Scammer Alexandra Cristina Midoi

Alexandra Cristina
Mun. Galati Jud. galati, Romania
Galati, Romania
Str. Barbosi nr.6 bl.0 sc.3 et.2 ap.75
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Comment #132537
I made the first contact with her in a social media on the internet. I become a member of the site “”, and made a search of potential women for marriage. She wrote back to me.

Then I also began to write to another woman, and therefore stopped this contact with the scammer. The writings etc. with this another woman lasted for several months (3-4), before we decided that there was not a strong enough basis for a future together. Then after maybe 1 months, the scammer suddenly wrote back to me, and I decided to continue our broken communication, which I now very much regrets.

The correspondence started in the spring 2016 and faded out against the end of 2016 before it finally stopped February 2017.

In the beginning everything was fine and no red signs at all. First after I did send her money for “an urgent surgery”, and then told her that these were the last money I will ever send to her, everything went strange. When she “came home” after her “operation”, and I asked her about several things, she even gave me a name of a hospital who doesn’t exist. She was also “too sick” at the hospital”, so she couldn’t take any photo at all there. The documents she “had from the hospital”, later showed up to be taken from another person, and didn’t had anything to do with “her disease”. Another thing (with hindsight) which are very strange and suspicious is, that after initial contact she told me that her mobile phone was very old, and suddenly couldn’t show video anymore (messenger).

She told me, that she didn’t had a job at the moment and never did had one. After some time she began to ask for money for a course in “Advanced nails”. Later she needed money for not having means to pay for missing payment of rent for the last many months for the apartment, she and her mother lived in. She also told that she didn’t had money for food. She then claimed that she owed people money. Then she needed money for an urgent operation. After that she need money for another operation. Then she needed money for a new heating system in the apartment. Each time she wanted money, and she didn’t get it, she just came up with and tried with a new very needed and very urgent problem, which needs (a lot) of money. All these requests for money were both in writings and when communicating by phone. It is very symptomatic in the communication, that first she will promise you all you ask for and wants (even marriage), then after she will ask for money with the sentence “Will you help” or “Can you help”?

The name of this diabolic scammer is Midoi Alexandra Cristina. All together she requested about 20.000 US$ About 7.000 US$ was transferred by Western Union, first 3.000US$ then 4.000US$.

After she realized that there would not be any more money coming to her, the correspondence vanished. When I confronted her about all the promises she gave me, and which she did not keep a single one of, and told her I now think for sure that she was a scammer, she began to talk very bad. She also began to accuse me of all possible bad things, which she knew very well was not true, and which she could not find the very least evidence in one single line in my long communication through all months.
Comment #132824
The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.
Comment #136991
[18:17:11] Her: a lot of debts i have
[18:27:52] Me: I see. Who gives you this stress?
[18:28:04] Her: told you . the problems i got
[18:28:18] Me: What problems?
[18:28:31] Her: debts and bills
[18:37:54] Her: would you help me solve my problems ?
[18:38:48] Me: What do you mean by helping you to solve yor problems. And how? I here in Lyon and you are in Romania.
[18:39:00] Her: help me with money
[18:39:19] Me: Oh, I see. How much?
[18:39:50] Her: well all my problems means like 1500 euros
[18:39:51] Her: ...
[18:40:29] Me: I see. Why this amount?
[18:40:51] Her: when i didnt had money i borrow from friends
[19:34:25] Her: so you will be abble to help me
[19:34:26] Her: ?
[19:34:29] Her: to solve my problems
[19:34:30] Her: ????
[19:40:33] Her: send me your help ...
[19:40:45] Her: support me untill we meet
[19:51:47] Her: would i get your help tomorrow ?
[19:52:24] Me: Maybe. How can I give your my help?
[19:52:36] Her: send me the money i need to solve the problems i have
[19:52:57] Me: How and how many?
[19:53:09] Her: told u how much i need
[19:53:11] Her: 1500 euros
[19:53:33] Me: Maybe that can wait until we meet.
[19:53:51] Her: people cant wait me ... i really need to solve it
[19:53:57] Her: try to understand me
[19:54:14] Me: Why is it soo urgent?
[19:54:52] Her: like i told u yesterday . the rent i didnt pay , they call me everyday threating me that they will kick me out
[19:55:07] Her: its a long story
[19:55:10] Her: its urgent
[19:55:12] Her: trust me
[19:56:58] Me: Now I'm confused. Before you told me you need the money to pay back some loans. Now you tell me, that is for rent.
[19:57:14] Her: rent and loans
[20:00:45] Me: No. I think it is better to start to see each other when I will come to Romania.
[20:01:14] Her: what do u mean ?
[20:01:31] Me: You are sure you can't wait?
[20:01:48] Her: i can't ... otherwise i wouldnt asked for you help
[20:02:05] Her: do you have western union there in your city ?
[20:02:24] Me: But if you wait until I come to you, then I will have money with me, credit card etc.
[20:02:43] Her: i need it urgent
[20:21:37] Me: So how can send tomorrow?
[20:22:24] Her: if you have western union
[20:22:41] Her: it will be perfect,i have one next to my house
[20:36:19] Her: would u help me tomorrow ?
[20:36:37] Me: How can I send my help tomorrow?
[20:37:28] Her: you go western union
[20:38:11] Me: You had money send to you by Western Union before?
[20:38:36] Her: no
[20:38:44] Her: but i heard it's easy
[20:38:47] Her: and works good
[20:38:53] Her: i see comercial at tv
[20:39:54] Me: I need a lot of info from you to send the money to you.
[20:40:17] Her: not really
[20:43:00] Me: But how can I be sure, that you will not cheat me?
[20:43:17] Her: i will never cheat you . i promised that
[20:44:17] Me: You really want to have all the sex with me, that I want? You will not say no to anything?
[20:44:36] Her: yes
[20:45:40] Her: one more thing
[20:46:02] Her: can u send something extra for me ? i want to buy something in the house
[20:46:04] Her: please
[20:48:14] Her: can u connect on skype for 10 minutes to give me the code after you go western union ?
[20:48:14] Her: can u connect on skype for 10 minutes to give me the code after you go western union ?
[20:48:47] Me: I don't know if I have time. I think not. But I will try.
[20:48:57] Her: then you can give me a call ?
[20:49:05] Her: or a text message ?
[20:49:16] Her: with the your info and the code from western union ?
[20:49:37] Me: No. I can give you a quick call tomorrow by phone. Your number?
[20:50:54] Her: 0040757764600
[20:51:42] Me: What is this about things for the house?
[20:52:04] Her: like food and cleaning things
[21:21:08] Me: Ok. So. What is it about food and other stuff?
[21:21:26] Her: you mean how much ?
[21:21:42] Me: is that not what you want?
[21:22:03] Her: 1500 + 300
Comment #146828
NEVER EVER trust this woman.

Every word who comes out of her mouth is a LIE.