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I am happy to receive your letter so soon. You know, nothing happens without a reason in this world, and I am sure that our meeting on the Internet should have an interesting result. But I am very sad. Why does my laptop to be repaired. and for me it is difficult to access the Internet. I can access the Internet only in the workplace. But I hope that will soon be repaired. I hope you understand me. Now I'm curious to know more about you. Everything about your height, weight, hair color. Your Favourite dish. If you're wondering what to share - I'll be happy to hear. I am very glad that you want to meet me. But I think it's too early to think about the meeting. After all, we still do not know. What do you think about it? I think we need to learn more about us. And to understand what we want. Then we will be able to solve our question about the meeting. Do you agree with me?
With Jack, I'm right, what are you real name? here is my complete address: village - Korshikov region, Kirov. 612094. central street, house 7. I hope you also tell me your full address. and then I can send a letter. What do you think about this?
Now let me tell a little 'you. I am a cheerful person, easy-going and sociable. I inherited honesty and kindness from my parents, and I can say it's features to help me to have a lot of friends. I like the fresh air and nature around me. I always try to find something good even in bad conditions. I love this life and I want to live a full life filled.
The only thing I miss is now the closest person in my life. The man who will allow me to lay my head on his shoulder and everything I say is inside me, in my soul. I want to love and be loved. I want to take care of my loved one and to devote himself to him. To see him smile and be happy just because of him, to love all that is in it. Only his love, like him, with all its advantages and disadvantages. We are not perfect, and there are interesting, because we have flaws that make us different from each other.
I think I should quit here.
I told you that in the near future in a few sentences of my life. Please ask for more of what you wanted to know about me.
Please tell me more about yourself. It will be very interesting to read about your character, hobbies, family. Do you have any bad habits? Send me some pictures of you. I look forward to from you. I send you my favorite photos. I hope you enjoy.
with deep respect Oksany.


How are you doing? I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
I do not know how to start dating and that tell us about yourself. But I think we can learn a lot about each other, and our communication will be pleasant.
I wish more of them had sent photos and answered my questions truthfully. I love sincerity and truth. Whatever it was not.
I'll wait for your letter with impatience.
Your new friend Oksany.
Comment #133519
I am grateful to you that you wrote to me. It was very nice to see your photos. I first of all paid attention to them. I hope that you will continue to give me your photos. I want you to smile at them all the time. But I'm very sad to tell you. Forgive me, my friend, but I can not use Skype, since my laptop has broken down. And I now do not have the opportunity to buy a new one. I can only use mail, and send you my photos! I hope that we will be able to make friends and continue to communicate and learn better each other! And the best way to get to know each other, write more by mail. So I hope that we will continue to write to each other in the mail!
I would like to tell you that I made a mistake on this site. I did not correctly indicate the place of my residence. I live in the village of Burmakino. I'm looking for on this site a person with whom I can have a correspondence that we can be my friend, perhaps our relationship will grow in something for more. I send you a photo, I hope it will be interesting to look at me. That's how I look at work. But today I look tired. After all, it consists in working with horses. I teach riding lessons. And I like to communicate with new people and learn more than new information. I have no bad habits, but I can sometimes smoke a hookah or drink wine in a good company. I am for a healthy person, in my free time I go to classes in the gym. I really like contact with horses, because I have no children. And only horses give me their love right now. Denis, but I really would like to find a man with whom I can build a future.
Can you write me a brief information about yourself?
I will be happy if you write to me again.