Scammer Anna Iumanova Ann

july 8, 1988
Street Archive 3-14, zipcode 198635

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Comment #133104
She gave me a fake russian passport, asked me to transfer money to her by Moneygram. She never game me her phone number and said her android phone is broken. She just kept sending me emails.

From: Anna
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2017 11:51:34 PM
To: Shuguang Li
Subject: Re: My love Bruce!

Good evening, my beloved and my sun is Bruce. The first thing I want to tell you is that I love you madly and want to be near you in the near future.

I really want that we can rest together ... Together to fall asleep and wake up :) It's just crazy, Bruce.

Bruce, I'm glad you get my passport. Now, I'll answer your questions.
My beloved, how much money do I need to fly to China? My dear, as I tell you, the total amount of the flight to China is $ 900. Also, I have my personal money, which I save for our meeting, namely $ 300, but, I will need to pay money for living in Moscow, breakfast, lunch, dinner, therefore, I do not know Bruce how much Specifically, I need
money: (But, I think that $ 600, I have enough for travel to China (I hope).

My favorite, when can we make a transfer? Because, we need to do everything in the near future, since my vacation will begin in 3 days and we need to be in time so that by April 1 we will be together.
Comment #133433
Dear ! My name is Anna. I am writing you with the purpose of
finding a friend on the Internet. This is actually my first letter
like this, so if I make some mistake, please, dont get angry :). As I
have already said, my name is Anna or Ann. I am a teacher of English
for children of primary school. I live in Russia, Crimea, my city
"Yalta". You can see my city on the Internet, I hope you like my town
:) I am 28 years old and my working practice is of about 3 years. I
love my job, providing that I adore children. That has influenced my
choosing of profession. Oh, I should probably describe myself so that
you can understand or imagine me. I am not very tall, just 175
centimeters. I weight 55 kilos, so I am quite a slim person, which is
normal for the girls of my country. I would say I have no bad habits
like drinking of smoking. Indeed, I can recall one of them a i go
crazy about sushi! Chinese and Japanese food has conquered me forever.
I am creative, active and cheerful person, quite an optimist. I am
romantic and love daydreaming. Though I never pass over the limits,
and being so light of character, I remain serious and honest. My
problem is that I cant find a person who will have the same features
of the character. I got disappointed greatly with the men on my own
country and now want to try my luck once again. I have searched on the
site for a person that would correspond to the features I appreciate
so much and I have found you. I know it is difficult to talk to me not
knowing me, thus I am attaching a picture of mine to this letter. If
you are interested, please, reply me back. I am looking forward to it
and hope to become friends. Best regards Anna, Russian Federation