Scammer Doherty Seyi

Ibadan Nigeria

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I have too many e-mails. I want to find out if this girl is a scammer or if she is a model or even if she has been on a porn site. I certainly would not like that.

Dearest xxx,

Thanks a lot for the email you sent. Things are not easy since my mother`s demise honey,you deserted me as well,i only have the Angels of the living God keeping me alive. I almost killed myself,i lost hope,i sold all mother left for her funneral,i sold all i had in the shop as well to support the funneral and all. I am with nothing,even as i am talking to you ,i am with nothing,i sold phone again,i sold everything,i am with nothing.My only succour has been from a friend sho is a teacher at Ibadan International School in GRA,Iyaganku Quarters here in Ibadan. She is from India,we lost connection for a while,but we are back as friends now,i always go to see here every other day to get one or two things from her.I want to go USA as soon as possible to be with you my love,at worst let me go back to UK.I will need to pay up the tax her ,i will also need to arranage some documents to get my mother`s gratuity from the government,it is about 1,800,000 Naira ( $13,000 USD ). I only want you to do something for me now,if you still love me,if you still want me ,if you still care about me,if i am still the woman in your life,please i beg of you in the name of God,try and send me some money this week by all means,send me the MTCN through email,i will buy another phone from the money you are going to send and i will want to clean my house,pay some debts eat good food after a long time.You are my only hope,if you desert me again,well i will take it as faith,i will forever remain faithful to you,i will never give any man the chance to come near me unless you tell me to GO AWAY. I want you to know that i have never lied to you,depsite the bad reputation this country has around the world,i have been faitrhful and honest to you in all ways. I love you darling and i will forever love you.Thanks for your love from day till this day.

I care


Seyi Long

I am just recovering, i am still not myself and i do not have any money to call you or send you an email, thanks for your deep concern and for your love for us, i love you too with all my heart and all my life. I never lied for you, God bless you.

Thanks for your email,i am not part of the rubbish they do in Nigeria,God forbid,i have NO part time lover,God sees me,God bless you.