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Hi ,
How do you?!
Thank you for the photo. I liked your picture.
That's my name on Skype: Viktoriya Kuznetsova.
I think soon I'll find a way to go on Skype. What would we talk on Skype.
Here is my phone number: +7 9371192657
But I do not have internet on your phone. And so there is no vatsap and vayber.
Let's find that the day to talk on Skype. It will be free of charge. And we'll see each other!
We need to find a date and time. We have different time zone.
And give me your name on Skype. that I myself could add you there.
I'm glad you wrote to me. Today Friday, and I'm only now able to answer you.
Please forgive me in advance if I'm distracted or bother you.
I do not even know where to start.
I think we can begin to share our photos, stories from life
our thoughts and plans, if you do not mind. This is my personal e-mail! I do not have a computer, so I am writing to you from work !!!
I feel somewhere deep inside my heart that I can trust you.
It is difficult to find a reliable man.
I hear and see every day from his friends incredible stories about relationships.
Even my friend appealed to the dating agency "Two Hearts", in fact where I found your page on a dating site.
This room is where you can submit a profile manager and find a man who wants to start a family for you.
And my friend is now living in Canada, Vancouver city.
And I thought that I could find love as well. And she turned to the dating agency "Two Hearts". It is located in the city of Kirov.
And then I found your page. I myself could not have anything to do alone. I am very glad of our conversation!
Most people these days do not know what real love is, they are afraid to open their hearts, not to get hurt.
I can not, if I like a man, I want to trust and give 100 of my attention.
He must want the same thing.
I hope that my choice may also be very good.
I sincerely hope to meet a man here, the one who would be my ideal would be my man.
I'm not looking for a prince. I think, most importantly the trust and friendship that these feelings will grow into a real, sincere love.
Maybe you are looking for a girl who is ready to give you all the love is gentle with you.
So we with you have to know each other !!!
What about me and my personality, I am a girl with an open heart, welcoming, sincere with a variety of hobbies that make me a multi-faceted woman.
I hope to continue our correspondence. I respect older age, and this I consider you.
In your next letter I would like to read more about you, about your life, your desires and your preference in the girl too)))
I hope soon to see your answer.
Comment #132944
Hello my friend !
How's your day? And how is your mood?
I have a very fine mood today.
A lot of people today congratulated me on the upcoming Women's Day on March 8!
Many people who came to the gas station today, I was congratulated. It's so nice to receive congratulations.
Probably all women love flowers and pleasant words. Even enough to hear, Happy New Year!
It seems to be nothing personal and nothing complicated is said. But I was still pleased.
It is a pity that no one gave me flowers today. I think you would have given me a big bouquet !!!???
But I still dream a little about it in the future time for us!
Now my work day is over. And I will have a day off tomorrow!
Tomorrow is the red calendar day, March 8! And do you sweep away this holiday?
One of the first and, perhaps, the most long-awaited holidays, marking the coming of spring, already for many decades is the International Women's Day - the 8th of March.
For a modern person it is a day of love and warmth, expression of one's feelings and gratitude to the closest and beloved women, as well as a holiday of female beauty and awakening from the sleep of nature.
Maybe in your country this holiday is also held. And congratulate all women.
This day is very popular in the entire post-Soviet space, but it is not celebrated everywhere, despite the fact that it is considered an international women's day.
On this spring day, when the bright rays of the sun warm the earth and soul, and on the festive table appear the first spring flowers!
So I will wait for congratulations from you for me!
It will be very pleasant to read your kind words for me.
As soon as I go to work, I'll wait for your answer!
I hope my mood will be even better than today !!!
Today I will not write much for you in my letter. I wanted to share with you my emotions.
Now I will go to my friends to visit. We'll sit for a while and chat. We will discuss plans for tomorrow.
So I'll write a letter to you as soon as I can.
I'll be waiting for your very answer!
Yours Viktoriya.