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Hi, dear . I'm very glad by your answer, because you make very
good impression on me and something tells me that it is mutually)

So, a few words about me - I am 29 years old. My Birthday is 12 of
August, and you should know that this lioness have clutches) I live in
Novoazovsk, a small town on the East of Ukraine. Population is
slightly less then 12 thousands. Our town is close to sea, so at
childhood every summer our family try to spend time at the seaside. Do
you like sea? I like to have savage vacation too much, but now
it can't be possible because of military situation at our region. I
belive that this madness will stop as fast as it possible. In spite of
everything, i trust that love and beauty will save the world =) Do you
agree with me, ? So, like my grandpa always says, let's return to
our muttons =)) I live separated from my parents, but I'am not alone,
because when I come back home at evening my dog Marko waiting for me)
He is my guard, and I love him too much) I love animals, due to that
at childhood I often visited my granny who lives at the village. She
taught me how to care for animals and instill love to small and
unprotected. Do you have any small friends? =) By the way, on pictures
which I sent - not my daughter if what. It's my niece) She's so cute!
I adore to spending my time with her)

As for my job, before this war I had been working as dance teacher at
the primary school. Dancing always be my passion. For all my life,
people around like my parents, friends or classmates say that I feel
music and rhythm, and, by the way, have such a good plastic and
grace)) So, when I made a decision to do a career on it, no one tried
to dissuade me. But war basted my plans, because many people, who have
kids, leave their homes and got away, and parents of those children
who stay here don't have possibilities... So, now I working at the
local food-shop. I am not happy of this work, but it's much better
than nothing.

I want to know what do you like, what are your hobbies,
tell me everything you want, please. What about your family, how do
you live? What is your favourite film or band? Do you like dancing or
singing? Please, show me what kind of person are you, because I am
really open for communication and I want to belive you are man with
strong character and clear mind))

I hope after our communication you won't have a distorted image of
myself, like a reflection at water. I say this because my skill of
English is too low and i am not able to write myself. I should ask my
friend Galya to translate my letters for you, but she is also not
perfect. Hope you will not judge us to strict ;) In my plans to learn
English, of course. As about some other ways to connect, like phone or
some apps, I have some limited opportunities about this. I don't have
computer at home, and my mobile phone don't support any apps (my
smartphone had been broken :( ). I don't have any possibility to buy
it now, so I just can connect when i come to visit my friend and write
you e-mail.

Will be waiting for your letter eagerly.
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The photos belongs to an Australian model named Kahili Blundell