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Hi ! I'm so glad to hear from you! It feels so good:) I have been checking my mail box for so many time as I haven't done before!)) Well, thanks, for writing.

You know, some girls think that it's not "correct" to reply the call or letter right away and it's needed to wait for some time, to intrigue a man and because he needs some time to get interested and so on. But as for me, i can't do anything with myself and waste any second;) My fingers are typing a reply to you and I can't do anything with them:))

As for me, I'm at work now. And I work as a florist. So, what I do is selling flowers and making bouquets. I've studied Biology while at University, it has always been my favorite subject! And actually I've studied to be a Biology teacher, though in our small town, in Kramatorsk, there is not so much schools and any Biology teachers were needed when I graduated, so i have found a work of a florist and I like it so much! So, I live in Kramatorsk, it is in Donetsk region, but I do not know if it tells something to you anyway:) I like working with flowers and taking care of them too. Also, I like animals a lot, just all of them! They are so very lovely and cute! And i do not even afraid of insects or mice as other girls usually do:) So, i like nature and enjoy spending time outdoors. Also, I always try to keep myself in a good shape, so I visit dance classes. I'm fond of dancing since my early school years. I wanted also to say that except nature I like music and movies and reading too. I'm very social and have a lot of friends and like to spend time with them.

Anyway, I do not want to seem too intrusive, so I guess I'd round up and wait for your reply again! Oh, you don't even know how much excitement this brings to me;)

Have a good day!
P.S. Also, here I live my mobile for you, just in case: +380509324930. You are more than welcome to call me any time;) But I do not have a smartphone:(