myself. I forgot
to tell you about his rise from to 171 and my weight 55kg. I'll post some photos. This is not my car. :)
I ask you to send your photos more often. so we can get to know each other. Have a nice day. Veronika.