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My Dear Lovely ,

I am Miss Josi Remi. I was born in France in June 1/06/1987 i'm 29 Years
old girl now dear. I was studying Economics and Management in Université
d'Orléans in france also get automatically from second year into third
years before my late parent death in terrible motor accident in Allakaket
Cities in Alaska State United State of america.

I will be glad if you can be helpful in helping me pass my inheritance,
which is the sum of (8.500.000.00 Million Euro) only, which remained in the
bank in London. after the death of my both parents I lost my parents years
ago in terrible motor accident in Allakaket Cities in Alaska State United
State of america.

After a years of death of my parents. I went to the bank to withdraw the
money so that I can start a better life and take care of myself the
International Remittance Manager of the Bank whom I meet in the bank told
me that my father instruction to the bank that, the money will be release
to me only when I am present a trustee who will help me and invest the
money in the country the person are. on whatever country the person know
that his good to in invest the money for me. I have chosen to contact you
after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my trust. I will
like donated some of my funds to charities orphans, widows e.t.c.

Please i want you to help and invest this money in your country, I will
offer you 15% of the Total amount.

Please,Consider this and get back to me as soon as possible.

Your lovely

Miss.Josi Remi.
Comment #133515
My Dear Lovely ,

How are you and your family?

I am so worried to hear from you after my last mail to you since some
days now and also to receive your information's from you so that i
will to to the bank to submit it for the processing of transferring my
money into your account. i believe that you will be able to assist me
so that the bank can transfer my money which i inherited from my late
father into your account for an investment in your country and also
you will help me come over to your country for the continuity of my
education there as i have all my hope and trust in you this is why i
contacted you for the first time.

I don't know why i have not heard from you after your response to me
which gave me courage to reply you back with the information's that
the bank needed for the transfer.I have been waiting for you to send
your information's so that i will submit it to the bank for the
releasing of the money to you so that i can leave here to come over to
your country for the continue of my education while you will help me
invest the money in a good business that will profit us and you will
be the care taker of the investment.

Please, all i needed now is your assistance so that the bank can start
the transfer immediately,as i will want to leave here for the safety
of my life and the money.

I am promising you that you will not regret or loose for helping an
orphan like me so far you will give me the maximum assistance and also
receive my money in your account once the bank transfer it. Please you
are to send these information's to me so that i will submit it to the
bank for the transfer.

1. YOUR FULL NAME:.........................................

2. YOUR FULL CONTACT ADDRESS:.......................................

3. YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER AND FAX NUMBER:..........................

4 .YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:....................................

5. YOUR OCCUPATION:.........................................

I will be grateful for your total willingness to help me in this
matter, please there is no time to be delay in this regard, because of
my condition here as i want the bank to transfer the money into your
account so that i will come over to your country for the continue of
my education while you will start investing the money in your country
which you will be the care taker.

I hope to read from you .

Remain blessed

Your lovely

Miss Josi Remi.
Comment #134119
Dear Beloved ,

Greetings in the name of the lord, do you still remember me?, I am
Miss.Josi Remi.. i am very happy to inform you about my success in
getting back in a good life after all the suffering i shared together
although you abandon me when i needed you most, But today i thank God
for his mercy and assistance to restore my life. I can not forget the
good thing you did for me no matter you did not help me get this fund
but i want to thank you for the Good thing you did by answering my
email when i contacted you for help. All the time you spent trying to
help me still remains in my heart and that is why today i have come to
pay you back.

I am happy to inform you about my success in getting my funds
transferred under the co-operation of a new partner from Paraguay.

Presently I am in Paraguay now for the safety of my life and my
education as well for the investment of my money by my new partner who
volunteer and sacrifices herself to make sure that the bank in ivory
coast transfer my money into his account, although it was not easy
with all stress, delays and requirement but God been God final he made
the way for us that we could be to able transfer my money which i
inherited from my late father into my new partner account in Paraguay.
Meanwhile, i didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me
in transferring these funds to your country despite that it failed
some how but the storm is over.

Now i want you to contact PASTOR DAVID HARRISON, in Abidjan Cote
d'ivoire, his email address is ( ask him to
send you an ATM VISA CARD totaling the sum of 550,000.00 Euro (FIVE
HUNDRED & FIFTY THOUSAND EUROS) which i kept in your name for you as
your compensation for all the past efforts and attempt to assist me in
the past i advised PASTOR DAVID HARRISON that as soon as you contacted
him for your ATM VISA CARD he should make sure that he send it to you
without any delay. Once you receive the ATM VISA CARD,you can use it
for you and your family.

I do appreciated your efforts at that time very much i love you and
will remain grateful till we meet. So feel free and get in touch with
PASTOR DAVID HARRISON, and instruct him where to send the ATM VISA
CARD to you.

Please do let me know immediately you contact PASTOR DAVID HARRISON,
or receive the ATM VISA CARD so that i can share the joy after all the
sufferings at that time. At the moment, i am very busy here with my
education as well my new partner have started a good investment
projects with the money here in Paraguay, he invested into farming
project. But for now please bear with me i am very busy.

Finally, remember that i have forwarded instruction to PASTOR DAVID
HARRISON, on your behalf so that you receive your ATM VISA CARD
smoothly,You have to feel free to get in touch with him PASTOR DAVID

Your Beloved Sister In Paraguay.

Miss.Josi Remi.