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Hello !

Thanks for your letter and compliments for me.

I think I must tell you about me. My name is Kateryna. I’m single pretty and charming natural blondy-girl 29 old years from Ukraine without kids.. My height is 167 cm, weight 54 kg. I have blue eyes and slim body. I live in small town Pavlograd in Eastern Ukraine. I’m working nail designer in beauty salon. I like being creative and self-realization is really important to me and I think that with my job I can make world beautiful and wonderful. My work is helping to realize this. And it’s very nicely as my clients go out beautiful and happy. I like sports, active lifestyle, nature, being positive and animals. Then I have free time I always have hobby. Biking, read books, breeding pot flowers, cooking, meeting with my friends. I always find some occupation. I hope to meet my love, my man who is not only friend. But each human must have family, love, children and not only work and hobby. I hope meeting my love, my man who is not only friend. I wish to meet real man who want serious relationship and family in future.
Still I want to tell you that I understand English very good but my English speaking practice is small. I think that language is not the most important, and there must be wish for speaking, knowing and loving))

You may call me: +3 8 066 307 84 31. Yes, I have whats app.
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embassies wont give these scammers visas in the first place as they know theyre criminals
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Honey, I just have terrible news.
I'm in hysterics and shock.
I wrote to you yesterday that I went for a walk around Kiev and promised to write to you later when I returned to the hotel. But the hotel I returned late and the internet was very weak and I could not answer you.
I visited a lot of places yesterday, very tired but it was a good day.
I came in the evening, took a shower and fell asleep.
This morning, the workers of the hotel woke me up at the door.
I flooded the bathroom and while I slept the water poured onto the floor and poured onto the floor below. I do not know what is the reason, maybe I forgot to close the tap tightly, maybe I was not careful, I do not know.
But I caused damage to the hotel. I talked to the hotel manager and they said that I had to pay a fine for repairing the room. They made a list, where they wrote in detail what had been damaged as a result of flooding. I said that I do not have money for such expensive repairs and that I have an airplane. They said that these are my problems because in this situation I am guilty and should be responsible for this act.
They told me that if I do not pay for the repair, which is 450 dollars, they will call the police. I do not know what to do. I have to pay, but I do not have the money to do it. I have only 50 dollars for the road and a taxi to the airport. I tried to convince them, but they told me that there are rules and none of the employees will pay for me. They have tourists every day and if they have the right. I saw a list of what I had to pay for, they wrote everything correctly and correctly.
Darling, I do not know what to do. I'm just in shock. It seems to me that I am in a fog. Now I just cry and do not know how I can continue. I do not know how to ask you for help. It took a few hours to get to the plane and I got into an eerie situation. Can you find this money somewhere?

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Thank you for your congratulations on the Women's Day me and my mother.
But the rest of the things you wrote to me are terrible.
I'm very unhappy that you think so badly of me.
You were so rude in your letters that I cried and could not even write you an answer. I needed time to come to my senses.
I do not understand how you can write such terrible things to a person who is going to come to you from another continent?
I do not need your money!!!! I told you that I need a good man with whom I can create a family!
Of course I send you a copy of my passport.
And what you said at the embassy nonsense! You yourself saw on the embassy's website that for a stay in your country you need to have $ 100 a day! You told me about it myself and I did not invent anything because it's true.
I think that they are not competent in the embassy.
Because I'm going to go on a tourist visa as a tourist. I have to provide documents about where I will live during my stay in your country. Yes, I can write your address, but if they check who you are and what kind of relationship we have, then I can be accused of prostitution or that I want to illegally emigrate.
I understand that you are emotionally aware of this news, you have the right to do so. But I never deceived you! Do you hear? Never!!!
And your accusations are cruel and unfair.
Of course, you are a Canadian citizen and they will tell you that I do not need anything. But when I submit the documents to the embassy, ​​they will ask me for each document! Because getting a visa to your country is not easy. If it was easy, then all Ukrainians would move to Canada and live peacefully, happily and without problems. I'm explaining to you one more time. I have to provide a traveler's check, because this is an official document, not just a line about where I will stay. And if they ask me why I'm a tourist, I live with a man who is not my husband, a relative.
Believe me, I'm not going to deceive you and you will definitely get your money. I'm not going to spend it and take it! I have no such thoughts to take someone else's, especially your money. Be calm you will get your money and do not need to blame me for cheating!
And please stop calling the embassy, ​​they are not competent, and I do not want to have problems with getting a visa after you call them constantly.
I repeat to you once again that the weighed check is simply necessary!

I copied you Requirements for documents for a tourist visa to Canada:

The purpose of the trip is tourism:

A copy of the passport, the validity of which is not less than 6 months from the end of the trip (the original is provided after the visa department is notified). Each applicant, including children, must have his / her own passport;
2 identical photos in the size 3,5х4,5 see Accept both color, and black-and-white photos which without fail should correspond to requirements CIC;
A temporary resident visa application form (IMM 5257), completed in English or French, and personally signed by the applicant (no signature required when filing via the Internet). The questionnaires completed in Russian are not accepted for consideration;
Additional family information form (IMM5645E), completed in English or French and signed by the applicant;
"Additional information on the Temporary Resident Visa Application Form", completed in English or French and signed by the applicant;
Confirmation of the hotel reservation (original, fax or print from the Internet) with the dates of the trip, the names of the tourists, the room type, reservation number, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the hotel;
Proof of the availability of sufficient funds for the trip: a photocopy of the savings / bank account book, or an extract from a bank account or credit card account (in English or French) with a bank seal;
The original of the certificate from the place of work with the indication of the position, work experience and salary. Also, the certificate should contain the phrase that the employee during the trip to Canada is granted leave with preservation of the workplace. The reference is in English or French, or accompanied by a certified translation. To private businessmen - documents on registration of the enterprise and its statement on the tax account;

It's not my fantasies!!!
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Darling, I have some unpleasant news for you.
I was at a travel agency yesterday and we have a problem.
The fact is that when I decided the issue with the organization and payment of the hotel. The travel agent asked me if I have any loans or other debts in the bank or other organizations. And that if there is something, I have to close these debts. Because I will not be released from the country.
But I have a loan in the bank and it is 1200 dollars. The point is that my parents and I took out a loan of 2000 dollars in a bank 2 years ago for repairs in our apartment. We all earned well and we paid this loan together. But then the war began in Ukraine, the economic crisis began, the dollar exchange rate against the Ukrainian currency grew and we were trapped because now we pay this debt much more slowly and at such a rate. Because it is a gigantic sum at the moment. The loan is issued for me, because at the time of registration I had a good salary. Of course, parents help pay this loan. I spoke with my mother, she can find 200 dollars, take them from a friend. But on my behalf, a debt of $ 1000 and until I pay you, they will not let me out of the country. I was explained to the agency that this is legal and so my country controls all those who have loans and are going abroad. This is done specifically so that if I decide to emigrate then I should not leave debts to the state.
I'm certainly in shock. I did not think that this loan would be a problem. Because I'm going to go to you like a tourist. But these are the rules and I have to pay this debt and provide a document from the bank that I have no debts and loans. Dear, I very much ask you for help again. It's terrible for me to ask you again for help. But I can give you this debt as soon as I come to you.

Yes, I understand your reaction. Your surprise is that new documents are needed to obtain a visa to your country. But believe me, I'm as surprised as you. I've never been abroad and did not know that in order to get a visa it will be necessary to have so many documents and so much evidence. I myself am very shocked. Because you help me very much. I can not even imagine how I could solve these problems if it were not for you.
As for the date of arrival, I thought that I should focus on those dates when I can get a visa. It takes 1-2 weeks to get a visa and it takes a week to organize tickets and prepare for a trip. Therefore, the offer to meet on March 30 is more real.
When you tell me about trust and doubts, I absolutely agree with you. This is normal and should be so. Our relations with you are built on trust. I'm sure that only courage will help us to find happiness. Because happiness will not knock at our door. For happiness we must fight, make happiness with our own hands and then we will be happy. I am absolutely calm because I see that you are a person who I can trust and who I can trust at any moment in my life. This is an important point in any relationship and in ours too.
Believe me, I also do not like this situation, because I feel that I can not help in any way in this situation and must constantly ask you for help.
Also, answers on your questions:

1. Have you ever been injured or broken any bones?

Yes, I broke my humerus 5 years ago.
It was winter, in the evening I hurried home. it was dark. A few days before, there was a change in the weather, first snow fell, then it melted and everywhere, a crust of thin ice formed over all the streets. A small snow fell and it was not clear where the ice was and where the earth was. I slipped and fell on my back. It seemed to me that the stars circled above my head. I got up and went home. I had a pain in my arm, but I thought that I just hurt a lot. In the morning when I realized that I can not move my hand, I went to the hospital. There they told me that I had a crack in the bone. I refused the operation. I was plastered and I spent a long time trying to recover from this fall. It's terrible, I realized that helpless people are experiencing. When they can not do anything themselves and are forced to ask for help when they need to go to the toilet, take a dip, do other things that we do every day but do not pay attention because we are healthy.

2. When was your 1st kiss?

I was 14 years old. I was friends with this boy since kindergarten. He lived in my yard. We became teenagers and began to look at each other differently. We have a soap common company. And we became a couple)

3. What are your 3 favorite foods?

I love sweets (chocolate, light desserts)
I like baked vegetables and meat.
I love Italian food.

Kisses, Katya.