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No podia creer que una chica tan hermosa se enamore tan rapido de un hombre sin conocer mas de el en tan poco tiempo, y luego de 7 cartas por fin dejo mostrar sus verdaderas intenciones ...

Dear xxx. How are you my sweet love? I miss you so deeply! My feelings to you are so big, that you can't imagine. But sometimesthe love and feelings are painful for me. What if I don't get you? Idon't want to think of it. You are only one man for me in the world,you have all the things, that I'm looking for and want to have. Youare my ideal man, and I’m sure, that you would make me happy. Mydreams are becoming to reality, because of you. Thank you for this! IfI could give you one thing, I would give you the ability to seeyourself, as other people do, then you would have seen, what a dearand special person you are...My sweet, I asked God for a flower, hegave me a garden, I asked for a tree, he gave me a forest, I asked fora river, he gave me an ocean. Asked for a friend and he gave me you.You know, many times ago I had hear of love some words, that if youwould love somebody more when God, he will take this person from you…I afraid to lost you so much. Sometimes my eyes are full of tears,when I think of you my love. You are my only Love, and will alwaysstay in my heart. I will always love you, today, tomorrow and forever.I will never do something that could hurt you, never. I want to askyou, how you imagine yourself our first meeting?? I want to tell youhow I see our first date. First, we will be dinning together, in aplace (not important in what place, because I will be happy with youeverywhere) where would be nice and romantic. It would be dark andcandlelit. After dinner, I want to dance with you slowly and I want tofeel your warm. I want to go with you to the beach, walking togetheralong the beach and looking at the stars. I would also bring a blanketso that we can sit on the beach, hug and kiss and watch the sun comeup. I really can’t wait that moments!!! My dear! I was in the travelagency this morning, and I found out all conditions of my arrival toyou in details. Frankly speaking, I was in shock! If I am able to payfor visa with help of my mother, I won't be able to pay for tickets(even for cheapest!). But I can't get visa without buying tickets inthis travel agency. Getting of visa is not a problem, agency takescare about it, and they can get it quickly, but only if I'll buytickets there. My problem is only a tickets. The price for tickets inyour country very huge for me. I really don't know what to do! I'mafraid, I feel scared by my feebleness. Now I can only dream about myarrival to you. My love, it's a pity, but if I want to buy tickets, Ihave to save up my year's salary (and don't spend it even for food!)!I'm so sorry. I can’t ask you about something, I just can dream… Ihave no enough money, I did not expect, that travel is such expensive.I want to meet you so much, but I can’t ask you about anything or anyhelp. I want to visit you, but it will be possible, only if you willhelp me. But I can’t ask you about help because I understand, thatthis is very big money. Forgive me that I have no this money. Forgive,that I am too poor for meeting with you. If it was in my powers oropportunities I would pay for my travel, and I don’t want to do ourrelationship dependent from money. Please, promise me that oursrelationship will never depend from money!!! Forgive me that I have noany possible to get this money. I can’t borrow that money andunfortunately I don’t earn so big money at work. If you want to helpme I will take your help and I will come to you immediately, justplease, let me to know is this possible??? Would be possible ourmeeting? Please, tell me my honey… I wait reply and I hope that fatewould give us chance to be together, I send you my soft kisses andplease, take care my love, your Irina
Aqui es donde comienza con su pedido..
My love xxx! How are you my dearest prince? I miss you so much, that now I absolutely have no doubts, that myintentions are very serious. Thank you for taking the time to writeme, If you only knew how happy your letters make me. Thank you forbeing so sweet. Every day I find myself, spending more time thinkingof you. Every day, before go sleep, I imagine our first meeting. How Iwill come from airport, and I would see you at the first time. Ireally can't imagine how many emotions I'll feel, because eventhinking about it, my heart beating is becoming faster and faster. Itseems to me, that I did not want anything in my life, as to meet you.My dear Prince, your letters are pure inspiration to me. I want to seeyou, and tell you, that I miss you more and more as the days pass. Iwant you to be my happiness forever. A lot of time has passed, I feelnervous, because I think that love has finally found me, can this beLove? Yes. My inner feelings never liar me. I think of the future,many years from now and I see you and me, together, married, ourfamily, I know it may sound a kind of silly, but it is my dream, youare my dream, a life by your side. My dear, I wonder how will itfeel to have you in my arms, to kiss you, to love you. It makes mecrazy, no, YOU make me crazy! I can stay with you 1- 3 months, then ifI won't want to come back (or if we'll be married), I'll be able tostay with you, and do everything for new visa or something else fromyour country. I already got a passport, so I have it, and I need onlyto buy ticket and visa. I need 320$ for visa, and exams for gettingit. And I need about 900$ for tickets, it depends on a dateof my arrival. I think, that we have to divide charges, because mymother saved some money 400$. My dear, so, I need 820$. Now, may beI have to pay more, but for getting visa, I have to pre-pay fortickets 900$. Honey, if you can send 1220$ it would be better andwe leave mother’s saved money fund alone. But the agency will not makevisa if I will not buy tickets from them. This is obligatorycondition. I hope, that it'll be good news for you, as for me, becausenothing can prevent us to be together. I miss you so deeply, waitingyour reply, your Irina.

Obviamente que luego de esta carta le dije que ya sabia de este tipo de estafas y ahi se corto la comunicación.
Muy buena pagina, ayudemos a que no haya gente que caiga en este engaño.