Scammer Valerie Caterina Scott Valroses

Valerie Caterina
Bellville Cape Town
Cape Town South Africa

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Comment #132785
Message: This lady contact me through the website "" and provided me with her private email address as indicated above. Soon after we made contact the asked for airtime and data which I did not provide. The next mail she asked assistance for her car that is broken down near Parow shopping center in Cape Town. I had the suspicion that I am dealing with an alleged scammer and asked her for her passport. She did provide the passport and some pictures. The passport where issued in Andorra, the little country between France and Spain. I question this and asked if I can call her. There where no response from the number I called. We went back to email communication and she claimed that she have a hearing problem and cant talk on the phone. She then asked me to transfer money to her "maid". I asked for full banking details, ID and proof of residential address. Then she start questioning my requirements and started to blame me that I am not supportive. I can provide copies of the email communication if required.Johan Potgieter..Her profile is Valroses
Comment #132786
This is only one of her messages:" knew it, you must be out of your mind and I really hate you for wasting my time and playing me around like a kid, how could you? I'm sure you gonna also. Wednesday the maid parents information too, She will have to provide you with a copy of her ID document and working and residential details to clear with the bank. Where or who does that? "
Comment #132787
I swear Johan do you have a towing truck or how can you assist me to move my car away from where it broke down? I am so frustrated at the moment, thou I got one but what he's charging just too much for me to afford and my car is not safe where it is at the moment, I am so confused please assist me any possible way you can and I will nevertheless look down on such help and return any favor as you so wish.
Comment #132788
Thank you Johan, how are you today? Yes I saw and read your profile but didn't see much to digest, I'm Valerie, unfortunately I am battling hearing deficiency at the moment and I am saving for treatment, if that pisses you off I am sorry but I believe always good to be honest from start, I'm a jewler, single and no kid, I love making people happy but seems I'd sacrifice my happiness for that
Comment #132789
Kindly note the mails are not in sequence. Just provided it to indicate how these people operates. Most probably the poor lady in the pictures are not even aware that her identity has been scammed.