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Lviv Ukraine

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It is nice to get your letter, my honey!!! I am happy to hear from you! Well, my birthday is on the 17th of September 1985. Thank you for supporting me with my test! And honey, as for the wedding. I think that it is a very important thing and I believe that the amount of divorces depends on people and not on the country!)

You know, i was waiting for it with such an anticipation and with such an excitement!!! it is just great to wait for the moment when i have a possibility to come to the Internet cafe and to see the answer from you! it is really an important part of the day for me and you know your letters always make my day and rise up my mood, as when i am feeling not very good, i start feeling better and when i am ok i start feeling even happier and inspired! I think that it is very important to have such a person in your life, the one who could present you positive emotions and pleasant communication, but you know, as time flies i understand that you are not a simply guy from abroad who i am communicating with through the Internet, but you are becoming more and more important for me and very often it is very hard for me to imagine my day without your letter! During the day i am thinking all the time if you answered to me and what you would write me about!!!

This all seems very strange to me, as from my side and to my mind our relations are developing and they are becoming more and more serious, and what do you think about it, honey? I really start to get accustomed to you and i understand that your presence in my life is a necessity, without which i can't live... i don;t know why, but sometimes it seems to me that the communication through the Internet is not enough for me. i realize that i would like to know every second of your life, that i would like to know what you are doing, where you are going, who you are meeting and how you spend your days and nights... i realize that i would like to be next to you and very often i envy those people who can be right next to you and who have a possibility to talk to you whenever they want, to share their thoughts with you and who have this all in the reality!!! they are so lucky! tell them about it, honey, cause i am sure that not all of them realize it and not all of them know what a treasure they have in their life either like a friend or like a member of the family!) i can't help, but just thinking of you all the time. the first thing i am thinking about when i wake up is you, the last thing i am thinking about when i go to bed at night is also YOU! You are my obsession, although, no, it is not the right word, as it associates with something negative for me and you can be only positive! I didn't even think that i would be feeling like this when we started our communication, but it is like this and you know, honey, it is not easy for me, but i want to tell something very important to you... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the truth and these are my true feelings... hopefully you will comment on it and will let me know what you are thinking about my feelings to you and about my emotions... i just really couldn't keep it inside anymore!

Yours, Yaroslava