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Scamming scenario: Correspondence fees, translation scam

Hello my dear ///!
My name is Valeriya or you can call me Lera. I am 19 . I have grey eyes and dark hair. I am from East of Ukraine, from small town Bryanka. Now I am a student of a college in Lugansk . My future profession is stylist- makeup artist . I am a good visionary, that is why I choose such profession for me. It is very interesting to make people more beautiful and bright , you can easily improve their mood doing such job. I am very funny girl, active , with a good sense of humor. I have a lot of friends. We often spend time together going on discos ,swimming pool .
I try to follow the healthy life-style - I don't drink alcohol, i don't smoke.
I want to life long , full and healthy life..I don't want to waste even one minute of my life .I want to enjoy my life .I like all seasons -winter for its snow and beauty of every snow-flake , summer for hot sun and smell of herbs , spring for blue snowdrop and for the first warble of starling, the autumn - for the smell of fading leaves .
My friends think that I am a romantic dreamer. I like it. I love life. I am always happy ! Maybe I am lucky person, I have never got in a troubles.
I am kind person and people answer me the same. My family is my father , mother , grandmother , 2 elder brothers and younger sister. I was grown up in the friendly atmosphere, the atmosphere of love and understanding. I don't want to seem immodest , But I am favorite in our family . I have never had boyfriend before. . I have many friends, but my heart still open for love . And I miss it very much. It is my first experience in the Internet . I really hope that I will meet a man , who will give me real love and whom I can give all my feelings too.
Yours Valeriya.

Letter 2:

Hello my dear ///!
Thank you for your letter. You make me happy with your attention.
I worried very much, I was reading your letter several times.
It so pleasantly !!!!!!!
I think very often about my aims, plans for life, what I want from
life , who I imagine my future man ? I want to love and to be loved.
I think love is the the most wonderful feeling ,and the most happy
that person who knows this feeling. I am very sincere and open girl.
And my future man should be honest with me. He should be best friend
for me, the person with whom I can share everything, my thoughts, my
love, my life. All misunderstandings because of distrust to each other,
what do you think about it ? Which human qualities do you value the most ?
I want us to learn more about each other in our letters.Because every
person is the whole world . I have any wish to meet Ukrainian men. They
are so rude and they drink often .Very often the marriage break up
because of faithlessness . It is typical for our people. I can't
understand why people is unfaithful ?
Is it hard to find a common language and try to solve problems in a family?
I want to be only one for my man , I want to be only one beloved for him.
My elder brother got married already. They were so beautiful couple !
When the bride threw the bunch of flowers, I got it. I hope it is a
good sign. We should belive only in positive things.
Waiting for your answer impatiently

Letter 3:

Hello my dear ///!!!!!!!
I am coming immediately after the college to the Internet cafe.
The whole day i was thinking about you.It is so nice feeling. How
are you ? What are you doing ? How is your mood ?
The first time when I feel sorry that I dont have my own computer
at home .I could always talk with you . And I feel so sorry that I
don't speak English. That's why i use the service of Internet cafe
and the service of translator.
/// ,When is your birthday ? My birthday is at the 23 of June, and
my sign is - Cancer. Ther eare two types of Cancers : it is dreamer
-travelers and domestic. I am dreamer -traveler. I have endless
fantasy and I want to travel very much , if I will get such possibility,
I will travel all over the world.
It is so interesting and exciting !!!!! Meantime I travel thanks to
TV and books. I like reading very much.I often put myself on the place
of heroes !
When we started our correspondence, you took the place of a main hero
in my dreams. I want that my interests coincide with the interests
of my man .We should understand each other, we have to share our
thoughts and secrets, always be together .But how shall I recognize
that it is that special person,whom you are looking for ? Maybe we
found already each other ?
I have to go now.I will be very glad if you will think about me ,
if my smile and eyes come into your mind.
I wish to wake up in your hugs too.
Have a nice day.
Yours Valeriya.

Letter 4:

Hello my dear ///!
Thank you for your letter. Your letters like beams , that make my life brighter.
You know my dear /// , everybody noticed that I changed. And I noticed it too, I
became more thoughtful , I became more quiet . My grandmother told me that I
have a secret , she can see a spark in my eyes ,they decided that I fall in
love . And I don't deny it. The eldest brother told me that I got a bunch of
flowers it is non-randomness .And really after I met you , I got warm
,pleasant and tender feeling, can you guess what is it ?
I can't imagine my life without you , without your letters. Every minute of your
life is interesting for me. Letters can't replace live communication , but we
have to live by our letters now. Today, when I was going to the Internet cafe I
found a little kitten .It is very small ,red with blue eyes. Now it is with me
in the Internet cafe . I couldn't leave it outside. It will stay with me . How
would you like to call it?
Thanks for telling me about your friends. I respect you and your freinds. No
problem for me, even if you have some female friends, so don't worry.
Honey, everything is so wonderful in my life . But there is a small problem. I
feel uncomfortabe to talk about it , but I have no choice. I wrote you that I
speak English very bad, it's better to say that I don't spaek at all and I use
the service of the Internet cafe. Of course I have to pay for the service. My
letters translated by professional
translator in the Internet cafe, and I had to pay $4,59 for each
letter, of course I could ask for a credit and write you more letters but I
didn't want to burden you with it.
Please honey think about it, they have also unlimited correspondence
option which is granted for one month and costs $99. It will be more
profitable than pay for each letter separately.
It is very expensive for me, I had some savings , but I spent them already on
our correspondence. It will be terrible if I couldn't write you anymore. I am
thinking about you all time , I am thinking about continuing our relations.And
if once you will not get my letter it means that I the problem is in paying for
correspondence. My love, I am so sorry that I had to tell it, but I think we can
understand each other . Honey, I have to go now.
I will be thinking and dreaming about you . I am waiting for a name for our
kitten, it will be our talisman.
Yours Valeriya