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Hi . I hope you glad to receive my letter because when I received
your answer, I was very happy. A big thank you. How was your day
today? I hope everything went well and I wish you a good day.
I understand all that you wrote to me. I hope you can understand
everything that I write. I'm writing through a translator. I hope it
won't be a problem. If you want , I can write to you in Russian. I
still badly know English , but I hope to learn it. I study it
independently, so it takes me a lot of time..
Your photo really loved me. Now I see what I do to communicate with
a real person. Your photo is very beautiful, I hope you also like my photos!
I live in city Nizhnekamsk. Have you ever heard about this city?
Today Nizhnekamsk — the third in population city of the Republic of Tatarstan,
Russia's largest petrochemical center.
The population of my city approximately236000 people.
( here you can read about my city..
And where you live , a lot of beautiful places?
Where do you like to go in your free time? I want to tell you about my
work. I work Monday to Saturday. My working day starts at 9:00 and
ends at 18:00, sometimes I work until 19:00. My boss does not allow me
to use the computer for my purposes. And so I use the computer a
secret from my boss to write you a letter. When my boss not in the
office, I can freely log on to the Internet and to write to you. This
is not a problem for me. Unfortunately, I have no home computer, for
this I have to write to you from a working computer. I want to tell
you that I can't write you letters in those days when I have a
weekend, because I have no computer at home. I hope you understand me
and you won't be angry when I can't write you into your weekend.
Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy a computer. Because the computer
in our country is expensive. I work as a Secretary in a firm
selling furniture. I have contracts with buyers and conduct of
accounting of our company. I like my job. I almost spent the whole day
sitting at the computer and answer phone calls. I want to tell you
that I love to travel. I think that is the passion of every person.
But I traveled only in Russia I was in Moscow , Sochi , Rostov, Kazan.
Now in Structure of Russia included the Crimea and it's really a
beautiful place. The island of Crimea always was Russian and we are
glad that now the Crimea is Russia. I was there last summer, I liked
it very much and I want to send you a photo from my holidays, hope you
like them.. But I never was outside Russia, but I'm sure the time will
come and I will be able to visit other countries. I don't want to talk
about politics , but I was just wondering. What you say in the news
about Russia? You antagonize Russia? We here do not want war in
Ukraine and in other countries, we are for peace throughout the world.
I hope one day the world will open your eyes! You probably want to ask
why am I alone? I don't know, maybe I was not lucky. I had a few
relationships here, but it all ended badly. Lies and not understanding
destroyed my relationship. I don't want to think about it, I am now
beginning a new stage in my life. I'm ready to open my heart again for
someone who will sincerely and understanding for me. I haven't told
you about my family. Unfortunately my parents left me at the orphanage
when I was little. I was really lonely without parents. I never
understood why my parents left me. Maybe they didn't want a child.
I'll never know about it because my parents died many years ago. It is
a pity that I never saw and never will see. I think you understand
that it's hard to be a lonely child in this world. most importantly
never give up. You must go on and happiness be sure we will have
somewhere to wait. Do you think also? I don't want to talk about sad
things. It would be better if we talk about the good things in your
life. In the orphanage I had many friends and some I still keep in
touch. You have many friends? When I became more adult then I had more
difficulties. Needed a place to live and get an education. But I did
it. Now I have a good life, I have friends, Good job. I'm doing
everything yourself. I have to do male and female obligations. Life
has taught me. I can rely only on themselves. But sometimes you want
to feel strong shoulder near me. Yes, I want to find man for creating
the family. I have serious intentions. Very difficult to meet a
gentleman. But I'm so glad I met you . For me it is very nice to
talk to you. For me it does not matter wealth and age. Do you
agree with me? forgive me if my letter was sad. I wanted to tell
you genuinely about my life. I think you should know everything about
me. So we can better know each other. Now I finish my letter. I'll
look forward to your answer. I'll wait for your next reply..

Your new friend Oksana