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she have two fake profile
the first manish from serbia (
and the second christin from Russia (

she ask me for the money to come to me for 400 E

her letter
My love Chris, thank you for your answer. I was glad to see that you could understand all the arguments that I wrote you. And most importantly, that you agreed with me about our meeting, and that I can come to you soon.

I'm here all right. Weather is great, my mood maximal good. In my soul there is a premonition of some wonderful event, that will be in the near future. And I hope that this is a premonition is about our soon meeting (smile). And I also hope, that all is well in your life. Your mood, health and all other aspects of your life are good.

And so today, early in the morning I went to Belgrade, to the capital of my country. I went there to visit good tourist agency. Previously, I was doing researches on the Internet. I talked with colleagues at my work, who have traveled before. And I also took into account the experience that I had before. And on the basis of these learning’s, I chose a good travel agency and went there. I think, that I really made a lot of work and researches and I hope, that you appreciate it. As you could see I’m very thorough approach to important things that determine my future. And now I will inform you all that I learned in a travel agency.

And so, to go to you, I will need to have the follow things:
1) a tourist visa. A tourist visa is the easiest and fastest way for me to come to you. And it is have a very high probability of confirmation of the embassy of your country. If to do other types of visas, it will require a longer time to obtain more of the necessary documents and evidence from your side. And other types of visas will have a high probability of failure. Therefore, a tourist visa – is the best option in this case. 2) insurance of my health while I'm in your country.
3) Air tickets in 2 sides. This is a basic requirement for obtaining a tourist visa.
4) The invitation that you write for me. This can have arbitrary form. It can be written on a computer or by your hand. You write on a paper your information (full name, address, phone number), then you write that you invite me as your guest to visit your country, specifying a time period, the date when I will come to you, and your signature. Then you send it to me by e-mail, as a photo or scanned copy. And I'll bring it when applying for a tourist visa.
With all of these things a travel agency will help me. And they will do it for their small commission. And I think this is really a good option to use the services of a travel agency. Because in this case, I'm going to do a minimum of effort and will not make possible mistakes. I do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to make several trips to different places, while I do it myself and maybe make some mistakes. It would be better to trust the professionals and do everything in the best way. I hope that you will agree with me on this?
Once I pay for it in full, the travel agency begins its work. And it will require 10-12 business days to all necessary things. Therefore, we can easily agree on the date of my arrival to you. And as soon as we will discuss all the necessary details, we will be able to choose the best date for the meeting.

And so, I also learned the full cost of my trip to you. If I do it in 14 days after today's date. It will cost EURO 650. This amount includes everything necessary for my coming to you. All of what I have written above you. And additional fees are not required. I looked up my capabilities now, my savings and the fact that I will be able to find quickly. And it is EURO 250.
My love, I think you can already see that I straight girl. I always told you what I think and feel. I believe this it is correct. I do not use hints, or any guesswork. So I want to ask you directly. Will you can help me with EURO 400 soon?
I believe that it would be right, when you and I take part together in organizing of this meeting. And for this I can give you e-mail a travel agency, so you could also contact them. I do not want you to send me money. It will be a lot safer and easier if you send it straight to a travel agency. You can control the whole process of organizing of my trip to you. And also you can not worry that something bad happened with your money.
I hope that you will agree with me on this. In any case, I'll be waiting for your answer, to understand everything.

Love you. I hope for your understanding.