Scammer Ekaterina Kalinina Katerina

45, september 10 1971
Tupoleva Ulitsa 8-11

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The person (or group) creates a profile on Meetic, rapidly proposes to change from Meetic chat to email correspondence, before Meetic takes the profile down.
The email is untraceable to Omsk because hosted with gmail, but emails come from tow different IP addresses.
The person on the photos is much younger than the indicated age, probably 36.
The usual scam behaviour exists:
No internet at home
I am new to the internet
You are the only one I talk to
I don't have a smartphone
I don't do SMS or instant messaging
I don't do Skype
I prefer to come to Europe, you better don't come here
All pictures are small file size, like MMS pictures, and Metadata are stripped off, no date or camera details etc.
I dropped the contact with that address after finding out that on this site (then) 57 searches on the address were already done.
Since then, the same person showed up on a Meetic new profile and visited my profile.
For the fun of trolling, I started a new mail correspondence with a slightly different forename and different email address:
I received exactly the same emails, slightly edited to fit my questions but with the same mistakes and same photos again, and even the identical emails from the last email conversation I sent back, with the same pictures, sent with different file names, went down without notice.
No money has yet been claimed from me, so I let the message thread go a bit further now, but the procedure is "as usual" for a scam group: I want to travel to you and it will cost xyz euros and my friend works in a travel agency, blah blah...