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ello, my new friend xxxx ! :) ;)

How are you doing? I am here to find my second part with whom I can
travel and spend a wonderful time! I want to be happy with this man!
I want to feel secure with this man!
I hope that our communication will grow into something more!!

I am very romantic person and I hope that one day we will start
our romantic story! Who knows... maybe you are my man? ;)
I am Olya from Ukraine, live with my parents and a cat! :)

You know, I believe in mirracles and destiny! I am 30, but I haven`t
met my man yet! Nevertheless I don`t give up and continue my searching!

If you are interested in communicating with me, and you also want to build
relationship, than write me!! ;)
I will be waiting for your reply and in the next letter I will tell you
more about me! ;)

Wish you a good day, Olya :) ;)

Hello, xxxx! : )

I would like to meet you! My name is Olga, but everyone
calls me Olya : ) I would like to try my luck to find love in
internet and I am open to new experiences.
What if I will finally meet my soulmate?? : )) Now, I
will tell you a little bit about myself if you don’t mind : - )

I am from Sverdlovsk, it’s in Luganska oblast in Ukraine, I'm 30, was
born 28 of September, 1986 in a small town Sverdlovsk in eastern Ukraine
and I've been living here since I was small. I really love my town, it has
always been a cute and cozy town with a lot of trees and parks
but right now it looks a little different because of the war.
It just breaks my heart: ( Anyway, actually despite everything I’m
quite a cheerful and positive person. I love nature, love to take
walks and I also love to sing and dance :), to see new places and
meet people. I am a Ukrainian language teacher at a local school and
I really love children. I am young enough and full of energy but I
already know what I want!!!: )
I am looking for a kind hearted good person who will be caring and
understanding with me I am ready to treat you the same way. Age and
culture differences don’t play a role for me. If you are the right
person for me – then age is just a number : - ) True love knows no
borders…: - ) I would like to get to know you better to decide if
we are suited for each other or not…What are you looking for??
What do you enjoy doing? I’m waiting to find out !! : ))))) Oh ,
I forgot to tell you how I look. My height is 168 cm (approximately)
and my weight is 51 kg. I hope that’s ok for you : - ))

I am waiting for your reply, write me anytime if you are interested in
continuing our communication : ) I hope you have a perfect day and a
great mood!!!!! : )))) ) Olya :**

Hello, my dear xxxx!! : ))))

Thank you for the letter, it gives me a sense of excitement:)
I like this feeling ! So, tell me about your day.
How are you doing? I’m fine, just working and waiting for the weekend to
relax, maybe watch a movie. Do you like to watch movies?: )) Do you go
to cinema? Someday I would really like to go to cinema but with my
salary right now I cannot afford it. But I am fond of Western movies
and actors! It’s like a little glimpse in another world that I can
only see from a screen! : ) Tell me how have you started your day? I
woke up early and went jogging. I love to get some fresh air early in
the morning and spend some time with myself when everyone is asleep. I
live with my parents so sometimes it gets a little too crowded in my
house but I adore my family!: - ) Both of my parents are retired. My
mom used to work at the same school as me, she was also a teacher : )
My dad works part time now too. He is a welder. I get a little sad
because my father is quite old and I want him to have more rest
instead of working. I wish I could help my family more. I also really
like animals: )) Do you have pets? I want to have a dog. I’m saving
money for it!! :) DO you have any hobbies? : ))

I have never been married but I had a serious relationship.
Unfortunately it didn’t lead to creating a family so I quit it. Family
is my ultimate goal now. Often I lay in bed dreaming about having
beautiful children and a beautiful house…and a dog of course! : ) I am
ready to start a new life now, from the beginning : - ) And what do
you dream about? IS there something that you have been dreaming about
for a long time and couldn’t make? Tell me about it! As for me, I
would love to try skydiving! It seems so unreal for me just to fly
like that and see all those amazing views, oh god!! : ))) I hope that
our dreams will come true some day. Are you a romantic person ? Do you
like to go on dates? : ))) Have you done anything really spontaneous?
: ) What can make you happy?

Well, this has been quite a long letters : ) I hope I didn’t bore you!
Waiting impatiently for your reply!! :) Wish you a wonderful day,
Olya :*

Hello, my dearest xxxx!:)))

Have you had some time to miss me? Because I do
miss you!! :) Right after sending my letters I start to wait for
your reply… I have started to think about you quite often….;) It’s so
easy and nice to communicate with you! When I decided to start looking
for love I was not thinking about age differences or any children of
my man or any other issues…I believe in true love. When you find a
person who you really feel is YOUR person then nothing is an obstacle,
you just want to be together and you make it happen!! I feel that it
is so easy for me to open up to you and communicate, I am not afraid
to be sincere with you….And it seems like you are sincere with me too!

So tell me, dear how do you see your future family? I would like to
know everything about it. How do you see your perfect woman? What
makes a perfect wife? I would really like to be a perfect wife…Family
is the most important thing in a woman’s life!!! I know it sounds kind
of crazy, because we don’t know each other THAT well, but I am
starting to think about what it would be like to start my family with
you :))) SO tell me how I can make you happy, what you like, what
makes you feel good and cosy? : ))) When my man is happy it makes me
happy too : ) Oh, I wanted to ask you something. DO you feel like we
are close enough now to discuss something? ; ))) Do you think that
sexual life is important in a relationship between a man and a woman?
I do! It’s a very intimate topic but maybe you can tell me about what
you like in bed ; )) Tell me honestly, do you have any fantasies about
us?? Can’t wait to hear!! : ) : ) I will also send you some photos…I
hope you will enjoy them. And I will be happy to receive more of your
pictures too! : )))) I need to go now…I send you lots of hugs and
kisses and warm touches :) :**

Waiting for your reply :*
Olya :*

Hello, my sweetest xxxx! : ****

I have to tell you something. Since the beginning of our
communication I have had very positive feelings to you.
But right now I am starting to realize that I feel something
more. I feel like we have a connection, that is stronger than the
distance between us! I would very much like to continue to develop our
relationship on a more serious level. Are you interested in that? DO
you actually want to meet me in real life? Because to be honest, I
would love to meet you honey…Do you feel anything to me? What do you
think about us? I really hope that my feelings are mutual..

As I wait for your reply I sometimes think and imagine to myself what it would
actually be like to meet you in real life, imagine what our first date
and first meeting would be like…: ) I mean, we are both adults, there
is nothing wrong if I share my intimate thoughts with you? : ))) You
come home after work and I want to look really beautiful by that time,
I will wear my favorite lingerie and high heels. I want to look really
beautiful for you!! ;) As you enter the door you see me and want to
touch immideately. But first I want you to eat the delicious dinner I
have cooked for you: ))))) You try to eat but you cannot concentrate
on your meal because I am sitting there completely naked and seduce
you!!! ;) You really try to hold yourself but when I start cleaning
the table you catch me in a tight hug and I sit on your knees. Oh I
would love to finally smell you, taste your lips, feel the strength of
your arms…. How I finally want to meet you and leave all my worries
about you behind…I really hope that what I feel to you is mutual.. My
life has changed since you entered it.

Before you I was already disappointed in men and thought that I
will never meet anyone decent anymore. But with you I feel so warm
inside, my intuition and all of my feelings, my heart tell me that
I have got to give this a chance!! :) All of my friends and family
noticed some changes in me. I am because happier, I smile a lot and I
have become a little bit dreamy haha :) People often ask me what I am
thinking about when I look at the window…It’s YOU!!: ))

Baby, I really want to come to you, to visit your country and to begin
our love story! What do you think about that??
I send you a million hugs and kisses!!!! Can’t wait to hear back fro you…
Olya :** ;)
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Also Know als LENA
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The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.
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on the database already from ages ago