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Thanks for the Warm Heart mail.How are you doing today good i guess anyway i'm doing fine here as well.You really sound cool to me and that's really makes me feel better will like to get to know you more and meet you someday And I want you to know that since I read your Mail and Profile..I can see all what i am looking for in a Man In YOU and Its seem you are the angel sent to me By God So That Make me Think Straight and I hate Double dating...Here are some more about me..I've accomplished everything I wanted to do as a single woman. My career has a right future and I don't anticipate no real issues in the immediate future.I am a lady that ready to meet the right man with trust,ready to care for You and also with Honest.I am ready for serious relationship but looking for a true love we could be the one of my heart after i receive your reply...I have not been married before and I have no Kids yet but wish to have them someday....I was hurt by my past relationship that end up with broken heart,because I always catch my ex with so many Girls around which I hate and he always denied.Because I am one man who and I hate lies and cheating..I seek for a complete honest man,who will come home to me,love me,adore me,a strong man with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever,a compassionate man,one with good heart and know how to handle matters,I want a lover not a fighter,lol I am committed life to living to the fullest and in growing as a person....
But Do You come from a large family?My family has always been very caring and supportive of my dreams and ambitions that I have challenged myself with..I am Anniece Lynn Karr 29 yrs old from United State, My dad is from Texas US and My Mum is from Sweden. I don't know the Relatives of my mother while i was told by my dad that he was sent out of the house while he was 19 yrs old.I do Live with My Parent in London and My Parent Do give me the Biggest Care in The World..Not Knowing I will Lost Them,,I am The Only child of my Parent..I am 24 yrs when I do lost My Parent and Its always Bring Tears Into my eyes when I do remember my Parent..Since I Lost my Parent Things have been going hard for me and i do not have nobody to take good care of me then my Granny in California now came to Texas to pick me up,,since then i have been with my granny in California for a Proper care, just want to find someone nice before i come because i'm ready to sacrifice myself to the right man not the wrong man and make me happy.Hope you understand my feelings about my childhood??..I just finish my studies though and i learn as a party planner,art and craft..i do study an food and nutrition in school and i do have a master Degree in it..but i want to become a planner of any big party for Future...
I also tend to have a good heart with so much of Love to give You and take and I've been describe as the most Nicest lady You can meet by friend.But what kind of Books do You like to Read and What kind of Music do You Listen to?I like Mysteries,Thrillers and spirituality.And right now I am Listening to Enigma their first cd's but other than that I like reggae, Blues, Rock, Classical,rap and hip hop.I don't smoke also and I only Drink wine..But Tell me a little more about yourself, ( for example do you like to go camping, hiking, rock climbing, walks in the rain,cuddling by the fire, etcetera). Also what about some pics of you (so I can see who I am writing to very well)?I am looking for my special someone (I have not even kissed a man in a years and a half as a result). I have not been married before and I have no Kids yet but wish to have them someday.What Turns U on and Off?My turns on is Honest, Good sense of humor, Communication, Confidence,friendly,Respectful and someone who can make me Happy,While my turn off is lying, Argue, Jealous,Cheating,someone that Love talking dirty online,someone who is Just Looking for a Sex Online that was not serious. Are you living alone and what is your Hobbies??.Now I am wanting to find someone who would love to grow old with me as we share all that life has to offer (the ups and the downs, hopefully way more ups than downs).. I believe that Distance is Nothing But Love Matters Most to me......I am picky about who I open myself up to. I have a good feeling about you!!! , upon your request and respond to you how ever often you like. Hmmmm I guess enough is being said about me.Thats all what I can say for now and I will be Looking to hear back from you. Here's my pictures too

Anniece Cares!!!