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Particularly dangerous and Refined disappointed! Feign love, and then to travel, visa, money cheats out. False papers, bank certificates, airline tickets can produce! A travel agency is involved.
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Hello . I'm glad your new message. Hope you are fine. I like
your sincerity and how they positioned. So I will try to do the same.
Good humor and intelligence attract me. I confess I was a little
worried when writing a message. I hope you are in good health. You
don't know how happy I was to receive your lovely message. I am fine
and I hope things are good with you too.
I liked your photos. you are very attractive man. Please continue to
send me your photo! I would like to see your face when you read my
posts. I can not know your mood today. This is the only negative,
communication in e-mail. I believe that you are waiting for my message,
and you are interested to continue our acquaintance. Millions of
people around the world use the Internet for communication. This is
very convenient when you consider the time difference between the two
cities. By the way, during my town Gryazovets, coincides with the time
in Moscow. I must tell you that I can only write during
operation. I would like to receive news from you every day. Yet, I know
that we have other obligations, work, personal life. Yet, every day,
I'll try to find time for what would have to check my e-mail, and read
your message. Do you like sport? I like an active lifestyle. At any
time of year, I go to the gym. I like to swim. In the winter I go
skiing or skating. I tried snowboarding last winter. It was new to me.
Now that winter in Russia has just begun, and I'm still not riding,
skiing, and snowboarding. You, ever, try this fun? I try to maintain a
healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. Sports
activities, and the mode of the day, help me to maintain my vitality. I
am a supporter of a healthy diet. Moderate amounts of carbohydrate and
protein foods maximum. I try not to eat a lot of fatty foods.
maybe I'll show you the country in this aspect. But believe me, there
is nothing in human life, not so valuable as his health. Health is
given to us once and for all life !!! Proper distribution of the vital
resources, will help us to save ourselves for many years. I
want to learn more about your life and your character. Do you have a
hobby, or just your favorite activity? I offer to each new message, to
tell you about one of the qualities of our character. You can? In the
last post, I wrote to you about my straightforwardness. Another quality
of my character - is planning. It is not always possible. Sometimes I
have to adjust to the rhythm of life, changing my plans. However, I
strive to ensure that the plan my day, my work, my rest. What character
traits peculiar to you? May be, I can be the woman you are looking for,
so I wish to meet you after sending information about each other and
leave the virtual world of internet. Have a good day and a nice
evening. Lyubov.