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Hallo !
I'm glad to hear from you again. It is my pleasure that you answer me.
I want our relationship has increased each time. I seriously worry about finding you and your habits.
I wanted to know everything: what you want to do every day in their spare time and how you spend your time?
What do you like? In addition, you do not like ??? What are your favorite places? How do you usually spend your time when you are bored?
If you have any questions for me, ask me. I will sincerely answer the questions! Only in this way we will know each other better.

This I am pleased that you like my photos! I hope that I like you ...
You bring great happiness to me, and I get a smile. I am an ordinary girl !!!
In addition, I am not different from many girls in our city of great beauty.

I want to send you more photos, I'll try to send you a picture more often. I hope you will do the same for me !!!
These photos that I send you this letter, have been taken in my apartment.

Please send me more photos of you. I really want to see your photos and watch your appearance.

it would be desirable for me to get my letters also brought you a smile and a good mood!
Most of all, I want my letter gave you more idea about me!
I hope that my English is clear to you !!! My English is clear to you?
I learned English at school and at university, and so far I have been doing at home.
Now I have more practice in writing, increase my knowledge of the English language quickly !!!
Such happiness that we get closer through the Internet, and we can write letters to each other ...
I do not know who invented the Internet?, But I am grateful to the man who invented the Internet!
This is a very wonderful that we can communicate with each other at a distance from each other.
When I start to think that the distance separates us, even become very sad.
It would be much better if we could meet and talk with each other. But we are far from each other, it is even romantic !!!
Do not you think? I love romance! I am very romantic. I would like to know about your culture, about their lives and about the other lot.
I've never been abroad. I traveled only within Russia, and have never seen elsewhere. But I have a passport.
Well, I would like to tell you more about me and my life. I hope that it will be interesting for you to know about this?

I work as a nurse in a hospital. I help cure people. I love my job very much. We save lives.
I live in a beautiful city! In the city of Kazan.
In addition, it is very interesting to me to learn about your city, where is he? Do you have a great city?
Maybe I'll find my city on the map, and I will know, the place where my new friend.
I am very glad that I have an acquaintance with you. Also I look forward to great relationships.
I met the man before, but I was not married and have no children. Now I have to seriously consider marriage.
I'm sorry I have spent a lot of time, and not with the person right for me!
Now I live alone in an apartment.

I have a phone. I also registered in vayber, skype and Vatsape.
I hope I did not disappoint you?

I very much hope that you will respond to me, and you will write a letter.
Please write about anything that you would like to share with me!
I sincerely hope to receive a letter from you!
Your Alia.