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My dear , I have heard what you said. Honestly, I am happy to
know you my dear, Yes it is obvious that you are much more older than
me, but i just i don't care about your age, because as i were meant to
know that age is just a numbers, i can fall in love with any man whom
my heart so desired No matter his age, so i really need a matured man
like you to be with when i finally come over to your country.

My dear, since i have been living here in Togo, i have not been
working, all my ware-fare are been taken care of by the Togolese
Government, you know what it means for a young lady like me to live
without parents since 2011, anyway i thank God for his mercy as he
still keep me alive considering what i went through in Libyan during
the crisis.

I am tired of living here in Togo, i really need to move out of this
country, i want to leave this African countries completely because if
i should continue living in Africa, i will be remembering my late
parents and what i went through in Libya, i have already made up my
mind to live the rest of my lives abroad.

I want to come to your country, so that we can meet each other because
there is secret which i will like to share with you concerning my late
father, i want to see you face to face before i can discuss it with
you. i really have a lot of pictures to send you, but my fear is that
if you will take me serious.

I really need a serious oriented man who will be honest and sincere to
me, i need a man that will always stands by his words. So can i have
you as a friend and can you help so that i come over to your country
for us to meet each other? I want to leave this country.

I wait for your response. Attached are some of my pictures and i will
send more when i hear from you.
Sincerely yours,
Rose Saadi.
Comment #133458
Hello my dear Friend, How are you doing? I did not hear form you
again, Hope you are good, please here are some of my pictures, but
sending my pictures to you is not what i really want, i really want to
meet you in person so that we can live together, i so much like you
and i want to come over so that we can meet.

I am lonely here and i really need man in my life, i want to get
married, i want to live with a man, i want to move out of this
country. i really want to come over to based with you, so that we can
be living together.

Honestly, i want to meet you, because there is something very
important things in fact it is secrets which i will like to tell you,
i want to meet you so that we can sit and talk about it.

Please my dear friend, can you be able to help me, i really need money
which i will use to get my passport, please can you send the money to
me?, I am on my knee begging you, i really need your help, i swear,
you will never ever regret the money you sent to me because i must
ensure that i come to meet you once you send the money to me, i will
never betray the trust or disappoint you.

You have to trust me because i cannot disappoint you, I so much like
you and i want to meet you, so my dear friend, can you send the money
to me? I really want to get my passport.

Here are some of my pictures, i decided to send the pictures, so it
for your eyes alone, i am sending all these pictures, just for you to
see what you will son be enjoying, I really want to me you,, so please
can you help me? I want to hear from you
Thanks and God bless you