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Hi .
Have good day. I hope, that you have time to send me some messages
that we could it is better to find out each other. I shall tell a
little about myself - my name is Elena, my age 32 years old.
I live in Russia. I was not married and I live in my parents'
apartment. My father is on pension, mother works in refectory like a
chef. I have a higher education, but it's very hard to find work on your
profession, and in this way I work like waitress in a local bar. I
work to be more independent and also I ought to help my parents. I
send you picture that you knew my person. Also I want to ask you to
send me some pictures of you. Please ask things interesting you about
me and inform me some. The information on you: What you love an
entertainment? What your character? What you love qualities in women?
I shall answer on your questions and to inform you it is more about
itself in next e-mail. I'm waiting for your answer. Your friend Elena
Comment #132808
The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.
Comment #132948
Hello dear . How are you today? Thanks for your beautiful photo.
I was glad to receive it from you. My intentions and words sincere. I
am not going to deceive you and I do not wish to be deceived. Sincere
relations are necessary to me. I visit internet cafe at first my
opportunity and I check my mail from you. I am very much pleased, when
I find out your letters. If our friendship goes upwards, I am assured,
that we shall be very happy with you. I have ripened and now I wish to
have my own family with the loving good husband. For me not the
problem to live in other country with my husband. Also I would like to
visit Russia and my parents when there will be an opportunity.
at me is present to you it is a lot of questions and I would like to
ask them in the messages, I hope you will allow to me answers to them
- ok? You for me the nice person, and on this for me it is important
to know your opinion on some things. I come to internet cafe because I
want to acquaintance with guy from other country, in our country many
men are rough, and almost of them always drink. My lady friend went to
Spain this year and now live there with beloved man, they met by
internet. I want to tell to you about myself more in detail. I live in
Russia - Zhigulevsk city. It's beautiful and green city. Our city is
not very big but there are a lot of noteworthy places, nature is very
wonderful. We have theater, native museum and many other architecture
places. I never was outside Russia. I very much love summer, because
is warm and is green. My Birthday on January, 10th 1984. I like to
cook very much especially I like Russian food. I am not very good at
of other countries food or some others but I prefer the food, which
was made at home but not in other places. We have different kinds of
sporttoo like football, hockey. I like different kinds of music, it is
usually depends on my spirits. For example, when I feel sad I listen
to classical music. I don't have a man here as it is difficult to find
a good man in Russia. I had serious relations but we parted with him.
But it is another story and I will tell you it in another letter. I
think you differ from Russian men. I see that you are a clever, kind,
tender man this is one of the reasons why I want to write you. I don't
smoke, drink and have no bad habits. I can have a glass of wine for
some occasions. My favourite colour is violet, as it is a colour of
fantasy. I studied English at school and at university. I studied at
university SGU Samara State University. I studied there 5 years at
economic faculty. My speciality "the finance and credits". I would
like to have my own business and I don't mind to have my own
restaurant. I don't have any brothers, sister, cousins. It is pleasant
to me romantic relations between the man and the woman, but probably
all women dream to get acquainted with good the person to have with
him beautiful romantic relations. But frequently such things come to
an end very quickly. I have no intention to spend myself on such
acquaintances. While I have not met in the life of such person to
which I would decide to give myself and the life. But me it would be
desirable to find such person. I think, that for the woman the main
thing to have in a life not career or other success, and strong family
and the favourite person beside what to care of him. Tell please, you
dream to meet what woman in the life? Excuse that I ask you to
discuss such frank thing with the person whom you know couple of days.
But it is interesting to me to know it about you. I have shortly
written to you my outlooks on life if to you there will be it
interesting, that we can discuss these themes in more detail then. I
send you other photo. I hope you like it. I wait your e-mail. Elena