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I’d like to start my letter with a great hello !I’m trying to find
my mate like thousands of other people... May be it sounds too
banal... But anyway I still do not lose a hope that my dream will come
true one day! I’ve became an internet user some year ago, but I’ve
been disappointed many times during this period of time. I wish to
tell to you at once, that no money is necessary to me. If we decide to
meet, the meeting will be in Irkutsk. I not the mercantile woman, but
I wish to tell, that I do not want, that my man had financial
problems, credits. Many men complain of financial problems. I invited
one man to Russia. But he has answered me, that has no possibility to
pay for the ticket. And in correspondence he wrote, that has no
problems. I do not want, that words dispersed from actions. I want,
that my man could care of me. I do not say, that I demand gifts and
ornaments. I wish to come to Russia once a year. I thus agree to work
in other country. I do not wish to be cargo for the man. I am ready to
help our family. I received a lot of letters from different men. And I
received a lot of insults in them … For example, that Russian women
deceive men from other countries. I've read a lot about it in the
internet, and I understand today’s worries of foreigners. But I’d like
to explain that not all women in Russia act like that. A wise man will
always be able to distinguish a real woman from the false bride. I
will repeat, that I not the mercantile woman and I am ready to work
also in the new country. Thousands of people from our planet find
their happiness, and I am sure I also worthy of this. I am brought
well up. And I will never be humiliated. I want to myself respect and
understanding. Now I began to feel one-which and I wish to leave
Russia. I wish to reverse the life. Please, tell me more about
yourself, your family, your work. I'm 42 years old. My birthday 23
March 1974. My zodiac sign is Aries. My height is 169cm. My weight is
56 kg. I never been married and I don't have own children. I work in
the tourist centre as the bookkeeper. I conduct book keeping, I
distribute the salary to workers of the centre and I make the tax
reporting. I have a cell phone, but I'll tell you my number only when
I realise that I know you well. I had a bad experience before. I gave
my phone number to one man, and called me many times a day, even when
I said that I could not talk, he did not understand me. After that I
even had to change my number. I will tell you my number for sure, but
please be patient, okay? I the real the woman and me real relations
are necessary! I think I have told you enough for today. I tried and
wrote this letter the whole hour. I hope you you understand me. I hope
you are interested in continuing our dialogue and knowing me better. I
am waiting for your answer. Marina
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Confermed spammer by me..:(