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Lettre 1

Good morning my lovely xxx!

I just wanted to wish you a nice day

and tell you that I'm waiting for your letter!

How are you doing these days?

Wish you a great week also!

You are my sunshine!

warm kisses


Lettre 2

Hello lovely xxx!

How is your day? I hope well and your mood as good as mine today after

reading your letter! I'm ok, going to work.

I was at travel agency already , i told you that i do not have enough money

for trip and asked if you'd be able to help me please? you didn't answer

if you'd help me, sweetheart!

Remember I told you about that dance, my group has great success, and

we celebrate it with children in the cafe, we eat ice-cream!

We have fun and enjoyed our time and success! I'm so happy for my

little dancing angels!

But you know in such happy moments in my life I imagine you near me, I

wanna share with you happy moments, even unhappy moments! i wanna

share with you everything I have and do, I wanna feel your strong arms

and shoulders and feel warm, calm and protected. Just wanna feel you.

what about you? how days passes?

Today I'm going to movie with my sister, we're going to see new youth

comedy, I forget how's it calls, it's new Russia film, hope we'll

enjoy it and laugh a lot! I wish I could invite you with us, would

you go with me? I'd go with you anywhere! I hope while our together

holiday in summer we'd go to romantic place and talk, hold hands, feel

each other, kiss...... I wanna kiss you! can I?;)

It happens a lot during the day that I forget about reality and dream

and imagine you, us.... I can't concentrate! I'm flying somewhere with

you! Especially before sleep I imagine you, I think how we do

something, even just watch TV together holding hands or I prepare

breakfast for you in the morning and we eat together, or we go for a

walk, or cafe, or even go to buy something to the shop! I imagine how

you move, what you say, how we cuddle.........

HMMMMM, it's so pleasant! yeah????

You're often in my dreams, fantasies and desires!

Know it and feel it how I feel you


Lettre 3

Hello my angel xxx!

I'm very happy today, even don't know why, but I feel so happy, may be

it because of you, how do you think? I think yes!

What do you want me to wear for our first meeting, dear?

When are you ready to sent me some money so I'd start to prepare my trip to you?

Can you please sent me money with Western union or Money gram for example?

I need 300 dollars for documents, passport, visa and insurance, tickets will be about 520 dollars,

how much can you help me, honey?

I'm on my way to work and as usual thinking about you.

I am thinking about you so often, that I also started daydreaming

about you........ Summer night, the full moon is shining far above us with its golden shine.

We are walking through the Night City.

The daytime fuzz calmed down a long time ago and the only noise that we can hear is created

by a few midnight passersby. From time to time we can see late cars that crawl though the darkness

and make the night shadows disappear with their shining headlights. Sometimes we also can hear the quiet music,

which goes from the night bars that hide under big umbrellas.

Fallen in love couples, the same midnight romantics as we, sit there in the wicker chairs and drink their

cocktails in curiously shaped glasses using the straw. They also enjoy

this night’s atmosphere. Streetlight turn the

stucco moldings on the buildings into the different figures from fairy tales. And it really seems that

the Atlantis will step out from the balconies, which they hold, and the lions will jump from their pedestals and will

start their midnight promenade. The patterns on the walls turn to some alive interlacing that have just stopped their

move the moment we looked at them. But if you glance somewhere else or turn your back to them, the very same moment

the city will start to live with it’s secret Night life.

We cross the promenade, go down to the Sea Port, than go up and enter the Park. We pass dozing trees and bushes that

rustle quietly and it seems that somebody is whispering softly as if he doesn't want to wake up sleeping trees.

Or maybe it’s the sea breeze tickles them and impedes their sleep.

We come out from the park and get to the sea shore. The soft cool sand is caressing our feet and the light wind is

pulling our hair. Moonlight walk and calming rustle of the sea create an incredible atmosphere. We sit down and I

embrace you with one hand and tenderly I hold your hand with the other

one, we have our fingers interlaced.

We stay silent. We don't need words, cause even without them we can perfectly understand each other and we feel

and conceive this world the same way. I have laid my head on your

shoulder. We feel so calm and cozy, when we are together.

I don't know when this daydream will come true, the only thing that I can say here, is that I know it will happen

to us for sure.


Lettre 4

greetings darling xxx!

I really appreciate your desire to help me, I'm sure our life together

would be happy and exciting, my sweet love!!!

here's my information:

Shevlakova Nina


Antratsyt city (94600)

Gagarina street, 24/60

you know I'm thinking about you and miss you again! tell me that you

fell the same...... it's the first time when I fell this way!

I'm on my way to training, today will be hard training, we will learn

a new dance, it calls "boogie", very rhythmic, R&B stile, do you like

modern R&B? I like it, especially dancing, so exciting!!! I'll dance

for you one day, private dance, would you like? ;)

you'll sit on the chair and I'd tie you and stand opposite you, so you

could see my sexy clothes and body, I'd wear blouse and short skirt,

stockings and high heels, sexy lingerie, I have a lot sexy lingerie!

I'll move slowly to drive you crazy, I'll move my hips round round,

you'll desire to stand up and take me, but you'll be tied;)

I'll touch myself, my breasts, my legs, my hips, my lips, I'll show

you my tongue and lick your face, I'll touch myself again, my legs,

between legs, I'm dancing for you, I touch my belly and begin to take

off my blouse, I'll go on move my belly opposite you, then I'll show

you my hips a little and sit on you for a second, then I'll take off

my brassiere and show you my tits, my hard nipples, they're hard

because of desire to be yours, I'll sit on you again and let you suck

my tits for a little, I feel you're hard already, then I'll stand up

again and go on dancing, I'll take off my skirt, and you'll see my

elastic ass, I'll move my hips again, I'll sit on you and move like

we make sex, and you become more harder, oh honey, you'll beg me to

let you from that chair and take you..........

but I'll go on my little sexy torture, I'll dance for you till you

burning! but then I'll take off my stockings and put my leg on your

shoulder and your face will be near my pussy......

ok, I'll let you go and you'll take me into the table, I'll take off

your close also and you'll take off my panties with your teeth!

and then.............. imagine;)

I miss you

one day you'll be mine!