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Hello, gentleman,
Now my excitement about our conversation become bigger! Because you answered me and It means you are interested to know me better! I want you to pay attention to my words and questions, cause it is very important for me! Every woman like when man pay attention to her!
We are not kind to play games here, so I expect for your seriousness and honesty! I think you want to know me better) So, I will tell you little bit about myself..
My name is Iryna, as you know! I was born and grew up in beautiful and rich city Donetsk on the East of Ukraine! I finished Donetsk Institute of Culture and Art, I had two specialties: design and even makeup master! I must admit that I am very creative person and always try to make everything better! Maybe I will make your life better with my presence in it, who knows))
After university I finished another two years courses of cooking, so I received special certificate which allows me to cook in cafes and restaurants)) See?? You will never be hungry with me haha))
So, after all I start working in small café as a chef! There I met my future husband! Yes…I was married! We were together for 7 years but this relations did not bring any satisfaction and happiness! Not because he was an alcoholic or he was bad! He just put his business on the first stage in his life and I simply become not really important for him! As all normal woman I was dreaming about calm family life and I thought he want the same! But i was wrong! Of course he did a lot for me! He helped me to open my private café! So, I was kind of business woman too)) We just working hard day by day and did not notice how we become just neighbors in same bed! He even found another woman while we were married! But at that time it was not important for me anymore! We just divorced and that is all! Maybe my short love story made you wondering how it can be..but sometimes love disappear from families where no one care about it! Where work and career put on the first stage! We killed our relations! I do not feel sorry or sad because of it, cause he helped me a lot and I was helping him too! And I had really good life for a long time, helped my parents, even was abroad…so much happy moments! After divorce I had no serious relations, I simply had no time for it! I thought that if I will work more and more I will have opportunity to be independent and help my relatives! But life gave me another lesson – war!!
It came so suddenly to my life, city..i even did not realize what is going on with me! I even did not notice how I lost my business and flat! Soldiers settled there, at first months of war everyone do what they want to! So, if you have gun you can have everything what you want! So, some bad guys settled in my flat! Of course they gave me chance to take some private stuff, so all my beautiful clothes with me hahaha)) It happened more then one year ago! So, I took all I had opportunity to take and just run away as all people! My life was more important! Now I live in small town near Russian border, called Illovaysk! I have granny hear! So, at list I have place where I can live! I have no official job, but I make professional makeup and hair style for different events, for example for weddings, birthdays etc. I did not earn such money as I had..but after my life experience I think it is even better, cause I will know for sure that money will not be a reason of my grief! War showed me that we need to take care not about treasures and career but about alive people! I mean if I had real love in my life, family I would be so happy! I would never be so lonely! I was working so long time for nothing..when war took away everything I have no shoulder to cry! No one will tell me that “I love you, my dear, the main is that we are together and we will solve any problem”! So, I know now that I really need! I need serious, strong, reliable and faithful man by my side! Finally in my 36 I want to love and to be loved…
Ok, dear, look at my, so long, I think I am too creative..haha! I will stop for now and wait for your letter! Talk to me! I want to know your life story…
With my respect

P.S. let me know you better and i will give you my phone number)