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firefly13,brynn,Natalya Kozlova,samantha ross
+ 372-591-20280 or 00372-591-20280
tallinn,usa unknown
Estonia, 10611 Tallinn, Ristiku street 12-53,,,

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Comment #132793
second mail she send to me.
Hello again... So, your name is john
? You have a beautiful name, i like it. I'm serious... I like your name... LOL
Now it's late here in Tallinn, but i promised to write to you about me, so before i go to sleep, i decided to once again write to you to tell you about myself.
You know John, if honestly, i do not expect that you will to answer to my proposal to be friends. I thought you did not want to communicate with a strange woman.
But you're answered to me and i am very happy for it. I really love to meet new people, so if you do not mind to correspond with me, then let's be friends and let's know each-other better, okay?
So, what can i tell you about me? My full name is Natalya Kozlova. But you can call me just Natali, as my friends are here.
I am 33 years now. But six weeks later on March 31 i turned 34. I was born on March 31, 1983.
By nationality i am Hungarian. My hometown Debrecen. My parents moved to live in Estonia, when i was 14 years old. So it's almost 20 years since i live here in Estonia.
I'm not tall, my height 169 cm, my weight about 62 kg. I was a little chubby... ha-ha-ha... but on the other hand, my friends tell me that i am on the contrary delicious :-)
I have a higher professional education. By profession i am an economist-financier. In 2006 i graduated from Tallinn University (Tallinna Ülikool).
After graduation, i worked for almost 6 years as an accountant in the police, but this work did not bring me pleasure, and so after six years in 2012, i decided to get away from the police and engage in private business.
Now i have my own small business in trade. If you would like to know about my business, i will tell you about this, but let the next time, okay?
I was married once, but my marriage did not last long. The first time i got married in 2010. But after 1.5 years of my marriage broke up, and i got divorced.
I love children, but unfortunately my first husband did not want to have children. It is for this reason that i divorced him and now has more than 5 years i live alone and are searching for another man.
John you probably want to know why i want to acquaintance with you?
To be honest, my first letter really got to you by mistake. But you have answered my letter, and when i saw your letter, i also was wondering who you are and where you are.
You know, i believe in God and also believe in casual dating. And i think it's possible that my letter has come to you, it was a sign from above. What if this power from on high sent my letter to you to introduce us like this?
I do not know if you understand what i'm going to tell you. But personally, i believe that my fate in the hands of God and perhaps that my letter has come to you, it was not a mistake, but it was God's desire to introduce us.
in any case, i do not regret that i have answered your letter. Although i do not know about you, but i feel that you are a wonderful man and it will be interesting to chat with you.
About my search... I find really very serious about finding a man for a serious relationship, but first i would like to find a friend.
I need a friend with whom i could honestly share their thoughts... one with whom i would not be bored... I need a friend whom i could talk about everything not hesitate... and finally i need a friend, which i could have sex.
Please just do not think i'm a frivolous woman. I am a decent woman, but i love sex. And i think that many women would be desirable for men.
And how are you? What do you think about sex? Do you love or not?
I have so many questions for you, but i do not know where to start... for the beginning of course i would like to know more about you. Tell me more about you... what do you do, what are your interests in life, hobbies, profession, etc...
I think it would be great if one day we could see and talk to you online. Now there are a lot of social networking sites such as facebook and stuff... But i do not like facebook. At the time when i worked in the police i've heard about facebook. I know that the government is following through facebook on us and our correspondence, so i never had a page in facebook.
I think there is nothing better than skype. I like to communicate in skype, because i have for many years been using skype for live chat. So if one day you want to see and talk to me live, then let's see you in of skype, okay?
This is my name in skype: nata31031983. Just find me through the search and send me your invitation. I will watch my inbox, so do not miss your invitation.
So, i would still much to write to you about myself... about that i like and that i do not like, but i'm afraid that was very late, because it's already 3 hours a night here in Tallinn. So let's do the rest, i will write to you next time, okay?
It turned out very long letter, but i hope that you have read my letter to the end. Now i just have to wait for your answer, and of course your photos. Do not forget to send me your photo, okay?
About of my photos... I'm now especially for you photographed in my bathroom. Do you like my breasts? Do not hesitate to comment on my photos. On the contrary? i would be even more interesting to know your thoughts about me.
Ok, now that's all. I have to go to bed. I will be waiting for your answer. Your new friend Natali
Comment #132794
she will try to heat things up like this mail she send to me.
Good morning my dear John
How are you today? How are you feeling? I hope great?
Today is Tuesday February 21. And right now it's 6 am here in Tallinn.
To be honest, i just woke up... and i haven't had Breakfast yet and... you know John, to be honest, i never before did not check my email so early in the morning, but i really missed you, so today i decided of bed to check my mail.
Oh John, where you at? I was really hoping to see your letter now, but when i saw that my inbox is empty again, i was very upset. I don't know, but i hope you got my yesterday's letter with my phone number?
You know John, i spent most of last night waiting for your call. I kept my phone on hand and didn't let go of it so you don't accidentally miss your call. But didn't you call me and eventually i fell asleep with my phone in hand, not waiting for your call.
Dear, if today you will see my letter, i beg you try to call me, okay? I today whole day will be free, so call me anytime. I still dream to hear from you, so i hope you'll call me during the day.
John you know, today i had a dream about you and me. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you about my dream, but i want you to see i miss you so i'll tell you about my dream.
I dreamed that on the street it was raining and the day you came to visit me in Estonia. I was home that day and suddenly i heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and to my surprise i saw you standing on the doorstep all wet and cold. Then i took you home, poured hot tea and i wanted to wrap you in a warm towel, something to warm you up. But you removed the blanket and told me that nothing can warm you better than my warm embrace. Then i hugged you and we merged with you in a passionate kiss and a tender embrace. Then, after a kiss, you lifted me up and carried me into my bedroom. In the bedroom you pinned me to the wall and started kissing on the lips slowly descending on the neck. You came to my chest, began to caress his tongue my erect nipples and gently squeezed the breast with his hands. Then you ripped off my robe and went down to my pussy. She was already so wet that your fingers slip inside my vagina. Your tongue and your lips didn't let go of my Clit, you arched my foot on the nightstand and hold my pussy had brought me to ecstasy. I moaned and pressed you harder and harder!!!!! Then you turned me around to face the wall and bent over me. Your dick just flew into my kitty. He slid on it that you only had time to put it back in. I was moaning like crazy from the pleasure. Then i felt like on my ass squirted your sperm. You hugged me and whispered in my ear that it was super. Then i kissed your lips and said that i also really liked. But it was not the end. Then you put me on the bed, gently parted my legs and entered again into me. First you moved slowly, but after you started faster and faster. Your body was pressed against me harder and harder, at a time when my hands slid over your back afraid of you scratch away the passion. My hands squeezing your ass, while you have time to kiss my chest and neck. I was all yours. Then you lay back and i sat from the top to your cock, which was hard and big. But he quickly came to me that i did not even notice he started to get my uterus. I took you by the hand and started to move, you pulled me close and began to enter me push pressing my ass to his cock. After a few pushes you came on my stomach and then i woke up.
Oh my God, it was such a blatant dream that when i woke up this morning, i was still very excited after that dream. I'm even embarrassed to send you this letter., because you probably now think of me as a depraved woman. But trust me, i'm not!!! i am a normal woman, just that i haven't had sex so i want sex with you.
You know John, before our acquaintance with you, i never dreamed such dreams. But now when i go to sleep thinking about you, i often see you in my dreams and dream about having sex with you. I don't know, maybe i fell in love with you and so you dream of me?
John i really want to talk to you. I want to hear your voice but you somehow still not called me. I understand if you still haven't seen my letter, and therefore not called. But please call me next time you see my email with a phone number, okay? I have twice sent you my phone number, but it once again: +372-591-20280. Call me on this number.
You know John, to be honest, i have many times thought to speak with you by phone. But i was afraid to give you my phone number immediately because in the past i have had a bad experience on the phone.
I didn't tell you about this before, but i've had acquaintance with a man via the internet. He was from Estonia, but from another city.
I met him on a Dating site. At first we just wrote each other letters, but then in two letters he asked me my mobile phone number.
I was naive then and gave him my phone number. And after i gave him my phone number, the nightmare began for me. He began to call and write sms to me. And even at night, when i slept, he never ceased to call or write me sms.
Then after a while, i'm so very tired of his constant calls that i could no longer tolerate this. I changed my mobile phone number and then promised myself that never again and no i will not give my phone number.
But what about you... I don't know why, but i believe you. I believe that you're not. I don't know, but i feel confident in you. I'm sure you're better than him. I trust you so i'm now ready to take a chance and give you my phone number.
John can i ask you one question... I wonder if i have to decide to come to visit you, will you agree to meet me? I know we have known each other not much time, but i personally trust you and therefore you begin every day to dream about our first meeting.
I didn't tell you about it before, but i plan to take a vacation from 6 to 20 March. I have not yet planned what i'm gonna do on my vacation, but if i can come to you for 3-4 days, you can find me as guest in your home?
For example from 9 to 12 March. John what do you think if i come visit you for four days? You will agree to meet me do you?
No, you won't have to worry about anything. All-in cash costs of my stay to you i take. You will only need to meet me at the airport. By the way, what is the closest airport to you?
I know it sounds a bit silly and perhaps for you, my words now may seem crazy woman, but my heart now tells me that you are exactly the man that i need.
I go crazy you and i become mad in separation from you. I might not be able to write you often, but every day i think and miss you.
I am now very afraid to admit to you in love because i'm afraid that your feelings for me may not be mutual. But i want to tell you the truth and i hope you love me.
John i very much hope that today during the day you'll call me. I'll be waiting. Mmmmmmuuuuahhhhhh... gently kiss you, yours Natali

Comment #132795
the i google'd her photo's and came across those site's that i have put also in here,but i played a little more to found out more abouth this scam girl and the last mail i get from her (i'll put it afther this mail)was she was asking for money.
i send her a mail back with the things in that i found out abouth her,and she never mailed me back again lol.
some stuff you will see on those site's that she's on are realy 18+ porn site's.
Comment #132796
John my sweetheart, i do not know if you now see this letter of mine, but if you see, please answer me quickly, okay?
Damn it, i do not even know how to tell you today about this. I am ashamed to ask you for help, but it so happened that i got into terrible trouble, and so i ask you to help me.
John i'm now be in a russian airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow. And at the moment i am writing this letter from the russian customs computer.
Oh my god, if you are now able to see me, you would see how i cry. I'll cry because russian customs arrested me.
Now i myself do not understand how this could happen to me. I have long been in the business of gold jewelry, but this is happening to me for the first time.
It happened yesterday, when i was flying home from Beijing. To get to Tallinn, i had to make a change to another plane in Moscow, but it turned out that the russian customs have arrested me and i could not get home.
John i was arrested because of the gold necklace that i bought in China. I bought there 15 sets of necklaces for a very cheap price.
I thought i could bring these gold necklace to Estonia and then sell them at home 3 times more expensive. But, unfortunately, not everything turned out the way i conceived and in the end i only got a problem with these Chinese gold necklace.
Yesterday, when i came to Moscow from Beijing, russian customs officer demanded that i hand over to them my baggage with the gold necklace on the inspection and verification of the customs declaration.
I passed him my baggage , then their customs officer started checking my baggage . He watched all of my baggage and when he saw a gold necklace bought me, he asked me to give him a certificate for these jewelry.
I showed him receipts, which i received with the purchase of the necklace in Beijing. But russian customs officer looked at my receipts told me that this is not the certificate and that these are my receipts are not a legal document for the carriage of gold jewelry.
I myself could not understand at first, about what he was telling me the certificate. But then he explained to me that this certificate is a legal document that gives the right to transport of gold jewelry across their border.
He told me that i was to receive this certification in Beijing, when i bought the gold necklace. But the problem is that the businessman from China did not give me any certificate.
And to be honest, i myself the first time i hear of such a certificate on the gold necklace. I had been in this business, but had never heard of such a law on compulsory licensing of gold jewelry.
I know that we in Estonia there is no such law. And i was in many European countries and also never heard of such a law. But here it is quite different laws in Russia. I was not aware of the laws and so it happened that i got into this terrible situation with their customs.
Now russian customs have arrested all my baggage with gold necklaces and accuse me of illegal export of gold jewelry. They require me to pay him an administrative fine for my offense.
a fine of 50 000 russian rubles or is about 818 euros. And if i do not pay the damn fine, then it will not let me go home.
Oh my god, i do not know what to do now. If i now would be enough money to pay this fine, i would not ask you for help. But the problem is that i have not got enough money. I spent all my money to buy these gold necklaces and so i ask you to help.
John if i ask you to lend me some money, tell me, can you help me? I now have about 180 euros on the hands, but this is not my money enough to pay the fine. I need another 635 euros, so i was able to pay the full penalty. Tell me, can you lend me the money for 2-3 days?
Please just do not think badly of me. I myself hate myself for what i ask you for help. If i had another option would be to find the money, then i would not have asked you to help me. But right now, but you no longer me who to ask for help, so i beg you to help me.
russian customs gave me only 7 days to pay. If until February 7, i do not pay the fine, then they served me a lawsuit in court to make me pay a fine.
Now i asked the customs officer to give me a copy of my fine resolution to send to you. And i also send you a copy of my passport to prove to you that i will not lie to you.
John i do not know if i'm even a little special for you. But if you're at least a little like me, then please help me, okay?
I'll wait for your quick response. With tears in my eyes, your Natali

Comment #133494
The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.