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Hello, Darling John!

I  am glad that in spite of all the doubts that could be in our hearts
we  both decided to give the chance to this acquaintance and to see if
something possible between us or not. I think that it is great that we
both, you and me are not from cowards, we both think that it is better
for us to act than to sit and imagine what it could be if you write me
or  if I write you. So it is nice that we were enough brave and we are
here - I am sitting and writing you this my letter and you are there -
sitting and reading it! Smiley Hope that it is a good start for us both!
I know that it is my first letter to you and frankly speaking I do not
know  the rules of Internet dating since I am not experienced with it.
So  unfortunately  I  do  not know what exactly it is better for me to
tell  you  about  myself. Just should it be some information and facts
from  my  past? Should it be something about all those feelings that I
have  now  or  may  be it is better for me to tell you how it happened
that I started to be so disappointed in real life relations that could
be  met  here  in Ukraine that started to seek for my only one via the
net?  Honestly,  I  do  not have any imagination about rightness of my
deeds!  Anyway  I  do hope that everything that I do is for the better
since my heart tells me that everything should be ok and as far as you
know  from  my  profile  I  am used to trust my heart! So there is the
chance!  Hope  that  everything  will  work  out. Do you have the same
So what I can say - as you know, my name is Polina, I am from Ukraine.
I  am  not sure if you ever heard about this little place but its name
is Stakhanov - it is Eastern part of Ukraine, not far from border with
Russia!  I  think  that it is obvious that if I am here and if I write
you  now  I  am  single, I have never been married before and I do not
have  my  own  children but I love children a lot! And what about you?
Frankly speaking I will be glad to have any news from you, so write me
when   you   can.   And  please,  use  this  e-mail  address  for  our

with lots of hopes for the best,