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Hello ! I am very glad that I'm writing you this letter. I'm very
glad that you replied me, I think that from that moment our lives will
change and we will open up many new things. So nice to discover a new
acquaintance. I really like your picture. You're very handsome man. I
really like you. I hope that you will send me more of your pictures.
I do not have a phone at the moment. But I think I got a phone
soon. And for now let's continue to write to each other. I have a good
mood now because I'm starting a new acquaintance with you. I have a
smile on my face when I saw your letter! As for me, acquaintance on
the Internet is a new experience for me. I've never did this before.
Once we talked with my friend, she knows that I'm not a young girl,
she asked why I can't find my soul mate. I told her that I tried to
look for, but all men here, they do not fit me because their interests
are not the same as mine, they do not pay attention to my feelings,
they only want to drag me to bed. I don't want to be disappointed in
man again. Because I was already had bad experience. But I hope that
you're a good person and I'll be very pleased if you find me as a
really good girl. I am very interested to know more about you because
your culture is different from mine. So many questions I want to ask,
but I think that I shouldn't be in such a hurry, right? How is the
weather in your town? We have warm weather now in Kiknur. Oh, by the
way, I didn't told you where I live. I live in Russia and, as I
already said, my village called Kiknur! My village located near the
city Yaransk, in the Kirov region. So, may be you'll show me pictures
of your city? Sorry, I haven't photos of my village, I would say it is
countryside type. There is a post office and several shops. There is
no need to go out into the city! I was born here and lived here all my
life, but sometimes I want to live in a wonderful city with large
populations. I want to try it! And what about you? How big is your
city? Do you like to live there? I think you can tell me. I didn't
told you about my age. I am 26 years old and my birthday will be on
August 9th, 1990. I have no children. Well, I think I said enough for
the first letter and hope that this is only the beginning! A lot of
things I have share if you're interested! May be one day I'll tell you
this if you want! And I want to develop our friendship and this is
exactly what I want now! Everything is possible in this life! I want
to know you much better. And if you write back, I'll tell much more
about me! Oh, by the way, I also send you my pictures! I hope you like
it! Your new friend, Natalya!