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Thank you for your letter. And thanks for the photo, it's nice to see you)
I am 26 years old. My birthday is on 27 June. My height is 172 cm and my weight is 56 kg. Many girls are afraid to speak his age and weight, but for me it's not a problem. But for me, all the parameters and criteria for the person - it's only numbers. I do not pay them heed. Each person has a different body, and do not be shy. I live in the village of urban type Kovsharovka Kharkov region in Ukraine) What kind of girls do you like ?. What kind of girl you are looking for you. ?
I have a college degree. I work as a makeup artist. I love my job. Like any girl I love different outfits. And this work is to my liking. Here and in the relationship need to choose the heart and soul ...
I have not yet talked about his family. I vyroslav good cultural and family. I was raised a fair, cultural. Mannered and kind girl. My dad worked hard and I rarely saw him at home. It provides a family. I'm not a rich girl I grew up in a family of middle-Ukrainian status. My family is not rich, and I know how difficult it is to earn money. I never let anyone deceived and believe it is low for humans. What I'm talking only about yourself. Tell better about yourself. What are your favorite foods ?. I also cook delicious cakes, and know how to oven. And of course I love sweet. Special interests I do not have. I traveled only in Ukraine and Russia), vacationing there with their friends and their parents) I dream to travel)
Do you like traveling?
What countries have you been to?

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Here is the girl has the same name with different pictures, the letters just look alike:(yours)...........

Thank you for having responded to my letter. I am pleased to. And thank you for telling me about you. Send me your photos please. I'll wait.
You know, I've heard of those people and I think that it's very mean to use people, to play with their feeling and emotions as well as stealing something from them. Unfortunately we live in a dangerous world and we always need to be careful. We never know where could we be tricked, even at the supermarket, not only in the Internet. It seems that people who do this do not have any consciousness or moral values, it's even hard for me to call them people. I was brought up in a family with high moral values, so you don't even need to think such things about me.
I am pleased that you answered my letter. Thank you. Immediately sorry for my level of English. I'm currently studying English, so I use an interpreter to write a letter. I can speak freely in my native language - Ukrainian. And in Russian. I understand everything that they say in English. But it is still difficult for me to formulate long sentences. I am 27 years old. My birthday is on 2 December. My height is 171 cm and my weight is 54 kg. I know many girls who are embarrassed to talk about the parameters of the body. But I think it's stupid. After all, each person is individual, and this is all the charm. All people are different and it's wonderful.
I live in a small town of Kovsharovka, Kharkov region in Ukraine)
I want to ask you, what kind of girl are you looking for? What qualities should she have? What external data should it have?
I graduated from university and got a higher education. My profession is master of manicure. I work in a beauty salon. I really like my work, even I can say I love it. I like to give women a mood, beauty. All girls love different images, and I like to put them into practice.
I still want to tell you about my family. I was born and grew up in a friendly, strong family. I am the oldest child in the family. And I also have a brother and my sister, she is very small. And I love her very much. Educated me strictly, but honestly and with respect. I grew up a kind and cultured girl. My parents worked hard to provide for the family. I'm a girl from a poor family, we have an average income. And I know what it means to make a living.
Now I want you to tell me about you. What kind of food do you like? Can eat any favorite dishes? I have a hobby - cooking. I cook well and bake cakes. I also attend a sports hall. Unfortunately, I did not travel much. I was abroad only in Russia with my friends. And during the holiday we travel through our country with parents. I would really like to visit different countries) I think it's very interesting.
Do you like traveling? Which countries did you visit? And what other things do you want to see?