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Assalamu name is Mariama Ahmed,
I have the belief as i promise you right now saying that this communication will later be a testimony in our life one day, as i told you the attachment is my pictures. Please read my message very well though it may be the least of what you expects from me since we are just new friend,well My name is (Mariama Ahmed Hassan),I was born on (02/06/1993) (23 years OLD) never married before.Fair in complexion,from republic of Libya, in north Africa, city of Benghazi town, But presently am residing in Mauritania board as a refugee,I am the only daughter of Late (Mr Ahmed Hassan) my father was a Former General Director of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO)( based in Benghazi Libya,engaged in crude oil and natural gas refining,succeeded under his nephew (Mr Ahmed Hassan),The spokesman of late leader of Libya.I was schooling in International Medical University of Benghazi,before my mother meet their untimely death,One early morning on Wednesday March
2ND 2011,The Libya rebels attacked our house and killed my mother and my two younger brother and my relatives instantly,though I was in the school during the period, It was after the death of my mother and my brothers,my father concluded that Libya is no more safe for a young lady like me and he took the decision that I will travel and continue my Medical Education in University of Dakar Senegal,which he said that Senegal is a good country with his previous experience there since many people have been raped and killed in Libya without justice being done to the rebels.
My father (Mr Ahmed Hassan) does not sensing that death is already at the corner.On 19th August 2011, my father was killed by an Apache helicopter in Zawiya Libya by rebel as a result of the supporters of the late leader of Libya.during the civil war.I traveled back to Libya from Senegal after the burial,though I was afraid and I have to come back with tears to continue my studies in Senegal,When it was time to pay my school fees,I tried reaching our father's business manager in Libya through telephone and he told me that all my father's estate was folded through the new Libyan elected (president Muammar Gaddafi), I was confuse and I had no other choice at that time than to disclose the situation to school authority then i was taking to the (UNHCR) Refugee camp in village of (Bassikounou Mbera in Mauritania border to Senegal) where i am residing presently,Is where i am writing this message through the camp supervisor office Desktop,but you can call me through him Dr.Alie being our camp supervisor as posted by the United Nations Refugee Authority.Call his office line (+221-77-067-8631) tell him that you want to speak with Miss.Mariama
Ahmed from Libya he will send for me immediately to speak with you on phone.
My late father gave to me a file containing some documents when he was alive,in one of the documents in the file given to me by my late father was a bond certificate of (Three million, seven hundred thousand dollars) (USD $3.700,000.00)in an account he opened with a leading Bank in Europe of which i am the next of kin to the the bond certificates it was written that should accident happen to the account owner,the next of kin would inherit the money in the bank,I have communicated with the Bank and was searching for a sincere person to help me retrieve the money from the Bank since the Bank said a person with refugee status can not transact with them being a clause from United Nations and i need that money to be able to regain my life back out of this camp,The Bank requested from me to appoint a representative on my behalf as trustee,they will tell him how to take the money on my behalf.Please my dear i will appreciate if you assist me to retrieve my money from this Bank (Barclays bank UK plc) into your account in your country pending my arrival to meet you, (OR YOU CAN ALSO TELL THE BANK TO BRINK THE MONEY IN CASH IN YOUR COUNTRY WITH YOUR INFORMATION'S.) Once I confirm from you about the assistance matter, I will write you the Bank contact for you to contact the Bank and ask them how possibility to transfer this money to your account in your country,
I am also ready to relocate and meet with you once you accept to help me with all your heart and not to play with me.After the remittance from the Bank into your account, you send to me some money to get my traveling documents to come over to your country, (OR YOU CAN AS WELL ASSIST ME TO COME OVER TO YOUR COUNTRY BEFORE THE TRANSFER)

I have already developed confidence with you since i believe knowing you was through divine intervention from the Allah but please promise and assure me that you will always stand by me even after receiving the money in your account? so i wish and desire that my quiet and peaceful life will come through your help and in all i pray for Allah guiding me to know someone like you, as i expect to see your reply soon,I will like to have your data such as:

1.Your Full name
2.Your address
3.Your occupation.
4. Your phone or fax number.

Immediately I receive this I will give you the contact of the bank where the money was deposited for you to contact them pending my arrival in your country.
Thanks and take a good care of yourself and I hope to see your pictures as well as I have attached mine to you in other that you might know the person that you are having conversation with. Dear I shall be stopping from here for now while I wait earnestly to be reading from you soonest.
Yours sincerely,