Scammer Vera Gerasimova Vera

Russia / Kirov
Profsoyaznay the house 21 apartment 79 Index 610000

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The scammer contact me on She is the same person as: . Only now she goes by the name Vera Gerasimova, and she uses a different mailadres. We corresponded for about one month. The patern I noticed was really obvious. After two weeks she would declare her love to me. She loved me with all her heart, without ever meeting me. And she wanted to be with me. Only one little problem. She needed € 150 for a passport and a visa, And she needed another € 250 for the plane ticket. She of course had no idea how I could get the money to her. When I played dumb, and said that I did not have a clue either, she came up with the idea to send it to her via Western Union (WU). For someone who did not have a clue in her earlier mails, she now was a pro with WU and she new all the ins and outs about how to transfer money this way. Because I smelt faul play I did not send anything. I told her I sended the money and gave her a false MTCN CODE. After she got the code she could talk about nothing else but the money. In the beginning she said she could only use the computer from her work during working hours to send emails. But when she could not get the money from WU with the false code I send her she could text me emails in the night time and in the weekends all of a sudden. It was a matter of life and death, and I needed to text her urgently, because at WU they would not give her any money. So after a while when she could not get any money at WU, she suggested me that I should use MoneyGram instead of WU. For some reason she still thought I send her the money via WU, but she just could not get it because of an error. So first she was clueless in how to send money to Russia, and now she knows about WU and MoneyGram. Pretty fishy ;). So, I desided to have a little more fun with her. And again I gave her a false reference number. So she went to MoneyGram and again she could not get the money. So I got mails from her all the time that she loved me very much and she does not understand why she could not get the money at MoneyGram. So until this moment she still thinks I will send her the money, but of course I will not. I will stop communication now with her. Be aware that the woman from the pictures that were posted on ( is involved in this scam. I have seen her on video chat on Skype more than once. And because of the interactions we had during this chat I know for certain that I was not watching a video that was being played on the other side. I also have pictures and 2 short movies I got from her. Most of the pictures are the same as the ones posted on
Comment #133197
she is so crafty,added two different supposed copies from her passport,fake I suppose.Be aware.