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To just say a bit about myself , My full name is Rose Asare 30yrs single lady, am honest , faithful , truthful, hardworking ,loving and caring. Have been single for almost a years now,after lose my fiancee some years back. i am a Fashion designer i do designer wedding groans, Euopean Style, Asian style etc...
I enjoy Reading , swimming , going to the movies , cinema and the beach.I like cooking at home a lot. Creating something tasty for my beloved ones brings me a lot of pleasure. In my free time I enjoy bowling. It is very funny time spending. I like playing volleyball on the beach. It is really great to enjoy sun and be physically active at the same time.
.. i do like exercising my body so much daily so am always fit... am a strong christian as well who believes and follow the words of God.. I don't smoke, I drink once in a great while but not alcoholic drinks and no I don't do drugs.. Drugs no way..I drink good wine with moderation..

I like most music,the usual soaps period dramas and romantic /comedy films I do not like horror but will watch any. I love animal programmers like meerkat manor to watch wildlife is fascinating..I love Rod Stewart have done since I was 17 and my favorite song is have I told you lately that I love you...
I like science fiction , dramas, thrillers in movies and TV..TV I like Lost, Jerimia, CSI, Bones.. I guess I like watching things that take me out of this world and help me use my imagination..I also like National geographic, things about what happens in other parts of the world.. I like classic rock and roll..Contemporary country and R&B music, as far as movies are concerned..I like all sorts.. I love watching Survivor and Big Brother on TV.
I love making love to the sounds of CHER, Jewel and Madonna..I laugh to Andrew Dice Clay.. I also like music, R&B rock and roll, ballads, jazz, classical, opera, almost everything as long as it is no disco or hard rock or heavy metal.. I like all sorts of music, pop, rock, country from Beatles to..modern, I like films with Tom Hanks, Kevon Costner, Patrick Swayzee, comedies, Romances, period dramas.. I like to laugh and thrillers I like too, I think I've seen every James Bond, Die hard series make me laugh.. I love to listen to Aled Jones, Michael Ball it helps me unwind, I like West life, Gabrielle, ELO, Queen to name a few.. I like classic and today's country 70's and 80's music..

my best foods are ravioli, lasagna, shrimp fettucini alfredo.Spaghetti with meat sauce (Bolognese,Beef Strogonoff, Cioppino,meat loaf, mashed potatoes, steak, pork chops, ? rice and shrimp coctails, I like tea very very much but also Chardonnay ,and a nice cold lager on a hot day and food well I do like a good old Sunday roast dinner.. I love lasagna, chicken..salad, Ice cream, don't really drink on soft drinks because I'm usually driving don't mind a glass of wine on special occasions maybe bucks fizz.. Lets see..I love seafood and mint chocolate chip ice cream with dark chocolate syrup and I love strawberries..I'm a tea drinker..I don't drink coffee.. I like vitamins drink its water and Dr. Pepper and also I drink Coke-Cola, Lemonade, Tomato Juice, Iced Tea et

i have my mom alive, i lost my dad some years ago.. i am the only child in my family.. No sisters and brothers..
Glad you wrote and am really hoping that we do get to know more about each other and see what happens but what i strongly believe is that if truly God is in this , for sure things will work out perfectly for us . This is my first time trying this internet dating though so am really hoping to see good things happen in my life. My dreams are pretty simple really..I want to be able to create works of art, support myself, be in loving relationships, and follow my journey of lifelong discovery..My goals are to be financially stable, to be healthy into older age, to help provide a good life for my future husband, to laugh and love each Other..
I would like to find someone that I can't live without and grow old with..I guess that would be my dream.. Its always In my dreams that I will find the right man for my Heart and I have much hopes for that..Since you know that most Dreams comes true.. my goals and dreams is to have a relationship with someone and marriage and spend the second phase of my life with my partner,were we could for fill our dreams and goals together.
To be happy and to spend what ever time I have left to love and be loved with that special person..As I have said the things I want do not cost anything and to grow old with someone special would be the icing on the cake..

I am seeking to meet some one caring, faithful, honest, truthful to be with in a long term relationship, Some one with Good life principles to be with in the near future,God fearing person. Some one who knows what to offer in life to a woman, Ready to share poverty, richness, failure and victory together, is whom i have always been dreaming to meet in my life...

I have many ideas, but I do not want to rush this precious moment when two souls are looking towards each other across the continents for an everlasting friendship. , I send
you, my pictures. My late father picture and my mother...Today is church and i took a picture for you...

Big hug..