Scammer Natalya Andreevan

+7 9600 943 957
Ulitsa Kosmonavtov 72 Lipetsk Postal code:398032 apartment:56
Rassian Federation
Ulitsa Kosmonavtov 72 Lipetsk Postal code:398032 apartment:56
Zoosk date site

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Comment #132990
The main thing that you met me at the airport and I would not have to look for your address. I can get lost :) This is so romantic! By the way, thank you for your address, it is useful to me. I am glad that we have found a compromise with our meeting! You made me the happiest girl in the world! This is what I think in the last few days, you do not go out of my mind, I think about you in the morning, afternoon and evening :)

Now I tell you about air fares. I need to book two way ticket, it requires your government, so I had to return to Russia, and not to stay in Australia as an illegal immigrant. I can afford to pay a large part of the journey. Will you be able to help me with the rest of the? Me lacks only 1000 Australian dollars, so I could go to a travel agency and pay the full cost of my journey. My dear, I'll be glad if you could help me since 2000 AUD. I can pay only 200 AUD in a travel agency, and the remaining amount we can contain in Australia and I can buy gifts for your girls. I will definitely buy gifts for you and your girls, I wanted to know what they like? What gifts can I buy for your girls? They have a very cute. Thank you for your photos, you look really great =) I am very glad that you are willing to help me to pay my journey. It is very noble of you. When I learned that traveling is very expensive, I do not know what to do. Now I imagine our first meeting. When I get off the plane and I'll go down the stairs you will be able to see me from far away, I'll be in the red dress :) We go to each other for a meeting, we long to embrace, I'll give you hundreds of memorable kisses! I can not wait until I can pull over to your hot body! ... I wanted to ask you, whether you like lacy underwear and stockings? :) For me to be sexy underwear and stockings under his clothes when I go down the ramp. You will go mad when you see me :) We would stay somewhere in a secluded place .... I am so much excited by the fact that I write to you now, can not imagine what will happen to me when we are left alone ... ... sweet fantasy .... I want to kiss every inch of your body, touch your strong chest and feel your hot hands on my ass .... I think I'm much dreaming ... I have a good imagination :) But do not think, I'll give you a break from me, when you are in my power!

My vacation will begin March 12 and will last 30 days and I will be completely free for this time. I think this will be the most fun time together! I will not let you miss any moment with me! :) Very noble, what do you propose to live in your home, it will allow me to save paying hotel. I think we do not need separate rooms :) I forgot to ask you. Would you like to get something from Russia for free? We in Russia are not made to go visiting without presents! :) So I always buy something for you. Would you like to get Russian vodka or nesting dolls? :) I know it's very corny, but I would like to do something nice for you ... Now I have prepared for you a special gift, I bought a beautiful lacy lingerie and stockings, I hope you will like :) How's the weather? What things do you recommend to take with you? I have an idea to wear a beautiful red dress, when I come to you. When I get off the plane, you can observe from afar me :) I even arranged for Zoya fashion show to choose the most beautiful outfit :) I want the first impression of our meeting left for life in our memory! I have so much time imagining how it would be ... It's so romantic!

Darling, today I'm going to my mother, very missed it :) Tomorrow I will just stay at it and come home only on Monday. I will miss :) You will have a good time to think! By the way, I forgot to tell you that Call Service does not work on weekends. I can only give you a call on Monday. I can not wait to talk to you, my dear, I want to hear your voice. Always yours Natalya.
I was very pleased to receive your letter and your approval to visit you in Australia. Thank you to help me with a trip to you. I am very grateful to you. I am very happy that very soon we will be together. I never thought that such a man as you will be in my life. You are very nice and sensitive person. I think that we will succeed and we will have a good time together. I also thought about our first meeting, I think that I could not stand on my feet haha, ​​just take and fall before you, and you will catch me and tell me that with you Natalya? haha It will be very nice, thank you very much my dear. My dear I am very much starting to miss you when I look at your photos. Many thanks for your photos, you have a very beautiful daughters and I'm looking forward to seeing them. I think that we could make friends with them =) I am glad that you have there great weather, I think that this will be the most wonderful time in my life =) My destiny made me such a gift, I did not expect. You surprise me =) I know and feel that you are a real man. I feel my heart, and my heart I will never deceive. I feel every day that we get closer and closer to each other. Dear, what are you doing now? I very much miss you, and very soon I will be able to hug you and tell you how much I missed you around. I would like to discuss all the details on the phone. what do you think about it? Can I call you tonight? Today i call to you =) Dont miss my call dear =)

My dear, you asked me to find out how you can help me. It would be better if you make a transfer using MoneyGram. Have you heard about the MoneyGram? This is one of the most popular money transfer systems, moreover, it is fast and very safe! MoneyGram is very common in Russia and Australia, so you can make the transfer without difficulty. Perhaps there MoneyGram office near your home :) I made several transfers via MoneyGram for my mum and it was just at the highest level, I have not had any problems with it.

To make a transfer you need this information:

Full name: Natalya Tregubova
City received: Russia, Lipetsk

In order to pick up your transfer, I need to know your full name (Anthony Surbey- is your correct name?), The exact amount of the transfer and the number #reference that you receive after the transfer.
It would be great if you could help me this week, because I was going to go to a travel agency. You are a real man who knows how to solve serious problems. Thanks for your help, I look forward to our meeting, you are a very noble man!
1000000000000 Kisses for you :)
I look forward to your reply.
Your Natalya.
Comment #132991
Natalya Andreevan Well avoid face to face contact only by phone and well asked for money to travel to see you. Well asked to send money buy MoneyGram Money Transfer this company World Remit has band money transfers to this person because of dating scams.