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She use the same emails for differet men.
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I have been writing with this lady for about 9 months now. I have been cheated so much in Ukraine now,so I would never
trust anyone there. She always begs for something,and I`m glad I`m experienced and cheap enough to waste too much money on her. People who run this business are very professional and know how to make trickery in a high level.It`s very much of this in Russia and Ukraine.
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I had contact with her a long time. She says she cant videochat, because she has no smartphone. She only can use a computer in her work. She sends lots of professionally taken seductive pictures. Her informations about how to meet in Kharkiv are credible. But in her mails is a lot of smalltalk about the weather and her mood, besides of answers to my questions. I told her that I want to meet her and send her the money for the passage permit and her travel costs and asked, how much I shall send on her account. She answered all in all 400$, including a little pocket money of 25$. But in the same letter she wrote about a stupid accident in her home this day: she had a short circuit with her hairdryer and as consequence of this her refrigerator and TV were burning and totally damaged. "How shall I keep my food cool now in this heat summer?" -
This was too much for me: a repeating pattern of scammers is asking for increase the amount You are ready to send in the last moment. Motto: forge the iron (candidate) while it (he) is hot.
Besides, another nice story to wake up Your compassion: a big rain in a storm damaged the roof, and she cant come to the meeting, if she cannot pay the fixing of the roof before....
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i have same demands of money and many more- Hello my Prince Rico !!! how are you?? all is well!!???

my honey, why do you call me on video communication? This call is not available for me, because my phone does not have a camera (I'll try to call you this week! in the evening (Ukrainian time) is it convenient for you?

how did your day begin ???)) we have a real cold autumn! I do not remember such a cold from the winter
all the night it was raining, which does not stop now! we have about 5 degrees of heat, I am very cold (((

what are your plans for this day, my honey !! ??)) I will work, and in the evening I will cook dinner on a new recipe)
I found on the Internet a very mouth-watering photo and I really wanted to cook it myself)) the dish is called "Meat in French"
Have you ever eaten this? You need to lay out the layers of potatoes, onions, meat, tomatoes and cheese and bake in the oven. you can add a little cream)
this is my grandmother's recipe and I'm sure it's tasty) after all she worked as a cook in the restaurant all her life and knows the subtleties of cooking, which she teaches me)))

I really want to cook something for you) when in the evening. you will come tired, having solved many problems, having done a whole mountain of affairs
you will wait for a warm dinner and a hot kiss from me)))))
I so badly want to you, cuddle up to your chest and forget about all the problems and get warm from the bad weather !!!!!!

I'm so happy to write you this letter and these sweet words)))))))))))) I'm waiting for you, your letter as soon as possible)))))))

my kisses for you !! ****** Have a good day))))))))))))))

Your Lily)))
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Comments from Jean-Pierre
Lily is a very Professional one! But I am surprised that there is no comment since sept. 2018.
She found me in July 2018. The communication was quite good. She did not ask for money,
but in automne she missed winter-cloths.)) We started to write about relocation. The cost is now
lower about 270 USD at the end of 2018, without money-Pocket)))). In spring 2019 she broke a heel in a hole. She has no other shoes only old sneakers. She told me that sneakers would cost about 140$!! I told her that in my very expensive country we have sneakers for less than 50$.
This made me careful. And one day I found all the comments and discovered the third e-mail

I told her the situation and asked for prove: I had already a picture with her parents. I ask for a new one with her parents and a piece of paper confirming the date of the picture and her birthday. She refused, so the situation is clear now.

My chapter about Lily is closed and I hope that these informations also will help to avoid new adventures!