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Hi, dear ! )

I am very pleased to receive your letter today :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) What girl are you searching for in Internet?
Tell me please! I am searching for honest and truly relations..What about you?

I can give you my phone number, but it is not WhatssUP! Do you want to call me?

How are you today? Do you have a good mood? I hope yes :-)

By the way, I want to tell you about my work! To tell the truth I do not work in a profession.
I am marketer! And have a high education. I was finished Donetsk National Univercity. But did not find this
work very interesting. I am working in call center of Internet-shop! I adore our people!! Even if a war, every woman
wants to be beautiful!! So our shop has great demand for dresses and sexy costumes))) I am also like it very much!

What do you do on your work? Maybe you can tell me your usual working day!!! I am very very interested in details!!
When I have day off, I like to spend it at a gym!! I adore sport, I can not imagine my life without it. I try to begin my day
from charging or body-flex! It is makes my day full of energy and pleasure!

What about your? How does it usually starts? What do you like to eat in the morning? Maybe eggs or toast with jam? I
Would like to know a cuisine of your country!

After work I like to meet with my parents or with friends. It is the best moments with closest people near!! As I said I am
Family-oriented woman, and like my father says, have a right priorities!!
Do you like football? or prefer another sport? I know most of men like to watch football game with beer!
At least in the Ukraine is traditionally!!
I hope you do not get bored reading my letter :-) I'll wait for a letter from you impatiently)))

I wish you only the best day today!!

Your Lina
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Hello, inimitable man! : - ) : - ) : - )
Thanks for your answer!!! We have a mutuall interests, it is very pleasant!
How are you today?? Do you have a good mood, dear?
Thanks for your photo!

I have a good mood today. I am working now and have free few minutes as my boss went to
shop of our company! Today there is a huge supply of cocktail dresses for women. What do I
do for work? Well, I accept orders for women's clothes, I form orders and compose overhead
at the end of the working day) I love my work, because I am sociable and like to communicate
with new people ?

I live with my parents at the flat. Tell me where do you live? At house of at flat? Do you have pets?

How do you treat pets? Do they live in your house? :-) :-) :-)
I have a dog! It is pit bull terrier named Lucky!! I love him a lot!! And my morning starting not with
Coffee, but with walking with Lucky at the park located not far from me :-)

I have no brothers, no sisters! Only many cusines and friends! And what about you? Tell me about
Your family please!

I adore my granny. When I have vacation, I like to come to her and to help her in a vegetable garden and the garden.
She has the most beautiful cherry trees, apple trees and peach! It is my favorite fruits!

I will not bored you with many information about me..i am expecting for your letter back with your photos)))
I am exciting to see more about you!!

I wish you only nice day!
Sincerely your’s,

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Avoid her scam . She uses 2 email adresses and send a lot of pictures which are stolen. Stay away.