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Good morning ,
I'm sorry for the late response,i have been quite busy with work issue which as been hectic..Thank you so much for writing me on here.You're very handsome and seem like a nice person we would get along well...A little about me, I am single, never married with no kids, I am 5'6 ft tall,eye color is blue,body type is slender,i try to stay in shape and my hair color is blonde,i am 30 years old(i look younger than my age huh,i hear that a lot). I was born right there in Texas but started my childhood in Barcelona,Mom is Spanish and Dad is an Irish American,I didn't grow to recognize my dad, He died while i was 5 months old..I was raised by my mom,she was the best mother,she died 3 years ago due to brain tumor,the worse year in my life.. Anyways, i have been strong for myself ever since and trying to pursue a Good Future and a happy home.. Now i feel Life is too short to remain single,that's why i registered on site we met to find someone i could call a friend,my lover.

I live in Houston, Texas and work as an Art Collector, I am presently in Johannesburg South Africa to attend an exhibition and to buy some Art works that was specifically requested by customers,i plan on setting up my own Art Gallery sometime middle of the year..I should be back home in a week from now so we have better time to communicate on here and see what the future holds forth. Let us get to know more about each other on here while i am away, so we can meet when i return back to the states and spend some quality time together. I want a man that is true to his heart,having someone that loves you and supports you in life through good and bad times and won't give up on you is what I am looking for. Honesty and Trust are what makes a relationship work out.I am looking for someone who is kind,smart, with a good sense of humor..I am single,independent woman looking for someone genuine and fun like myself for good convoy and time together. Looking for a friend and a lover,someone who appreciates a woman and treat me right! Life is too short not to laugh and enjoy.

I'm always smiling and looking forward to seeing someone that will make that smile to be at its apex. Someone who understands what a relationship is all about as in terms of tolerance, love,understanding and also God fearing. A man who puts forth the effort to please will definitely be pleased in the future. In one word,If I found a THOUGHTFUL man I would never let him go. So tell me more about yourself and what you like to do for fun. What do you do for a living? Do you have kids, do you want kids? What kind of books do you like to read? I like mystery's, thrillers and spirituality books. I like music also, right now I'm listening to radio head(high and dry). Other than that,I like rock, classical, blues/jazz, soul, r and b, and blue hide soul. I like to go out with friends,i don't smoke or do drugs,i drink occasionally preferably wine and sometimes dom perignon. I need you to understand that Honesty and Trust are really big issues with me.. After my misfortunes,i had to throw myself into a lot of work and i find comfort in it and i think now is the right time for me to find love. Shuu i hope that was not a lot to take in,i got carried away. I will send you a message on google hangout,I look forward to read from you.

With Love
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nigerian at work