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Thank you for a lovely compliment, I'll tell you a little about yourself and if you're interested, I look to you the following letter
I live in Ukraine, Kharkiv I am working obstetrician in the hospital, I have a daughter, her name is Diana, she is a teenager, she is 15 years old and doing gymnastics.
I'm not a perfect girl, and I think that such people do not exist. But I can compromise, I have a very high quality, I can listen and hear most of all, I am very amorous, and if I give it all, and I really want the feeling was mutual.
This is important for me to have confidence in the relationship, understanding that we could become friends and passionate fans. I'm sure you know me better than you will see that I have a very beautiful inner world.
Of course, for me it is not a problem that would meet a man here in Ukraine, but I had a lot of disappointments in relationships. The fact that I was always a beautiful woman, and all that men only want sex for pluchit me, of course, I am not against sex, but the real relationship is much deeper than just sex.
I am very sensitive and romantic, I think you will see, if we come to a decision that will have to meet.
I was born in an ordinary family, and my parents were simple people, they met in the middle of school.My mother and my father was from a small village, he fell in love with my mother, when she was 14 years old, but at that time my father had been much over that from my mother, her mother went to study in Kharkov, and my father stayed in village.He loved his mother, waiting for the time when it ceased to learn, so that they can married.but mother met in Kharkiv with another boy, but my father did not agree with this, and he went to Kharkov and did my best to my mother stayed with him, and that's all they have time together and there was I)), this love))))))))
I hope that I will ever tell you the story completely. They could write a book about the ideal family relationships.
And when I met the father of Diana's, I thought that I, too, have such a family, but I was wrong, and it's really brought a big disappointment for me. I want you to understand that I do not need a man, his money or beauty. I'm completely different, I have to be very old-fashioned, but I have always been an example of my mother father.We not exactly a wealthy family, and may be in our house are not many things, but there is love, and I just want attitude understanding.And, that it will have more than ten years, even if something happens, and we still love each other.

And therefore my dream now is to meet a reliable man who will make me happy and take care of me of my daughter ... There is a lot of love in my heart and I want to give it only to him .. I'm tired of being alone
Unfortunately I have an old-fashioned phone, so I do not have these programs.
I hope you do not mind communicating by mail :)
I would like to know more about you ..
What do you expect from a new relationship? How can you say about your character?
I wish you a pleasant day and look forward to hearing from you