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Lettre 1

Hello my friend!

I’m happy to see that you are interested in me:) It’s so strange to begin our introduction in such way but I think it become usual in our time when people can’t live without Internet. So, I want to tell you a lot about myself but I don’t know from what i have to begin... So, I’ll tell you common information and you can ask me about other . My name is Dasha Zhykova, I live in Ukraine in small town Borchiv. I have brown eyes and blond hair, my weight is 53 , my height is 165. I am student and will be photographer. I live in the hostel and i'm student of last year. I like animals and my parents have black cat Myrsik:))I send you pic with me.

As concerns why I am here... I want to find my beloved man. I want to have family and be happy as other people and as you too, I think. You are here to find woman, who will be always near you, who will love you, understand and support,aren't you? Please answer on this question – it’s very important for me cause I don’t want to be a toy in somebody’s hands. I’m sincere and optimistic person and think trust and truth are very important in relation.

So, I promise you to be serious and sincere. I hope that you are not tired to read a little about me I will tell you more about my life, my hobby and thoughts next time and now I send you my friendly kiss and wait for your letter with great impatience!!

Your friend Dasha.

Lettre 2

Hello my dear friend xxx!! Thank you that you write me again! Frankly speaking I was a little afraid that you didn't notice me and find other girl for yourself. But you are here. Thank you that you tell me about yourself, your thoughts and your life. Its very interesting to get to know you a little bit better!

I was born 17.02.85, Zodiak- Capricorn



i'm romantic and I love children:) Of couse I want to be nice for my man and I'll dress what he like to be like by him. I don't know why I didn't find love in my country, i had boyfriend but he think more about beer and friends then about relation, like his friends will be his family. i'm ready to live my country for my man and I think everything possible when you have loving person near.

Now I want to tell you about my wish. As you know I want to find man with whom I'll be happy, I don't have imagination about him, but I want him to be sincere, kind, intelligent and with good sense of humor. He has to be older, I know many young men and I think that they are not serious and sometimes think more about pleasure and not about person who near themselves.

You know I dream to wake up with my man, to prepare food for him, care of him, make massage and speak with him about everything. It's very important when you can speak about everything and ask for help. I think that you understand me. Also I want to have cosy and nice home where will be cosy and warm atmosphere, home in which you come with pleasure and wait for the evening. Evenings full of love... Do you understand me?

I think yes”)

Sorry, I can't write more now cause I use our school computer. I don't have computer at home and that's why I can't write you every day. But I'll answer as often as I can! Hope that you will not be angry on me if you can't find my letter next day - I promise to remember you!

So, my time is over and it makes me sad a little bit:(

Wait for your answer !!!

Your Dasha.

Lettre 3

Hello my darling xxx!! I'm very happy to see your letter:)) Thank you for your warm words. You know I have to tell you so much and I think you want to know about my family too. you know I'll dress my favorite dress and it's nice and a little sexy:) I am sure you'll like it!!

My mother work in the hospital, she is nurse and my father works in our house of Culture, he is painter and decorate stage for each holiday. For example New Year, 8th of March and others. and I'm creative person and I'll be photographer - I want to show people beauty of this world:)

My family is the usual family but what I like is that we each Sunday have dinner together. Each week end I go to my parents and we discuss everything, speak a lot and I know that I always can ask for advise:) In the morning we go with my mom on the market, decide what we will we prepare and then I help her. She taught me cooking different things and I can cook vegetables, meat, pasta and bake different sweet things - may be once you will try:) Then we sit together and speak:) I want to have such strong and understanding relation in my family too. I think that woman has to make her husband happy, care about him and children. I like to cook and to make my home cosy. I decorate my room and i will make my home cosy... So, what can i tell you, I don't have hobby, I prefer to spent my time to search for nice frame and of course I like make photo of myself. I don't smoke, don't drink only wine and go to the gym 3 times a week:)

If you have question - you can ask and I'll answer with pleasure!!!

Don't keep me waiting!!

your Dasha

Lettre 4

Hello my sweet xxx!! You know but I thought it's impossible to miss person whom know for a short time! But now I begin to think about you and I always wait for a moment when can sit, check my mail-box and see your letter! You become part of my life, I hope that i'm part of yours, may be a little.i';m so sorry about your father...

So, thank you for your letter - I am interested in you more and more, I like to read your thoughts, about events in your life - it's new feeling for me:) I want to tell you beforehand that sometimes I can't write you for few days and I hope that you forgive me and wait for my letter and won't find another girl:). I noticed that there are really a lot of good looking girls in the internet, and i am flattered that you have chosen me among them!

So, my day today is usual - I wake up at 08.00, prepare breakfast - you now I like to cook but for breakfast I prefer cereal with milk or coffee with sandwich and then, I go to the University or if I have holidays to the nature, in town, to find people place for photography:) As usual I prepare lunch(we call it dinner and in the evening we have supper) and dinner for evening, eat and prepare to study or go to the gym:) Also I like to photography myself. I will send you different photos, I share them and hope that you will like it and me too:)

In the evening I make photos or read book, also I like to watch nice movies, drama, romantic, action - different and my favorite actor is Bruce Willis and yours?

So, I'm waiting for your next letter!!!

Kiss you and hug

Your Dasha

Lettre 5

Hello my sweetie xxx!! I have already miss your letters and can't wait to write you few lines!! and make photo for me with flowers, ok? I have exam today and can't write you a lot:( Hope that you will not abuse!! You know I will go to my town on the week end and I want to speak with my parent about you and tell them that I met one nice man in the Internet. I'm sure they will support me, they are modern people and always understand me:) When I read your letter I feel that I found man of my dream:)) I know may be it's too early but I like you very much and I think if people feel something they have to say!! I use in my life credo: "enjoy your life today, yesterday has gone and tomorrow can never come". So, i think I can tell you that I like you very much!

I will be very glad if you as we are interested in it also we will build with you to begin with love Now I wish to tell little bit more about myself and as I will wait your letters.

I really want to create a happy family. I see family life as a life of happiness and harmony. There will be good days, bad days, great days, and not so great ones. A family sticks together, and is much more than people just sharing a house. They are willing to give to each other and they do this willing, without hesitation, without judgment. A family does things together, be it going places or staying at home and relaxing. A family works together and it takes two. What one cannot do, the other might be able to do, and if neither can do it alone, they do it together. Family members are missed when they are not home, are loved always, and are not afraid to show the love they have for each other. Family members turn a house into a home. Home is where the heart is, and that is with the family. One can own the best mansion filled with material items, but it is never a home until it is filled with love. A happy family for me is a family where people love and trust each other and all their feelings are mutual. A family is a unity with own rules, where nobody can lives as before as a single person, but brings also a happiness and satisfaction, which you cannot find alone.

What are love and passion for you?

I think that you miss the same thing as me, isn't it?

Hope that you have nice day and I'll wait for you letter as usual with a great impatience!!

Send you sweet kiss!

Your Dasha

Lettre 6

Hello my dear xxx!! i'm very happy to see your letter in my box!!

So, it's my number: +380957536353. I hope to hear you voice soon - I'm sure it's so nice as you!! Only I ask you to be patience cause sometimes I can't take on my lessons. Wait with great impatience!
your Dasha

Lettre 7

Hello, my dear beloved the only one xxx!

Thank you for the wonderful amazing letter!!!

I'm so happy that you share my feelings about us. It's so pleasant to have such a man who understands me...I know that everything that happened between us took so little time, but I believe that love doesn't know any distance, place, nationality, age and religion!

Every your letter is the festival in my life:)! It's only you who makes me always smiled and happy! Only you I can share everything with! You mean everything to me and I could give everything just to be close to you!

So, well, my sweetheart, I have a great news for you! My parents noticed that I am thinking about something (or somebody) every time. They asked me what's happening with me? And I told them about you. Everything! Can you imagine? About all our letters, about all our feelings, everything! They were very surprised, they couldn't understand where we met. I told them about the Internet, about you first letter , told about our relations and so on... I told how much I know about you, how much you mean for me... I said that you are clever, kind, loving, attentive, always ready to listen about my life, we have similar feeling, life values... They asked so many questions that I don't remember all! And...can you imagine, they said if you are so good man they are not against our relations and even meeting:)))!!! They said if I want to be with you they allow me to go in your country!!! As it's so important for me to meet your relatives, your friends, your way of life as may be, one day I will have to relocate there...Right?...Wow! I was so surprised and frankly speaking didn't expect such propose from them!

But I think that we'll speak about it later:)

Kiss you

your Dasha

Lettre 8

Hello my love xxx!!!

thank you for your letter:) today I woke up from the warm touch... I thought that it was your kiss I begin to opened my eyes's was only sun ray:( and you are so far...When i understand that i was alone in my room, I became sad, I would cry... I felt so lonely, so helplessness... and what I did, what do you think? I come to the window and send you my morning kiss!!!! have you?

So, You know that I wait for your letter with great impatience because you had to say me that we can meet!!!! It's great isn'r it? I feel that you belong to me as I belong to you and I can't wait any more!! you make me happy because of your existence and that you need me!!! I'll see you, my angel, your eyes, your smile, your lips... I can hug you, I can kiss you, I can be with you with all my passion and love... What can be better?? nothing!:) You know that my parents know about us and we discuss that we have to meet and they allowed me to come to you!! And today or tomorrow I'll go to passport office and find out about everything:)) You know that I have never been abroad and I'm a little afraid but...I will go to you, love of my life and I think that there are nothing impossible in this life!!!

Honey, you make each my day wonderful!!! Each moment in it I feel tenderness in my heart:) All my friends say that I can't go by foot, I fly!!!!! and I'm so happy because i'll have vacation and can de with you for a long time:)) We are together... oh...

So, my darling I feel that I can't stop:))) but I have to prepare to tests and I kiss you thousand times!!!

Hug you with all my passion!! I wait your letter and you wait news from me!!!

forever yours Dasha

Lettre 9

Hello my angel xxx!! With your help I begin to believe that the honest and loving men exist!! you can imagine how it's hard to know that far from here there is a person who loves me, who wants to be with me!! sometimes I feel like I have wings!!Because of you, dear!! I'm glad that I have you in my life:)and of course I want to be you wife:)) thank for your kiss I send two - did you catch?

So, I have great news today, sweetie! I was in OVIR. Very serious people are working there. They told me that's impossible to make passport and visa in one mouth. The passport could be done from 3 weeks till 3 months. and only then I can do the visa:( For it I must go to the capital for several times! I thought that 3 weeks it's not too long but they make a list of all people who want to do passport, it's more than one hundred!! The season of rest and holidays begin!!Many people want to have a rest in foreign country and one girl said me that they do the documents for people who go abroad for business at first! I have no business abroad but I have you:) I return to my cosy home. I made sweet hot tea and have been thinking for a long time...Then my mom came from work and asked what's happened? I told her. she said that for tourists it's easy to come to foreign country. she gave me the address of company where we take our sanatorium vouchers in Crimea or Carpathian.I went to this firm. Frankly speaking I went to do everything for our meeting there but with only hopeless in my soul:(( But my mother is very wise woman!! I appealed to woman in this agency. by the way it's called "Ekvator". Here is their address if you want: . so, you can contact the directly. So, the woman in the agency told me that it's not a problem. they can make all documents I need in short term:) the passport in 7 days and visa - 10 days.I can do passport and visa at the same time it will be quickly. But it's price:( the passport costs $ 190 and visa $ 305! she said me that they give a discount on the tickets, if I do the documents with their help. You know I'm only student and I don't have such funds:( I don't know dear, what I can do!! I did everything for our meeting, but now I am helpless...I hope for your support because my father think that the head of everything is a man...And what is your opinion, honey?

Waiting for your letter with great impatience!! send you thousand of kisses!!

always yours Dasha

Lettre 10

Hello my darling xxx!! you drive me crazy with your dream- can't wait to be with you, to fall in your arms and feel your passion.

As concerns Western Union - we have some departments and I asked you need my name and address - I send them to you:

Borshiv town

Ternopilska region

Kotliarevskogo street, 1245

Dasha Jukova

so, soon we'll be together and I will be with you all the time, i want to care of you, to make you massage, to kiss you during it:)) to prepare food for you and kiss you slowly to make you crazy... Oh, so many dreams, so many thought.... Can't wait to kiss you

thank you for your help and I'll make all as soon as possible!!!!

Always your Dasha

Lettre 11

Hello my darling xxx)) thankyou that you want to help me and I wait news from you side - I want to start all documents as soon as possible!!!!!
I thought about you a lot and you ask how I imagine our first night - so:
I light several Aroma candles in the bathroom, and I set out the biggest towel. Now I go to the flowers, take one dozen and put them in the vase on the dinning room table, and I light four candles and place them around the flowers, to show them beautifully. I take the last two dozen roses, and separate One, the best one. The remaining flowers, I pull off the rose petals and spread them on the floor from the table to the bath, and from there to the bedroom, and across our bed. I just finish in time because I hear your pull up in the drive way. You come into the house and I help with your overclothes. After helping you with your coat, but you see the flower petals, and you follow them to see the table is all set beautifully, and me now serving your dinner.I pull out the chair offering you the seat, and carefully help you slide closer to the table. We enjoy a wonderful dinner, and a good bottle of wine, form the wine cellar, and talk, eat laugh and talk of our future.

Now that the dinner is over, you get up to see the flower petals keep going, I take you by the hand, down into the bathroom, and you kiss me tenderly and thank me for the tasty dinner.

But when you see the bath, your eyes light up in the candle light.

I kiss you tenderly. And then I start to undress you, piece by piece, slowly sliding each piece of clothing, down caressing your skin, and dropping each piece of clothing on the floor at your feet. We slowly, gently emerge into the now warm water and bubbles. You turn around and start to wash me so nicely, so sensually. But you do spend much more time washing some things, and less on others. Darling!!! You pick up a dab of bubbles, and touch my nose leaving them there, I take a big hand full, and make for your face the bubbles beard, like the mans beard, but made from bubbles. You only smile, and kiss me very quickly, now we both have the bubbles beard. And when you see it, you laugh with me. God I love your laugh, Honey.

After our bath I help you dry off with the towel, and with putting on your robe. And we follow the Rose petals to the bed, It is all so romantic. But we are both so tired, we climb into our big warm bed, still smelling the scent of the rose petals. And hold each other closely, warmly, as we fall wonderfully and soundly asleep, but we are together, and very much in love.

I thought you might want to know what kind of nights we would have at home, if you ever decide to meet me, my sweetheart!!!!

I shall think about it is impossible for me not to!!!
Kiss you and wait news from you
I love you and need you near me!!
Your Dasha